ESO begins next labour force count

| 27/09/2016 | 7 Comments

(CNS): Interviewers from the Economics and Statistics Office (ESO) will be hitting the streets again over the next few weeks as it begins the next Labour Force Survey (LFS) on Sunday, 2 October. The ESO team will visit 1,401 randomly selected sample households in all three islands to ask the public questions about their employment status. The last survey was conducted in the spring and the results revealed earlier this month showed a massive fall in unemployment to a new low of 3.9%. The statistics suggest just 1,612 people who want to work don’t have a job from a work force of almost 42,000 people.

“Once again, the ESO appeals to the public to give its full cooperation to the interviewers and to provide the necessary information, which will be collected under the Statistics Law (2011 Revision). The interviews are confidential, and no individual data will be used for publication or disclosed to parties outside of the ESO. ESO survey data from individuals are exempt from Freedom of Information,” officials stressed as they urged the public to cooperate.

For more information on any aspect of the survey, or results of previous surveys, contact the Economics and Statistics Office at 516-3329, 949-0940 or visit

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am on the Brac and I am not doing any survey.

  2. opt out says:

    The Statistics Office should send their own people over to the Brac and Little Cayman to do this; using civil servants who live there makes a joke of ‘secrecy’.

    • Tsk tsk tsk says:

      The employment situation in the Brac is pretty sad. And the vampires in the Government Depts don’t look like they plan to retire…or age for that matter.

      • Anonymous says:

        They can’t age and they certainly won’t retire because they do absolutely nothing. Raising the retirement age has just made the situation far far worse for younger people looking employment.

  3. Anonymous says:


    24,077 people on work permits.
    6.000 (ish) with PR or RERC’s as the spouses of Caymanians.
    42,000 work force.

    That means that less than a third of the workforce are Caymanian. If 1,000 of the unemployed are Caymanian then it would seem only about a quarter of persons working are in fact Caymanian.

    Will your political minders permit that finding so close to an election?

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