Shetty hospital falls way short of goals

| 24/03/2016 | 149 Comments
Cayman News Service

Dr Devi Shetty and then premier McKeeva Bush sign the Health city agreement

(CNS): Expectations regarding the launch of medical tourism with the opening of Health City Cayman Islands in East End have so far failed to materialise some two years after the hospital founded by Dr Devi Shetty opened. But the Public Accounts Committee also heard from witnesses this month that the facility has not only failed to attract all but a fraction of the numbers of patients predicted, it is also competing unfairly with existing health care providers because of the massive concessions package it received under the deal signed with the former UDP administration.

Over the last few weeks at the PAC meetings, health ministry and authority staff have revealed that no one has been monitoring the extensive package that the facility received because of the projections made for many thousands of patients. But the numbers of medical tourists has been in the hundreds not the thousands predicted. In its first year alone the hospital was projected to attract more than 17,000 overseas patients, while the real figure has been under 1,000 since it opened two years ago.

On Wednesday, Delroy Jefferson, the medical director at the Health Services Authority, confirmed that there are now also concerns that Health City is offering more than the tertiary care it was originally intended to provide to local patients in an effort to keep the expensive facility afloat. Doctors there are said to be doing executive health checks and delivering primary and secondary care to local patients, which is giving the hospital an unfair advantage in the competition with other facilities.

Given the massive economic and permit concessions, as well as the waivers over doctors’ standards and registration at that facility, the medical director pointed to the inequality the hospital has created in the private health care sector, without making any significant contribution to the public purse or boosting other sectors of the economy.

Jefferson also warned that the deal given to Health City may stifle the possible development of medical tourism, given the length and number of concessions in the exclusive arrangement. Having visited and researched a number of other countries that have been developing medical tourism markets, Jefferson indicated that the CIG’s agreement with Health City did not compare well and he raised concerns about the lack of any framework surrounding the governance of medical tourism, including issues such as quality control and doctors’ standards. He warned, too, that local health care professionals and students training at the Shetty hospital will not be able to practise anywhere else in Cayman because medical staff at Health City do not meet the medical council’s standards for licensing.

Jefferson told the PAC there are real benefits to pursuing medical tourism but without a governance structure and framework, along with a regulatory body to ensure adequate oversight to monitor quality control and more generally what is going on, he warned that Cayman had created a situation where the goalposts were being moved as things went along instead of developing medical tourism against a sound structure to begin with.

“What was originally intended to be a medical tourism facility … we are now noticing, because of the issues regarding the agreement and its inability to deliver some of what was agreed because of the overstatement of benefits, we are constantly moving posts. Instead of medical tourism, Health City is competing with local hospitals … unfairly as they have benefits other hospitals and healthcare providers are not getting,” Jefferson said.

The medical director has reviewed the Shetty agreement with government and said he had genuine concerns over the concessions and the period of time over which they have been given. Other countries exploring medical tourism “did not give such sweeping concessions”, he added, pointing out that other jurisdictions should learn a lot from Cayman’s mistakes. He said that changes in EMS have also been made and costs incurred by the Health Services Authority to accommodate Health City.

While he accepted the facility was enabling the government to reduce the number of local patients going overseas for some tertiary treatment, cutting costs and inconvenience for patients, the anticipated inflow expected from medical tourism had simply not happened.

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  1. BEST BET is SHETTY'S... says:

    If it was not for Shetty’s hospital, wise patients would NOT go to HSA or CTMH: they would simply go off island, so both these facilities should stop claiming they’re losing customers to Shetty’s hospital…

    I have tried all 3 facilities


    – XXXXXX wanted US$3,200.00 for a kidney MRI, which is a total rip off, as the same can be obtained in Miami for $300.00 or in France for 230 Euros. Health City quoted $430.00 and did an excellent job…

    Unfortunately, I now understand that they were forced to raise their prices, so as not to compete with XXXXXX…

    Yes, in Cayman, it is assumed that competition is BAD for consumers and, of course, there are no laws to prohibit price fixing: hence the MRI RIP OFF!…

    A word of advice: If you don’t have health insurance, which is my case, your best option is to fly to Hollande or France where you will be afforded the best health care in the world at 1/4 the price of the US and still much cheaper than Health City…

    • BEST BET is SHETTY'S... says:


      I was telling my true personal experience at both Georgetown medical facilities, but my post was heavily censored to the extent that it no longer make any sense…

      I guess the editor wants to protect me against any potential libel lawsuit, but since I was telling the TRUTH and it’s easily provable, I could care less…

      The good news for patients having suffered harm through medical malpractice is that the immunity of the HSA is going to be lifted and lawyers will soon be able to take cases on a contigency basis, so that people of limited means will still have a chance in court…

      CNS: Actually I was protecting us from a lawsuit. It’s all very well you claiming that you are telling the truth but I have no idea who you are and you have not supplied me with any factual evidence.

      • Anthony says:

        Am I just lucky because I get good service from all the hospitals. Certainly better than Miami, they sent me back home when my insurance finished without helping one bit and thanks to the hospitals here they helped me . May they continue to do well, it makes sense to support our local hospitals. I am proof. Money isn’t everything.

  2. Anonymous says:

    last time I checked 40,000 rupees was only 600 US

    • Anonymous says:

      While I have not in the past been a supporter of the Compass, they do set out well the Health City dynamics in today’s editorial.

      PS I do concede the Compass is doing better in coming to terms with the fact that it has an obligation to represent the people and not hold its collective nose in the air above us all. At least they are trying — more than I can say for the Commissioner of Police!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Next up Cayman Enterprise City, a real estate boondoggle for the Kirk family, competing directly with local businesses who don’t get the same concessions.

    • Anonymous says:

      Charlie has it now. The idea originated from a crooked swindling Brit who has long left the island. Charlie is trying to make something out of the smoke and mirrors that was presented to him.

  4. Deflecting Attention says:

    1. The only reason this article is here is because the HSA wants to deflect the attention from all the recent negative press they’ve been receiving – Poor management, slackness with CarePay (not reading contracts, basically puppets), immunity from lawsuits where death is caused, etc.

    Nice try, HSA.

    2. The HSA was loosing millions before Health City Cayman Islands came along, so what are they really complaining about?

    Do you know they have an exclusive market carved out for them? All civil servants and their families don’t have a choice but to use the HSA services – that’s roughly 10,000 people, which is about 18% of the population.

    How do you loose millions of dollars year after year when 18% of the population has no choice but to use your services?

    The Answer: Slackness. Get new management in there. They’ve been playing that ‘people not paying card for too long now, which is only one-fifth of the truth.’

    • Anonymous says:

      The article is here, because the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) was reviewing the Auditor General’s Report, which indicated that the PEOPLE of the Cayman Islands did not received good VALUE FOR MONEY. It’s not about perceived “quality” or “caring doctors” or how “nice everyone is”. Its simply this: Did we get good value for the massive tax breaks, duty concessions and exclusivity package that the PEOPLE of the Cayman Islands surrendered to enable this Hospital to get started?

      That is the question!

      The Auditor General crunches numbers and does not look at the other emotive fluff that so many on here get caught up with. In the Auditor General’s opinion, we did NOT!

      Dr Jefferson has recently completed his PhD in Health Care Business Administration, his thesis was on Medical Tourism. His opinion was asked for as an expert witness, who does not have a commercial interest in Health City. Also, please remember, as a salaried HSA employee, he really doesn’t care about HCCI competing with HSA. He will get paid come hell or high water! He simply stated facts!

      HCCI has changed their business model. That’s a fact. No government should be using the PEOPLE’s money to support a private venture. Make no mistake, allowing one entity a free pass on duty and other taxes IS using the People’s money to patronise HCCI. Those funds that would have gone to the public coffers will be collected from the public instead.

      Government should create the regulatory environment that allows ALL businesses the opportunity to flourish; not cherry pick who will flourish at a great cost to the public purse, for the sake of political expediency or any other reason.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well said, in other words another deal by Mac the knife…er Scalple.

      • Anonymous says:

        it is a little amusing to try and position Jefferson as a completely disinterested and impartial witness — when he is the medical director of the competition that is claiming that it is hurting because of Health City.

        And by the way, the HSA has an unfair advantage over all the hospitals with the mandatory use by all civil servants and their dependants. That is one major unfair competititive edge in favour of the HSA that he seems to ignore.

        I understand that Health City received some concessions to be established here — and I am ok with that, as Caymanians benefit from having this hospital here.

        When Health City becomes better established in the medical tourism market, then everyone will benefit. Give it time.

        I therefore have no problem with the government investment in the facility.

        Don’t forget that government subsidies HSA big time! Don’t forget where some of the money came from in the case of the Watson CarePay debacle! And that government has been subsidising the George Town Hospital since its inception.

        • Anonymous says:

          HSA is government owned, sweet cheeks. Ergo, the Government will subsidise it. They key point here is subsidy of a private venture

          • Anonymous says:

            Whether it is government-owned or not, does not matter. The fact is that it is subsidized — and that gives it an unfair advantage.

          • Anonymous says:

            To 7:05 am — you seem to forget that the “owner” uses tax payers’ dollars — the same concern that applies to HC.

            • Anonymous says:

              I am sorry Health City is so unwelcome there. I would give anything to have compassionate as well as affordable health care in US. I live in US and for 4 years have had pain from a surgery they performed. I have been blown off by doctors here to diagnose the cause or go in and look. If I had heard of Health City two years ago I would have come then. I will sell my possessions to pay for coming and being treated. I hope it’s still there. I thank you for having it. I hope the locals reap a benefit from it in someway.

          • Anonymous says:

            You seem to suggest that all government-owned entities should be subsidized as a given. What about effective management to enable it to become financially viable — at least to break even — especially as a big segment of the population — civil servants and defendants, pensioners, indigents, etc. — is handed to it on a silver platter.

            I understand why government has to continue to subsidise — to keep it afloat, but I have to face the fact that it takes my tax dollar to do so — and it really should not! Because you have a cash cow, does not mean you have to milk it to death ad infinitum. There comes a point….

            Same with CAL — I understand the reason for that subsidy too and support the national airline’s continued ability to fly — but normally a business that cannot be self financing does not deserve to be continually bolstered to compete with other better administered businesses. That flies in the face of normal laws of operation of a business.

            • Anonymous says:

              I’m all for privatisation and public private partnerships; where there is reporting, performance standards and accountability. Public funds deserve no less.

              However, the point is when Government subsidises a PUBLIC entity, it is quite a different thing from subsidising PRIVATE SHAREHOLDERS.

            • Jah Dread says:

              One key phrase in your discourse ” effective Mamagement”. Does not happen in most arms of the Civil Service .

      • Deflecting Attention says:

        Listen, Dr. Jefferson is a good person and doctor. This is not about him so describing his background was unnecessary.

        My point is that if we want to discuss fairness, you can’t talk about HCCI’s concessions without mentioning the exclusive market that the HSA has had for decades.

        The cherry picking you mentioning in your last paragraph, the HSA knows all about it – and you know this is the truth.

        • Anonymous says:

          Describing his back ground was necessary to show his credibility…..a word that seems to have lost its meaning with many…..

          • Anonymous says:

            This is not about Dr Jefferson. This is a debate on the issues. If he speaks on behalf of his institution critically of the competitor, then that becomes part of the argument — to point out that he is hardly an impartial observer and that his institution is also subsidized — by the tax payers — the same complaint he has about HC.

      • Anonymous says:

        Whilst I understand where you are going with this, how much value would the people have gotten if the hospital would have never been built? The concession isn’t anything that was paid out, it is an income that has been waived.

        Considering that a facility was built providing jobs during construction as well as some long term employment opportunities, work permit fees, tenants for local landlords, expat workers who shop, wine and dine and put their children in schools, the Island still gained more from it rather than not having this facility at all. Never mind the savings so many families will have for not having to fly off Island. What cost calculation do you put on something like that?

        As others have said, it takes a few years before a facility has had the chance to fully establish itself.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s a great reply and you constantly talk about peoples money. did you realize the amount of Caymanians who were employed on the project? do you realize how many rental properties the Hospital is utilizing for their staff and others contracted a the hospital? Do you know how many caymanians are employed at health City? Oh and not forgetting the services they can provide ON ISLAND which will inevitably lower insurance costs and see this money going back into the pockets of the Caymanians and the island. You seem so UP on knowledge but yet so LOW on common sense.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nonsense. The article is here because it has been found that the country is getting fleeced – again – after ridiculous economic projections were swallowed hook, line and sinker by our glorious former leader. The largeness of the mouth being in inverse proportion to intelligence or the discipline of good leadership reminds of Tru…well, you know…

      • Anonymous says:

        11:42: it is quite a bit short sighted to allege that the country is “being fleeced”. Check into the savings from treating patients locally as opposed to sending them overseas. For three months’ care of a critically ill patient costs can run close to a million for severely injured/Sick patients requiring highly specialized care, and don’t forget air ambulance transfers — that can occur either way. That is not a cheap service.

        Then factor in time waiting for transfer to be arranged — in some cases patients eventually died because the patient needed immediate specialiased medical interventions. (Remember the case of the burn victim? Brain injured patients? Heart patients who come near to dying?)

        Then what about the emotional suffering from dislocation and being away from family support systems?

        Besides, I sleep better knowing that help is just up the road if, knock wood, I need urgent tertiary level care.

        Health City is providing a much needed essential service to the Caynan population as a whole — it is short sighted to see it as just saving the government money — and I thank the government for making this service possible.

        • Anonymous says:

          Again, point missed. It’s not about the convenience of having them here…’s about this: When the People of the Cayman Islands surrendered much needed capital for certain deliverables, did the People of the Cayman Islands receive GOOD VALUE FOR THEIR MONEY! Duhhh!

          • Anonymous says:

            To 7:11 am — and the answer is … Absolutely. Health City is delivering top value for the facility afforded by government.

            As someone observed, the govt did not invest money — it just did not collect money that it would not otherwise have collected if Health City had not been built.

            In any event, the contribution to the local economy has most likely already repaid the value of the concession.

            Dr. Shetty took a risk, and the local population benefits no matter how you slice it.

            I wish him well and hope for all our sakes that Health City ultimately achieves all its sets out to do.

            • Anonymous says:

              So you contend that in 2 years their presence alone has already repaid the CI 800 Million in duty concession? What is the source of your information? Please share it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Looseness too.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have nothing but praise for the Health City Hospital. I have had several visits there and everyone ended in an improvement in my health. It is as different from the HSA as night is from day.

    • Anonymous says:

      Way to COMPLETELY miss the point of the article. Thanks for coming.

    • Anonymous says:

      And by the way with the continuing subsidy by government for the HSA, the charges for services are not necessarily lower than competing institutions, and may even be higher in some instances. For example, many patients opt for private physiotherapy care rather than the HSA’s service because of greater convenience, interest in the patient, comprehensiveness in services. Private physiotherapists pull out all the stops, whereas, in my experience, HSA ‘s try to complete the service within some pre-set time frame to get patients in and out. And I found that in some instances the costs at the HSA were higher.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It is interesting how a little competition can stir the pot! For donkey years people had to put up with the poor state of facilities and sour attitude of employees by GTH and everyone was relieved when CTH opened to give one a second option for health care. Once CTH had established itself they too decided not to reinvest in their facilities and employees and the place now also needs a radical make over. When one has yellow pages from 2007 laying around in the waiting areas for people to “read” it says a lot of their attitude towards their patients! Now that another facility has opened up and they have employees who genuinely care for their patients and where one gets a sense of confidence that they will actually be cared for GTH and CTH cry foul! They had years without much competition to do continuously step up their fame and they could not be bothered!

    Personally I wished that Shetty would open up a 24/7 ER service cause at any time would I rather make the drive to EE rather than having to sit for hours at GTH being treated like cattle.

    Fro those who complain about Shetty there is a simple solution! Stay away!

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s pretty funny about the reading material. You didn’t touch it, did you? Eww.

    • Anonymous says:

      As one poster observed, it is early days yet. Rome was not built in a year. It will take time to market and grow the business.

      I wish Shetty Hospital every success. It is reassuring to have this calibre hospital here.

      • Inspector Gadget says:

        “Rome was not built in a year.”

        That’s true. It took a long time for it to fall into scenic ruins.

    • Anonymous says:

      Shetty is clearly afraid of competition as well. Read the concession package and the exclusivity rights conferred. No other tertiary facility is allowed, so no local provider can start offering them. Watch this video clip from minute 48 and you may hopefully understand!

  7. Allar says:

    That could never be Clarence talking about casino gambling. Clarence isn’t you the Christian in another blogg come n now Clarence it is one or the other

    • Anonymous says:

      It sems Dr Jefferson is mainly concerned about the competition, but then he broadens his concern to lack of quality control and extent of concessions granted to Shetty. I did not, however see any specifics as to why the extent of concessions was so medically disadvantageous — I would have like to hear more about that. Similarly, I see no evidence that lack of so-called quality control is having an impact at Health City. For one, I am aware that India has some of the finest doctors in the world, and is on the cutting edge of medicine. Second, I don’t hear in connection with Health City the type of blunders and medical errors I hear from other local hospitals.

      It seems the biggest concern is really the competition. I think competition is good — that is what keep business on its toes — why not hospitals?

      Personally, I thank God that there is a tertiary level hospital that I can go to in the event of a serious heart condition and where brain injured persons/stroke victims can get expert immediate care. For these conditions immediate medical care is essential and life saving — and to get it here where you can have support of family and friends is a God send.

      I pray that Shetty Hospital can arrive at the full achievement of its dream — and mine.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dr. Jefferson is not concerned about competition, he’s concerned about UNFAIR competition. Shetty was given huge tax and duty concessions for many, many years (someone told me a 100 years!) on the understanding they would not directly compete with local doctors; that they would be, as you say above, solely a tertiary care facility. If they were a TRUE tertiary care center they would only see patients by referral — you couldn’t just walk in to their facility to seek primary or secondary care. In this regard, they have reneged on their agreement. They’re cheating, and their cheating has upset many local doctors who are not inclined to support the facility until they stop their arrogant approach and stick to their mandate. As you say, competition is a good thing, but try to understand how the tax concessions create an uneven commercial playing field. Health City has a huge unfair business advantage. They can undercut the prices of other excellent facilities who have served the Cayman Islands for decades not because of their nebulous “new model of affordable health care” hyperbole, but simply because it costs them far less to run their facility due to the duty waivers.

        • Just Commentin' says:

          Uhh, ooookayyy…what other “excellent” facilities are they competin’ with roun yah? I don’t see a single one (“excellent” that is). And none that can begin to hold a candle to the Shetty facility. Please do not tell me you might be referring to GTH as one of ’em! If that’s what you mean, I might need immediate tertiary treatment and critical care at Shetty from bursting a cerebral artery as a result of laughing too hard.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Paramedics in the Health Services Authority are being stretched to the limit as they work longer hours to make up for below-demand staffing to covered Health City Transports. There is a blow-out in the amount of overtime hours worked by paramedics under the current Government, there were too few ambulance paramedics available, and basic rosters could not be filled. The level of vacancies over the next week-and-a-half is somewhere in the order of 20 vacant shifts. People are working so much overtime that it is affecting their health. Staff are under enormous strain when they’re at work due to under staffing and then they are being asked to come in to fill vacant shifts on their days off. This means that at stations from West bay to North side there are sometimes no crews on shift which puts other crews under increased pressure and means ambulance response times are increasing.
    It is completely unacceptable that any crew is forced to work a 24 hour shift. Paramedics has been asking the board to take action over enforced overtime for over a year. It’s incredibly damaging for an HSA board to make repeated promises and then not uphold them.
    Staff are the ambulance service’s greatest asset and they need to be supported. I’m really worried that the strain they are working under is unsustainable. The continued lack of traction in dealing with enforced overtime is very concerning.
    We agree with paramedics that this shift length is totally unacceptable. We have investigated this case and it should have been pro actively managed to help get the crew home once they handed over their patient at 7:00 am at Health City.
    You’re frightened of making a clinical error, of not giving your best to the patient. You’re frightened of falling asleep behind the wheel while you’re driving. And some of our colleagues have done.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just to clarify your ridiculous statement, no paramedics are used by health city, it is the HSA who request transfers using the ambulance service. Their busy due to simple economics of the island and the fact and given day can have 24,000 cruise ship passengers here. Health City uses their own transport to collect their own patients. Please do t make unfounded and ridiculous comments.

    • Anonymous says:

      This comment is far from the truth. Rubbish

  9. Anonymous says:

    I will refrain from badmouthing either the HSA or Chrissiie Tomlinson hospitals but I can truly say that my experience at Shetty Hispital was superb. The treatment work brilliantly and everyone I met there was so helpful and courteous. Professionalism and comfort is their trade mark. Anyone who has had to be at a hospital or clinic truly understands the difference it makes in recovery. Gene Thompson has made true on his promise of hiring locals. While I was there, over a six week period as far as I could see all front of house and maintenance staff are locals. I saw students who I assume are interested in a career in the medical field on tour on at least two occasions. I feel confident that if they become qualified in that field that Mr. Thompson will ensure that they will be offered a job there. Personally I think it is heartwarming to note that Mr. Thompson has laid out what must be much of his family wealth knowing full well that it would not be a quick return. Not too often a Caymanian will do that- we prefer to put it in a bank and watch it ” don’t get any interest” but he took the risk. He understands it is a long hard road and I pray that in time he will see the fruits of his investments. I will say that the other health service providers could take a leaf out of their book when it comes to comfort, urgent attention and compassion. Blessings on all who strive to offer healthcare here and around the world. It really takes a special person to do it and do it well.

  10. Nice Picture says:

    Bushie looks very handsome in that picture. Very nice pic of you.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wish he was traveling again (remember the good old days?) He looked very superb in the big black over coat. I wonder where that beautiful coat is now.

    • Anonymous says:

      Shame he did a crap deal for two generations of Caymanians who will have to subsidize a private company by way of excessive duty waivers.

  11. Hard Hat Guy says:

    It didn’t cost the tax payer anything in concessions for the construction of the building, and if for nothing else, govt should now be able to look at how they were able to build it, on time, and on budget.

    • Anonymous says:

      Of course it did. The huge duty concessions on the building materials, furniture, medical equipment, and clinical useable have been lost to the public purse. Caymanians would have been served better if the duty had been received and the duty on fuel reduced. Now that would have benefitted all Caymanians.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I Am so surprised, the CIG bright ideas are always money makers. NOT

    • Anonymous says:

      The mistake here is that Shetty’s “unfair advantage” in duty and work permits should be extended to all health care providers.

      Health care should be a human right, with the best and least expensive care available, it should not be taxed to death.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not a good idea. The public purse needs an increase in revenue not a decrease from more giveaways. Based on their utter ignorance of their original contact, Health City should forfeit their concessions.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The level of cardiac care is way above the local hospitals. That is why Brac patients are being flown directly in to the hospital. It saves lives. It is actually the HSA that is sending its patients there

  14. Anonymous says:

    I suggest we put McKeeva in charge of turning the place into a theme park Ala the turtle scam….err farm
    He could hire his local contractor buddies and pay them so much money that they don’t know what to do with it.
    Then, through ever increasing permit fees etc, the sun loving expats could be milked to subsidize it.
    Give a bunch of east enders the jobs there that they’ve always ‘wanted’. Let some barefooted EE mob boss/labor organized take in piles of money and everyone is happy. Loads of money for contractors. Loads for Mac (if he even wants it anymore). Loads of cash downstream for east end people (maybe a shiny new Hummer dealership – Blow Hole Jeeps!) and yet another flagship project for the whole community to dip their fingers in and polish up their shiny Paradise model with.
    Contact me for a thousand and one more great ideas.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wonder who messed in your cereal this morning, because you sure are one mean spirited troll.

      • Anonymous says:

        Just remembering the good ole days sonny. Just remembering the good ole days…
        Oh and you forgot to say how funny I make the truth sound. You’re welcome.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Can they heal broken hearts?

  16. No more free services at HSA and can't get an appointment at NAU says:

    Is this the same Country that insists you must have insurance or don’t look for services at the HSA? And if you don’t have insurance go to NAU – but the first appointment at NAU is in a few months time so in the meantime – do without medical services or go to Health City who will show compassion and “repay” some of the duty concessions by doing it for free – a service our HSA has decided not to offer. Seriously Caymanians? Complain about the lack of equipment at HSA that forces us to send patients to the Bahamas or Jamaica for kidney stones. I suggest the HSA work at fixing their own poor medical services and stop complaining.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I was in Health City for my second time ever today. A week ago my father fell and suffered a head injury, he was taken to Shetty hospital (closest by) and was admitted, received a CT Scan, and released in under an hour. The neuro-surgeon told him the ct scan came out clean, but there was a spot that indicated a minor stroke from years passed… When I picked my father up from the hospital that day and was driving him back home, he had told me what the dr said, I got on the phone immediately and scheduled an appt for the following week (today) and we sat down with the dr and he took us step by step of what he thought could have caused the ‘minor stroke’ and explained it was no cause of concern now, he recommended a follow up health check for my over 65 year old father, I believe preventative medicine is one of the most important pillars in medicine.
    It left me at ease and I knew we had come to the right place and the right Doctor, he was experienced, published and confident… More hope than I have ever received from any medical practitioner here.

    A different scenario–

    I drove myself to the emergency room at GT Hospital about 6 months ago in the middle of the night complaining of the worst head pain of my life (vomitting, blurred vision, vertigo). My blood pressure was through the roof and I was told to wait in the emergency room, I waited for 2 hrs.

    I then was moved into a room where I was seen by the doctor. She did her exam, looked at pupils and thought there was a possibility of a brain hemmorhage and ordered me a CT scan. Obviously I was shaking in tears thinking I may or may not die. I was then put in a bed and had IV’s inserted in my arm, they told me I had to wait as the CT technician was on his way.

    I waited 5 1/2 hours on that bed for my CT scan, far into the morning hours, panicked and afraid. Apparently the technician was late to work. It turned out that I was ok and it wasn’t anything too serious, but that is beside the point.

    My point is, if our ‘local’ hospitals here weren’t such a f-ing joke, maybe Health City wouldn’t be a threat in the first place.

    I couldn’t be more thankful that we have this kind of first class facility on our island, it brings me comfort knowing that if I, or a family member got seriously ill, that we have a chance of living if we get taken to health city. If there was ever something life threatening wrong with me, I’d be sure as hell aks to be taken to East End over these jokes that they call “hospitals” in town. It is truly pathetic and frightening the kind of 3rd world treatment you receive from these in town facilities.

    • Anonymous says:

      Same as local DJ on govt. Station. 7 or 8 minutes of “dead air” then he comes on grousing about traffic “every day” and saying there is nothing he can (or will) do about it. Leaving a little earlier was never a consideration. In that case it was okay, a little less small minded BS/vitriol spread via the airways.
      In above case, in world where people actually care about others instead of only themselves, CT tech should be issued 1 of 2 warnings before being let go on third incident. Plenty of work at Christmas clean-up for him/her.

      There seems to be a strong self centeredness that comes arm in arm with the no worries way of life.

    • Rick says:

      I can empathize with all you say. Believe me, I have many worse examples. What I do not agree with is your Third World comment. I received much better care in at least two Third World location. They offer 4th or maybe 5th, if there is such a thing. But every now and then, they get it tolerably right. I find that the people there make it easier; some of them. The systems are pathetic, and some of the people should not be put anywhere near a human being.

  18. Anonymous says:

    There is nothing mentioned about why this is not working? What is their target market? Whose money is at risk in this situation?

  19. Just saying... says:

    Is this about the best health care for the Caymanian people or inflating the accounts of the mediocre doctors and health care practicians we have suffered with for so long..????

    • Anonymous says:

      Personally, I am happy to see that Shetty Hospital is expanding its services especially since the ruling of Judge Williams where the government hospital Doctors cannot be sued for malpractice. I fully support the expansion of services by Shetty Hospital and I would like to see CINICO approving more and more patients to receive their health care at Shetty Hospital. After all, who would be comfortable to receive medical treatment by Doctors who are protected against lawsuits even if they cause the death of patients, leaving families in financial turmoil especially if its the father of a family who may be the main bread winner of the family. This whole situation is crazy.

      • Anonymous says:

        There is a cap on the malpractice for health city. That was one of the concessions…..

        Check the amount, it’s not worth it. You just better hope you die, because if you are unable to work, the max payout won’t cover two years.

        • Anonymous says:

          That cap applies only to “non- economic” losses. The economic losses are separate from this.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Oh Health City Hospital is awful..yea right!!! Clean up HSA first before you cast stones. The Cayman Islands finally has a hospital with doctors that really care and takes the time to explain things to you in detail. Better yet, you come in with a problem and you will find out what is wrong with you. HSA can’t even compare with Health City!!!!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Where did this 17,000 figure come from? Sounds more like a maximum capacity figure.

  21. Anonymous says:

    So, basically we created an SEZ (Special Economic Zone) Hospital in the Cayman Islands.
    Lol, gotta love it!

    Cayman needs a Contractor General if we insist on relying on development and “inward investment” as means of national revenue. Otherwise, the risk of more of these debacles unfolding is extremely high.

    – Who

  22. Anonymous says:

    But the UDP told us this was the greatest thing to ever to happen to cayman.

  23. Anonymous says:

    What else is new in Cayman?

  24. SKEPTICAL says:

    One issue never mentioned may be the cap set by law on the amount for which a patient could sue, for professional negligence – $500,000 comes to mind. If they were looking for medical tourism from the US, possibly the most litigious country in the Western Hemisphere, then Shetty wouldn’t even be on their radar. Imagine a wealthy American considering coming down here for a personality transplant, discovering that his claim for any failure in the procedure due to negligence is limited – end of story.
    This is another pie in the sky hangover from that famous WB ” mover and shaker “

    • Anonymous says:

      At least there is an opportunity for a claim in the amount of $500,000 for malpractice, unlike the government where there is no chance for any kind of financial reward to be gotten for malpractice which may result in death.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Newsflash, the Cayman Islands are too expensive, even for US insurance companies. No surprise really, this was always a vanity project with absolutely no business potential for the CI.

    • Anonymous says:

      You got it 2:23. If one looks closely at all the places that have thriving medical tourism such as Thailand, cost is the major contributing factor to success. Is the Cayman Islands prepared to DEVALUE the Cayman Islands Dollar in order to encourage medical tourism? Because that is precisely what it will take!

  26. Anonymous says:

    I have always wondered what the “New Model of Affordable Health Care” actually means. What is the new model? — seems the same model as any new, small cottage hospital to me. And, as far as I can see, although they do void co-payments on occasions — which I believe may be against the Health Insurance Law — the prices are really no cheaper than any other facility in Cayman. Very often, hyperbole comes back to bite you on the rear end.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Shetty Hospital far exceeds the quality of healthcare provided by other healthcare providers in Cayman so who cares if they feel hard done by. I don’t see Chrissie Tomlison offering free medical assistance to people who are in dyer need. They have just raped Cayman for medical care for years. He sold out at the right time as he knew the time of overcharging was coming to an end with the new hospital opening.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your attack on Dr.Tomlinson and Chrissie Tomlinson Hospital is unfair and in bad taste. I am a patient of Dr. Tomlinson and Dr. Shetty hospitals and have received great help from both. Chrissie Tomlinson Hospital has helped and saved so many lives in Cayman, we should be grateful. It was Dr. Jefferson, the director of the HSA, who commented n the news release.
      The charges at the two hospitals are about the same and I wonder how Chrissie Tomlinson Hospital manages to do this, considering the breaks given to Dr. Shetty by the Government. Dr.Tomlinson sees many patients free of cost, most of us know this.
      As far as I know the Government and the Insurance companies will not pay more than a certain amount anyway.
      You sound envious of a successful Caymanian who has worked hard for his people. Stop being nasty and let us count our blessings

      • A godchild says:

        How ungrateful. After all that Dr. T has done for us. Whoever you are let me tell you, when you’re running down my doctor, you’re treading on the fighting side of me. Back off.

      • A godchild says:


      • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Well said

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry to bust your bubble 8:38am but I have a friend who took their daughter to Chrissie Tomlinson a few weeks ago, the girl was experiencing constant pain in her stomach, weak and nauseous so of course everyone thought appendix. They did an ultrasound and couldn’t find anything wrong. Blood work didn’t show up anything so they gave her antibiotics in case she had a UTI. 2 weeks later she still feels sick, so mom took her to Shetty. Ultra sound done, and guess what they found a man size fist CYST!!! How on earth did chrissie tomplinson miss that??? The cyst didn’t grow in a week. As far as HSA, third world country hospital. So hence, Shetty it is!!!

        How about bitching about other issues at hand, the crime the police and the commissioner who are inept on doing their job. All the concessions that were give the Ritz and what did cayman get back, NOTHING!!! They are the highest work holders in the country….caymanians get your priorities straight.

        • Anonymous says:

          You ignorant donkeh! The Public Accounts Committee was discussing value for money! If Shetty wants to do what every other medical facility is doing, he should pay his xxx fair share of the taxes like everyone else and not get any sweetheart deals. And if you think Shetty or any other hospital doesn’t have their screw ups too, think again. Newsflash ALL HOSPITALS HAVE MEDICAL ERROR.

        • Anon says:

          Sorry to hear about what happened to your friend’s daughter but do you know what type of cyst this may have been. You should advise your friend to get the report, it would also be wise to find out if the cyst was of a serious nature. If this was a hemorrhagic cyst it would have appeared small at first and this would not have been visible on the ultrasound however over a couple of weeks it could increase in size if the bleeding continued. If your friend’s daughter had returned to CTMH they would have detected it then. You should ask your friend to find out more about this from her doctor. I really hope your friend’s daughter is doing better.

          I had an experienced pretty close with my elderly mother who had fell and hit her head, brought her to CTMH and did all the checks CT scan and all, however noting was seen at the time they treated her and informed me to watch for changes which they gave me a list of instructions. After 10 times some of the syntoms mentioned on the list was visible when I went back they repeat the CT she had a crack in her skull she had to be rush in surgery immediately CTMH saved her life education is the key. They are only doctors with great responsibility the life of people in their hands not God only Him is perfect and only time in some cases that gives the information we need, while the importance of time can also save life.

          Let’s try to be greatfully to God that we have some of the best doctors on islands who love their patients and it’s not about the money and I can say Dr. T is one of those doctors for sure.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well said. Dr. Tomlinson has done so many great things for me and any others. When I couldn’t afford insurance he attended to me and my family. He just doesn’t go telling everyone who he helps every day.

        Thank you Dr. Tomlinson.

    • Contented says:

      Shame on you. Tomlinson Hospital saved my life and many others. It is small but gives great service. You can stay with the Indians and take what you get. New brooms sweep clean but old ones know the corners.

    • Anonymous says:

      What new hospital, certainly not Shetty’s Hospital? Many of his prices are more, than those of Chrissie Tomlinson Hospital. And we were all told they would be much cheaper. However, I don’t mind because I’ve suffered with a heart condition. 😀 Remember “new brooms sweeps plain, but old brooms knows the corners”.

    • Anonymous says:

      Stop comparing. Both private hospital are doing a good job. And we all know Dr Tomlinson is the greatest. God bless him always.

    • Anon says:

      Do as much as Dr. Tomlinson before you talk when running down my doctor, you are walking on the fighting side of me. Back off, look at the world of good he has done for these islands and you have the nerve to make such a unreasonable comment.

    • Rose says:

      How easy we are to throw stones with unfounded accusations. We as Caymanians would best serve our country if we had some loyalty to our own and stop spreading propaganda that wreaks of envy. Dr. Tomlinson is known for his charitable ways involving the hospital as well as his many areas of Philanthropy. He has served our community at large with his patient care and is a top rate surgeon and has done this for many years and was simply ready to hand over to young, capable Caymanian doctors and health care professionals and had ever right to do so without it being seen as sinsiter. Because he has sold the hospital the green eye monster has reared its ugly head. What new hospital are you referring to anyway? I will not criticize Shetty because it is a great help to the community however if the same concessions and help was afforded to CTMH, there may not have been the need for this monstrosity to be apart of our community. But hold on because the bigger picture for Shetty has not been revealed as of yet so we need to wait and see because if you believe that they are in it to not make a profit then you are sadly mistaken.

      But do you know that real story with the sale of CTMH or is that not necessary when someone is so full of hate that all they want to do is use unkind words and descriptions in an effort to sully an almost perfect example of giving back to one’s community? CTMH was approached many times in the past 5 years by other institutions abroad as well as Shetty himslef for purchase and was not considered because of the desire of Dr Tomlinson to ensure that CTMH was owned by a majority of Caymanians to continue to be true to what it was intended to be; a great resource and private alternative for optimum health care in Cayman. He sold at 10 Million dollars less because of not selling to Shetty, and who really does that if they want to crook anyone. Of course there will always be examples of shortcomings from every avenue as this is human and we do err, but what CTMH and Dr Tomlinson has represented for over 40 years in Cayman is superb health care, affordable prices and care and attention, with payment plans to boot, for everyone that enters their doors has been an exemplary example of a great humanitarian and civic minded citizen. And he has continued to hire and keep Caymanian workers employed regularly. So when you want to use unkind words like “rape” in the same sentence as a prestigious institution like Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital or Dr Steve Tomlinson, it would serve you better to speak the truth and if that is foreign to you, then force yourself to refrain from bringing such negative attention to yourself while spewing negativity and unfounded accusations.

      Dr. Tomlinson has helped many and continues to do so in many many ways but the only difference is he does not publicize it or get his photo taken when he hands over checks to help many programs and individuals, he does it quietly, anonymously and graciously, like the true gentleman that he is. Not many others, and my guess is, including you, can say the same thing. Maybe what he needs to do in this new year is ensure that he capitalizes on photo ops when he gives so folks like you and the “64 thumbs up” blind, hateful, supporters can know what he is doing.

      But guess what, Dr. Tomlinson knows, the rest of us good folk know and especially God knows; and that, my friend is really all that matters! Let’s try drinking gatorade instead of haterade because one is filled with electrolytes that can help us and the other is filled with crap that won’t help us.

  28. Ayatollah Hewso says:

    I read right here in the CNS comments concerning Shetty’s big boondoggle back when it was in its conception stage that it would never be practical, and sure enough…. it isn’t! The only ones that really benefited were some politicians and builders and suppliers and of course the Indian cadre involved. Let me say it again: “BOONDOGGLE!!!” No one knows how much of the people’s money has been spent here.

    • Anonymous says:

      None of the peoples money has been spent on it. Zero.

      • Ayatollah says:

        9:44, You are full of it!

      • Anonymous says:

        Really? Where do you think CINICO’s money comes from? Most of Health City’s revenue comes from CINICO, BoBo

        • Rick says:

          You seem to be insinuating that CINICO can get better value for money elsewhere but choose to send their patients to Health City. Could it be that they save and the patients also get better care?

          • Anonymous says:

            I was replying to 9:44: “None of the peoples money has been spent on it. Zero.” Simply not true. Furthermore, if CINICO did shop around they could find better prices and top notch care. I stand by my opinion, Rick.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank God for the Shetty’s hospital, the benefits to these islands will way surpass the concessions they’ve been given.
      Keep up the good works Mr. Thompson may God keep and bless you and your family most people don’t have a clue the contributions you have made and still continue make to the people of the Cayman Islands . I will also like to express the same sentiment to DR. Shetty and family thank you all, and also a big thank you to all the Staff at the hospital.

  29. Clear As Mud says:

    Greed and envy will kill this society. That facility in time to come is going to be one of the best things that ever happened here and I wish the envious would stop running it down. Seems like no one appreciates anything good anymore and all they do is whine, whine, whine; politicians included. In true UDP style, it may not have been as thoroughly thought out as it could have been, but for Christ sake be grateful we have it here. It has already proven its worth, so lets support it and keep it here!

  30. Anonymous says:

    The medical director is just looking out for all of his dead beat local doctors, health city is the best thing to happen to cayman and Its people.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I will never complain about a place that has saved so many lives. there is no price tag that can be put on living savings initiatives.

  32. Anonymous says:

    This whole saga reminds of the Emperor’s New Clothes…..

  33. Anonymous says:

    Clearly two years is not long enough to judge the failure or success of Health City in the context of its contribution to medical tourism in Cayman. From a health care delivery perspective, Health City is a success and I am a grateful patient who has benefited from the expertise there, as opposed to the higher costs of going to Miami.

    I work in the transportation business and over the past few months I have transported 5 groups of medical-related professionals visiting Cayman for seminars of various types. Some were related to Health City. I would imagine other transportation services may have also had similar clients. As a service provider, I benefited, so did the hotels where they stayed, restaurants where they ate, etc. etc.

    The detractors on the PAC and amongst the general public would not know this and that speaks exactly to why their negative comments are misplaced. They are ignorant to these indirect benefits of Health City and seek only to criticize the lack of evident direct benefits. What do they expect in two years, thousands of patients a month?? As to complaints from local doctors? What, isn’t competition expected in the medical field?? Very few of the local physicians have invested in the scope of facilities and services offered by Health City therefore their complaint against the concessions offered is baseless. The representative of Government’s own health care offerings should be the last to speak against Health City. I say to Dr. Jefferson, when the HSA delivers the standards of health care that Health City offers, perhaps then they can criticize!! .

    Health City is a success and will continue to expand their client base, both locally and overseas. I, for one, wish them every success going forward!!

  34. Anonymous says:

    I am concerned over “waivers to doctor’s standards” granted to the Shetty Hospital. Are there any checks by the HSA on the qualifications of “doctors” working there?.

  35. Knot S Smart says:

    I am sorry to hear this because that hospital has helped a lot of Caymanians.
    However I do recall that when all the other politicians were all ga-gu about the deal the North Side representative was saying that the hospital’s projections were not realistic…

  36. Anonymous says:

    Please it is early days yet to complain about the hospital; Medical Tourism takes time. I can venture to say that hundreds of Caymanians have benefited from his hospital and many more will. Anyone who have traveled overseas for a medical procedure will quickly understand one of the great benefits of the Shetty Hospital.

  37. Bean Counter says:

    Dear PPM

    Please review the Shetty agreement and then take away the concessions for non compliance. The business model has changed and their concession package should reflect this.

    Cayman deserves value for money if they are prepared to grant Gene Thompson, Dr. Shetty and their partners concessions over a fifty year period. This is another example of poorly negotiated deals by elected governments.

    Time to renegotiate the entire agreement and stop giving away millions to friends like how they renegotiate the hotel tax rebate with DART.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is suggested that this is an Indian money laundering mechanism…lets hope this is not the case and that those associated with this enterprise are squeaky clean!

    • Anonymous says:

      Anything to do with Mac deals always falls short of promises or has a smell attached to it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry sir, PPM went out of business.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree with this, however if you are going to do that should deal with CEC first. Will be very interesting to see if they have the strength to do that given who is the main owner/CEO now……I seriously doubt it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Cayman Enterprise City & Shetty hospital have both failed to do as they promised.

        Therefore both need to have their agreements renegotiated and concessions limited as the deals lack basic equity for the government who are effectively subsidizing these private sector businesses and giving away millions in concessions to private developers

    • Anonymous says:

      Shetty was being conned from the beginning you locals had no intention of allowing Shetty to do his thing where is the hotel restaurant and shops for the families ?
      And you speak of changing the deal typical Caymanian ideology lets change the deal because we don’t like how its going.
      The whole thing was a con like I said but the end game of getting a new hospital for the locals at no cost is on the horizon

    • Anonymous says:

      Bean Counter well said, it’s about time someone realize what is going with this deal.

    • D. Tracy says:

      “This is another example of poorly negotiated deals by elected governments.”

      Deals??? Gee…….. I hope there wasn’t much corruption involved.

  38. Anonymous says:

    never made sense from day one……..

    • Anonymous says:

      It was built on a foundation of sand and only ever benefitted a select few people.

      Mind you the building will probably make a good hurricane shelter if anything like Ivan rolls up again.

      • Soumy nonoa says:

        God forbid you have a heart attack. I hope you end up àt Shetty and live. An internationally top class facility. Appreciate the fact we have it Cayman and promote it around the world

      • Anonymous says:

        Hello…did you just say that a hurricane shelter built on sand would be good???
        Good thing I already had my Alka Selzer this morning!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Only in Cayman would people complain that having more doctors and medical facilities is a bad thing. So what if the numbers of ‘medical tourist’s are less than what some people thought. The fact is it isn’t zero.

    Having had a procedure at the Shetty hospital that allowed me to stay home rather than having to go to Miami for a week (and staying in a hotel), I can personally attest to the value of having this high quality facility in Cayman. Given the pain, discomfort and stress in the week following my procedure, I am so grateful that I could do it here (and the staff there were so comforting versus the rush in rush out of doctors and nurses in a Miami hospital).

    If everything is so doom and gloom with this hospital, why are expanding?

    I don’t really care about some complaining local doctors.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are of course correct in one way; it is a fantastic facility to have, BUT the only reason you were able to have your procedure there was precisely because the hospital is empty. You can be sure that otherwise, if the 1000’s of international patients had materialized, there would be “no room at the Inn” most of the time.

      A number of things will happen if the international traffic does not take off soon:

      1. Even WITH concessions, as a business it cannot make a profit from the occasional local patient, (even if they do require an expensive medical procedure, still not enough profit generated). Shetty has a benevolent side to his business, but without a profitable main business there can be no benevolence.

      2. High quality doctors will not want to lose their skills by not being able to perform the procedures they are supposed to, and so they will leave for busier hospitals. Surgeons in particular need to develop professionally by performing what they do regularly or they will experience what is termed “skill fade”. There is substantial evidence that time out of practice, which is the same as working in a hospital with no patients for you to work on, impacts on skill retention and a surgeon’s skills have been shown to decline over periods ranging from 6 to 18 months. Who, and of what quality, will be brought in, if anyone, to replace staff who leave in these circumstances?

      3. Investment in keeping up-to-date equipment and services will decline.

      4. Local businesses providing goods and services will lose contracts and see less and less trade coming their way.

      5. Local staff will be laid off.

      So it is not griping or excessive doom and gloom to express that there are problems having an under-performing (in the context of its primary aim) but overly competitive hospital here. If it is impacting other facilities, those facilities may suffer sufficient financial damage which may force some to close, and then, if Shetty eventually withdraws, who will take their place? There is no doubt that he can take the hit, withdraw from CI and suffer little, his organisation is vast. He may want to remove himself from any reputational damage caused because his business has not worked in the way it was supposed to.

      However the Cayman Islands cannot recover so quickly. The doomsday scenario…Chrissie Tomlinson is forced to close, (or, at least, close some of its wards and stop providing certain services). (There is NO indication this is likely). Shetty closes…who is going to provide the capital to re-start CTH? There is likely to be a gap in services while interested entrepreneurs are sought.

      Those local doctors you “don’t care about” may be all that is left for you and even they may have given up and left by then…….

      The main business was to be medical tourism, that has not materialised as per their business case, on which basis the concessions were granted…i.e. you will attract people here who will make up for the concessions by injecting dollars into the local economy….So it is time to re-visit agreement and demand they keep their side of the bargain or give up the concessions.

      BTW nothing in Health Practice Law prohibits treatment of local patients in a medical tourism facility, in fact it expressly allows it, and nothing in that law prevents or curbs unfair competitive advantage. BUT I bet the agreement made with Shetty works the other way round…can any other Hospital or facility get a medical tourism certification to enable it to compete with Shetty for international patients?

      • Anonymous says:

        And now we need a forensic examination of the benefits promised and benefits actually brought, by Cayman Enterprise City….

      • Anonymous says:

        Dear Dr. Soandso,

        Thanks for your insight however, you are mistaken. These doctors are from Indian and in Indian you have many many thousands of doctors; enough to go around…they will come and go upping their skills as needed back in Indian. No shortage of them; trust me.

        What has happen, is that your profession has just be “insourced”. I don’t really think the Caymanian people or residence of this country really care as labour these days is just a commodity. You can bet most people had their job replaced in this manner years ago- just your turn. A little higher up the chain this time…use to be that only 5 countries could practice here. US, Canada , New Zealand, UK and Jamaica. Jamaican doctors are no match for Cuban doctors and lord knows how NZ beat out Aussie on the list. Yawn, it was just a protection to keep Doctor salaries high just like it is done worldwide. Jamaican doctors can’t practice in the USA nor can Cubans without getting the needful certificates. So it is all about high salaries. If Jamaicans could practice in the US they would all be there and we would not have any around here; very likely.

        You, like anybody else are just labour but which have traditionally been protected-the little construction worker-no way. However, you like lots of other people “ahahahummmm..” Caymanians have been replaced.

        So, you can do like so many other locals have done over the past 30-40 years. Take your skills, pack a bag and go to a country that actually attempts to protect its industry.

        The real question is how long can the George Town hospital hold out. They are under some serious competition. Once the expansion takes place., its going to be like a triple boom when all inpatients on private insurance now have a choice.

        Anyways, you doctors are good people but……so were lots of people in jobs that got insourced.

        • Anonymous says:

          Good doctors in India make in excess of US$200,000 per year after taxes and work in massive 500 bed plus hospitals. So Indian doctors need to sacrifice their careers to move to Cayman since the purchasing power parity means that 200K salary would be equivalent to at least 400K in Cayman. Many of the Health City doctors fall in this category – and are here as part of the intercompany transfer arrangement. (Dr Shetty’s hospital group is listed on the Indian stock market)

        • Anonymous says:

          Just letting you know I am NOT a doctor or related in any way to any medical practice. I am just a member of the public who, I hope, was just talking common sense.

      • D. Tracy says:

        A well-thought-out and well written comment, Anonymous 1:54. Thanks for the input.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s heartbreaking to read such negative comments with regard to having one of the most advanced healthcare facilties right on our door step that will most likely save someone’s life who is very close to you. With regard to duty waivers, do you realize how much the facility spends on island with local vendors, paying rent for staff etc? I know of one company that has trebled its turnover through offering services to Health City. Employed several more caymanians and has recently signed another 1 year contract for thousands of dollars. The article is misleading and seems as though it’s there to create hatred against health city. Health city receives several patients a day as either cruise ship passengers, crew, locals and transfers from HSA and/or CTMH as well as providing out patient services to locals. Yes that’s right, no need to wait 3’week for a visiting doctor to discuss your gallbladder removal but you can do it right there. I have been a patient, I have witnessed it first hand and will be forever greatful for the services they provide. The doctors are first class and who ever thinks they’re not licensed is well, just dumb really. Do you not think the joint commission check the credentials of the Doctor and other medical staff. This is something I researched before I visited the hospital just to be sure I was choosing the right place and I can assure you I was. I won’t even go into the free surgeries they have given to children and other non insured caymanians, some transferred from HSA no doubt!

        • Anonymous says:

          You should have a really close look at the whole credentials thing….Cabinet dictates that the Regulatory Board must license them all.. and 3 weeks for a gallbladder operation? You must be living somewhere else apart from Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      You obviously do not appreciate that the sweeping tax and duty concessions given to Health City (HC) means, in real terms, the tax paying population of Cayman will be subsidising this private company for 2-3 generations. I’m glad your procedure went well, but I wonder if your realize that doctors at HC are not credentialed in the same stringent was as all other doctors?

      • Anonymous says:

        It didn’t cost you a penny to give duty waivers. Not having it still equals no duty.

        • Anonymous says:

          Don’t you realize that if government had collected the duty that the money would be used to do projects which we have to pay for. Smarten up!

  40. Anonymous says:

    Still early days.

    • Anonymous says:

      But you’ve got Cuba opening up next door and when that happens things can only get worse. Do a Google search of ‘medical tourism Cuba’ it’s an eye-opener.

      • Anonymous says:

        Cuba and Canada!! This is where the best medical tourism is taking place and shall continue to grow and grow leaving no possible advantage to the Shetty Hospital at all. Also there are huge pitfalls in Medical Tourism for those nations who are new to it and do not fully understand it but believe it to be a huge healthcare revenue generator. World-class is an over-statement by far in this situation. The H.S.A. has documented 100% better qualified staff for primary and secondary care without question. The Shetty Hospital is supposed to be providing tertiary care from Medical Tourism offshore referrals which numbers are insufficient for sustainability thus the present situation is revealed. Exclusive patients (offshore) become the non-exclusive patients (locals) when the medical tourism dream fails and other sources of healthcare revenue are needed so urgently it seems.

        • Alan Phillips says:

          I am sorry to report that Canada does not have adequate healthcare. I have needed a lumbar fusion since May 2004 but, instead, I have only been fed opioids. This does not make me able to “live”. At best you may call this “existence”. Since May 2004 I have merely “existed” for the sole purpose of suffering. Unfortunately, I am not unique. If you are not “worth” the cost of surgery in Canada, you are given opioids and sent home to die of an overdose. I have met people who have had , not similar but, identical symptoms as I and were given a lumbar fusion and are all better. I have also met others who were just given opioids and are now deceased. I will let you consider that and come to your own conclusions. I merely want to fulfill my calling and serve God and humanity as best I can, in whatever capacity that may be. Since May 2004 I have been able to do nothing to serve God or my fellow man. I would like to be a better man, that is for certain but, in severe sciatic nerve pain every single day and on drugs, has made that impossible. I am sorry to be the one to burst your bubble about Canada’s healthcare system. I can only tell you what I know from over 15 years of experience in this estate. I wish it was not so. Canada does not have universal healthcare. That is the truth. I am living proof. I hope that I will soon be able to rectify my situation with the help of Health City ? Then come home and work very hard to make up for so much lost time.

  41. Clarence Ebanks says:

    Will not say- I told you so. Medical tourism is not a magic bullet for Cayman. I said it once and will say it again. Try amending our gambling law and setting up 1 or 2 very high end casinos where silly billionaires can lose to the house and GOV coffers can grow and locals can gain employment. Implement strict laws like Bahamas preventing locals from gambling on the premises. Monaco style is the way to go – not another Vegas type casino like Bah a Mar which is going to blow up in smoke.

  42. Anonymous says:

    I go to Shetty’s hospital because I feel much more confident that I will be able to walk out of there. The personnel there seems to actually care, and they are friendly. Never have I been there to be greeted by a sour face and grumpy attitude, like at other facilities.

    Regardless of whether they meet their promised targets or not, they are much more a better to that of the alternative.

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