Owners urged to secure boats targeted by thieves

| 12/09/2016 | 4 Comments

(CNS): Over the past few weeks police have been dealing with a number of marine related thefts where boats and equipment have been stolen. While officers have been investigating and have made some recoveries, the RCIPS Joint Marine Unit is urging owners to better secure their property, especially fast boats and those with small engines. Although the crimes have not been limited to such vessels, police said they have seen a trend where criminals are targeting boats capable of reaching neighbouring countries, as well as those with small engines that are easy to remove. 

The RCIPS has issued a comprehensive advice sheet (see below) on how to best protect marine equipment but are also warned people buying and selling boats to be wary of a “good deal” on a boat or equipment and to be aware that not every interested person is a real buyer.

Police advise boat owners to permanently mark their boats and equipment and to take a rubbing of the HIN. They said that as well as taking pictures, owners should make a complete inventory of their boats and equipment and keep it hidden.

They are also advised to buy a marine alarm or tracking system and to cover and secure their boats and warned that boats left on trailers are very easy targets. Anyone who is a victim of theft is asked to report the loss to the police as well as to insurers and neighbours as soon as possible.

Joint Marine Unit Public Service Advisory

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  1. Boaty McBoatFace says:

    Is this part of the trade talks with Honduras? Should we add Jamaica to the discussions?

  2. J Bushmaster says:

    Yes this is what happens when those in power refuse to investigate their very own or cover up corrupt behavior for fear of being exposed and we get illegal immigrants living and operating here in our little islands with impunity and free movement. Over 20 boats have been stolen in last 5 years none recovered. We know where they Are though!!!!! I am calling now on those in power to take decivisive action to deal and punish those involve and responsible and stop this piracy from continuing unabated.

  3. Anonymous says:

    They should also be “warning” the owners of boats on trailers that the trailers MUST be licensed. This includes those belonging to the JMU.

  4. Anonymous says:

    this country is turning into a crime capital where everything including such things as boats can be stolen. So much for the Paradise.

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