Cops track down motorcycle joyrider

| 14/08/2015 | 7 Comments

Cayman News Service

(CNS): The man police suspect caused a crash on Beach Bay Road last month when he was joy-riding on a stolen motorbike was arrested over a catalogue of offences on Thursday when police tracked him down in Midland Acres. Police had been looking for the 24-year-old man since the crash but it is not clear if he was netted as part of a targeted operation or by chance. A woman he was with was also arrested over possession of ganja. The Bodden Town man was arrested on suspicion of leaving the scene of an accident, theft of a motorbike, handling stolen goods, possession of ganja and other traffic offenses.

He is believed to be responsible for the road smash in which another driver was forced into a tree when the joyrider smashed the bike. The suspect fled from the crash scene on foot but the driver of the car was treated for minor injuries. Both the man and the 30-year-old woman, who is also from Bodden Town, are currently in police custody.

Joyrider runs from car pile up

Meanwhile, on Wednesday officers in the district had also netted a repeat offender who was wanted on an outstanding court warrant. The 44-year-old Bodden Town man was wanted after failing to pay fines in connection with convictions for ganja and illegal gambling. When the officers collared the man over the warrant, they also found him in possession again of ganja and lottery tickets and possible ill-gotten gains and arrested him again for the repeat offences.

In another unrelated arrest in the district, officers rounded up a foreign national later on Wednesday evening. The 39-year-old man was arrested for overstaying his time in the Cayman Islands and he was also taken into custody as immigration officers investigate his case.

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  1. CayGuy says:

    Sounds like they should have had Brad in those districts long time. BT, East End and even North side policing used to be very dismal other than the usual speeding and dui tickets handed out. Looks to be making a difference at least

  2. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps police may want to drive down Hirst Road and check out all the bike riders who gather at that little development with the lake (just before Sunrise) in the early evenings where they roar their bikes up and down. Wouldn’t be an issue as at least they are “off” the road, but problem is when they leave, they all give chase to each other going around 80mph towards Savannah……..and maybe, just perhaps maybe the cops would also see the bikes which are not licenses or road worthy!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Now perhaps the cops can catch the guy on the bike who passed me on the stretch between Joey’s closed car wash and Dr Tomlinson’s roundabout. I was doing just over 40, he ROARED past me and other cars and disappeared. He had to be doing about 80. He does this repeatedly. About a year ago, a cop car sitting at Lantern Point set off after him but they could not catch him he was going so fast. But this is Cayman, so they know who he is. But this is Cayman, so we don’t enforce laws.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re right…that’s much more important than tracking down those responsible for home invasions, armed robberies, and rape. Maybe it’s all the same ppl tho because riding a motorcycle on the streets eventually leads to these things.

      • Cass says:

        The cops have bikes too, why don’t they use them for chasing these lil punks down who think the laws don’t apply to them.

  4. Clearasmud says:

    Good job. Thank you to BT Police and Ch. Inspector Brad Ebanks.

    • Cass says:

      I pray for more Caymanians in the force; whether native or local. Doesn’t matter just more of them please. They at least give 2 cents about this country.

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