Cops ignore home invasion report

| 21/03/2016 | 78 Comments

Cayman News Service(CNS): It took police more than 14 hours to respond to a home invasion in progress in North Side during the early hours of Friday 18 March. Two men broke into the holiday home in Rum Point Drive at around 2:30am, and when the owner, who is a regular visitor to the island, awoke to find the burglars in his home, he chased them out of the property and made his first call to George Town Police Station, only to be told there were no cars available. After the owner established that the burglars had made off with valuables from a room where his 12-year-old son was sleeping, he called the police again but was told that there was still no help at hand.

The following day, first the local caretaker and then North Side MLA Ezzard Miller became involved in getting the police to take action, and officers finally showed up at the property late Saturday afternoon.

Although no one was hurt, the burglars had been inside the young boy’s room while he slept and stole a number of electronic items and clothes. The home is very close to a house where another long-term homeowner and visitor was assaulted during another home invasion earlier this year.

Miller also told CNS that during his efforts to try and get the police to respond to the crime he discovered there had been a number of other very recent burglaries in the area.

Having made numerous and repeated calls on the RCIPS management to police his constituency, Miller said this situation was “unacceptable” and said the failure of the police to respond to a report when the villains were in the vicinity was “very worrying”. He added that the failure of the police to respond to reports of crime in North Side was “far too common”.

CNS has contacted the RCIPS about the report and is awaiting a response.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Too many “cops” use their employment in the RCIP to attend the Law School by day and then “work” the night shift where they can study, relatively undisturbed. It must be a real bother when a call for help comes in. These people don’t want to be cops, they want to use our tax dollars to further themselves and the worst part is, they not even from ya. The problem wasn’t a lack of cars, it was lack of interest and that is a sad commentary about a country’s police force. Does Baines have no shame?

  2. Anonymous says:

    There is a man in east end trying to sell or steal a piece of land he is trying to get some money on a piece that is not his. the police have no idea what to do because he hasn’t actually stolen the land. Visitors be very careful and don’t buy anything except from a realtor

  3. Jotnar says:

    Well CNS, RCIPS has now taken longer to react to your request for comment than they did to the incident. We care, we listen, and we react. Right.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello Alden the Premiere!!! Anyone home??? Alden??? Alden where the heck are you dude??? Why don’t we ever hear from you on these crimes??? Besides this is happening to Stay Over Tourists! You think you can promote Tourism with Dart while letting the island rot with crime and lack of proper police equipment and lack of proper police officers??? (Pay low you get what you pay for, try spending more for better quality police officers! And buy some more Damn Cars will you???

    You and Dart are quite mentally unhealthy! Or did Dart turn you mentally unhealthy? Were you always like this Alden??? Have you been bewitched???

    CNS, could you look it up and find out how much police officers get paid, it would be very interesting to know? I’m thinking that’s why we have such a improper police force, we don’t pay good enough to get good quality officers! (And don’t give them enough proper equipment to do their job with!)

    Get what you pay for!

    (haha, like paying Security Officers $6 per hour! Lower than domestic helpers even! And expect to have good quality security, some be sleeping on the job they are so tired from working 70 -80 hours a week to make decent pay.)

    So let’s hear it now how much the police officers get paid…

    This is only going to get worse if we don’t find a better Government to lead us!

  5. MM says:

    Guess what?

    Government pay-day still coming this week for the police whether they responded or not… and in the police station every desk you look at has a pay date calendar!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sorry guys, the police were too busy at my place telling me to turn my music down. Got to my house about 15 minutes after the neighbors called in the complaint. Priorities.

  7. Anonymous says:

    LMAO at CNS’s choice of picture for this article… “Police Slow”

  8. Andrew says:

    The problem is that most of the police staff are Jamaicans who care nothing about the caymanian people they just want the eas money, in the past I’ve had to deal with Jamaican officers in Cayman who can’t even read or write properly it’s a damn disgrace! And they are easily bribed too.

  9. I know you know says:

    The RCIPS are a direct threat to the well being of the Cayman Islands.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The ambulance is just as bad! Took them an hour to arrive at a location which should take no more than 10 mins in an ambulance!!!! WORTHLESS set of people we Caymanians have to deal with!!! They just don’t give a XXXX!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if planning will approve my application to install a 6 foot barbed wire fence. The last time I submitted it they said it was not necessary as a security requirement in the North Side Area. However now with brazen criminals running around breaking into people homes and beating up old men even while they sleep, I think it is a necessary evil. And I suspect that plenty of property owners will follow in my foot steps when it goes up. There are also sensors that are available for Chain Link Fences that will set your alarm off when someone tries to climb or cut through it.

    Sad note that I have to admit that after all these years I actually feel that it’s less likely that my home in the US will be burgled then it is for the one in Cayman. The reason is simply because there’s no real police presence in Northside so these guys know they won’t get caught.

    This story is proof that we have to do whatever it takes to protect ourselves and property because there’s really no one else around to do it. It’s obvious that the RCIPS aren’t concerning themselves with these robberies, so why would the thieves worry about doing it. Especially in the more secluded districts that used to be considered exclusive but are now just unsafe.

    Fence companies are about to get paid as security fences start going up all around the island.

    It’s such a a shame that these folks have ruined the reputation of an entire nation. But he is right it’s just not that safe any longer. Cayman is still very safe when compared to a lot of other destinations, but it is false advertising and gives unknowing visitors and unrealistic sense of security. It’s really time to inform people that they need to watch their backs in Cayman.

    “Now when we have friends and family over, we have to tell them it isn’t that safe,” he said. What a powerful statement that’s coming from more and more people that visit these shores, unfortunately it’s true..

  12. Anonymous says:

    CNS – please clarify (and not that this excuses the 14 hour delay!) – but was 911 ever called to report this incident and request help? The report makes it sound like the George Town Police Station was called.

    • Anonymous says:

      If it doesn’t excuse the 14 hour delay, what is your point? what does it matter?
      The point is; Police were notified of a home invasion and it took 14 hours for them to attend!

    • Anonymous says:

      The call did not go to 9-1-1. As all reports have said, and the RCIPS now acknowledge, the call for help was made to the George Town Police Station.

  13. Joe B says:

    If you live in Grand Cayman then you should just realize that there is NO law enforcement available to you. Not on the roads and certainly not in you homes. Only crime clean up. Criminals have more rights then you. Police have more rights then you. You only have the right to complain and maybe tell your story like everyone not on the CIG’s protected list. This is the way it is and will be until further notice. If you want protection here it has to come from you. If that’s not good enough plan on moving someplace NOT still a third world country.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It’s a sad day when you lose your faith in the police service that are supposed to protect you. The RCIPS are letting down this island and it’s people.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Sad situation…

  16. Anonymous says:

    Not surprised our police force is completely untrained and lacking basic skills…. lets keep importing police who earn peanuts and expect them to care…….. and we wonder why the corruption is so bad…….

  17. Anonymous says:

    Everyone involved with this incident from the RCIP side should be fired.

    MLAs start cleaning up your f….ing districts!!! Why is it tolerated to have these drunks and druggies loitering everywhere, being a complete embarrassment and nuisance to this country. It all starts from there when people are not confronted with authorities and laws.

    Stop the coddling and being “politically correct” and get on with it. Government has to be on the Governors and RCIP’s ass 24/7 until things improve.

    • Anonymous says:

      That will never happen because I suspect the person at Georgetown police station who took the call and failed to act on it appropriately is Caymanian.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Dat is jus how cayman people are, if you dont like it here then leave. Ja Rule the edumacation here, Ja rule the politics here, and Ja rule your security.

  19. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      OMG! How long are we going to keep his ass here? Until our Island is completely destroyed by crime and the UK can then kick us to the curb? This has gone beyond the pale now, this is no longer an embarrassment, XXXXXXXXX BAINES H A S G O T T O G O! Come on Franz, let’s get on with this.

  20. Anonymous says:

    We all seem shocked by this, but don’t know why! Most of the people that are in that force are only there for the money. Compared to the peanuts they would make back in their home country, where crime is uncontrollable.

    They didn’t come to cayman to fight crime!!! They came because the money was better. To believe for a second that they left a country where crime is 10 times worst, to come and “fight” crime in Cayman, is foolish.

    This is a British territory, therefore our cops if not Caymanian, should be from the UK.

    In 2006 my home was broken into, the cop that came to “investigate” couldn’t even read or pronounce simple words. From that point on, I knew this investigation was going no further. Time has proven me right.

    • Anonymous says:

      A few years ago I had to call the Police regarding and incident and the officer then struggled with the language. As an ex police officer myself I ended up writing my own statement!

    • fed up says:

      yes and use the time that they are employed as police officers to earn law degrees all on our time and dime.

  21. Huey Neutron says:

    Well look at it on the positive side at least they showed up and didn’t tell the victims it was too rough? I wonder how the propaganda expert at the Compass will spin this one?

  22. Big Mike says:

    With those response times, a life of crime seems very attractive. One could rob the place have a sleep, get up make breakfast, call a cab and be away from the scene of the crime long before the police get there.

  23. Anonymous says:

    This isn’t hard to believe. They didn’t respond to two children in trouble, what makes you think they give a f*** about a robbery.

  24. Reece says:

    I’ve been to many places in my life but I have never seen law enforcers like Cayman’s. They are the laziest, most inconsiderate and poorly trained law enforcement officers across the globe as far as I’m aware, and that has got to be saying something.

    Once, scuba diving gear was stolen from the back of our truck and we raised a statement with the police, which they showed no interest in. After months of hassling they finally acted and came to the discovery that it was in their own storage room in the west bay police station.

    It literally took them months to find our scuba diving gear in THEIR possession. Why did they take it?

    “We saw it on the back of your truck and took it to prevent it being stolen”, bearing in mind by this point new scuba diving gear had already been purchased by us( and aint bloody cheap).

    Like yeah thanks for knocking on our door and letting us know our gear is at risk of being stolen… But nooo you just steal it yourself.

    For the record, stealing is described as taking something without permission… So effectively, the West Bay police stole from us. They broke the law and just shrugged it off. Need to be taught that they are not above the law.

    • Anonymous says:

      And the funny part is – they actually call it English policing round here – hysterical if it weren’t so serious.

  25. Cat Ballou says:

    All we need now is one of the Oracle Legge editorials telling us crime is down! There needs to be cleaning out at the RCIPS and Baines needs to go and take his foreign criminals wid him especially those ones from a yard.

  26. Homeowner says:

    The Police cant keep their own compound secure from criminals how do you expect for them to protect us. If you catch someone in your house make sure they leave by way of the ambulance or cement shoes.

  27. Sharkey says:

    CNS are you sure you got this story right , cause I believe the police is getting that incompetent. Could this be away to get new police cars , new police station.
    The young people stealing the dirt bikes from under our nose, people getting robbed and we can’t get to them because we don’t have cars . .

    • Anonymous says:

      You are so right. Normally they would not admit such incompetence. This sounds like a round about way of saying ” we don’t care because the government hasn’t given us enough resources”. I hope that Mr. Walton is not being forced to say this rubbish. I believe he is better than this.

      • Jotnar says:

        He was quite happy to come up with the rubbish about how difficult it was to secure a car park when the building is old, or why it takes 3 “break ins” over a matter of months before you do anything at all. I am sure explaining why it takes 14 hrs to get to Northside is child’s play by comparison.

  28. Shirley Smart says:

    Really hard to believe, isn’t it!

    • Anonymous says:

      Where the hell is their K9 Unit? All that money and this would have been a great time to use it? Another BS story….and they are b…..n they need money for this and that….hey Baines, you were given money to bring in more police a few years back, you were given a k9 unit. What good are they???? NO GOOD, just like the commissioner!!! Still unaccountable for the break in behind the police station drugs stolen, still unaccountable for all those bikes stolen. And probably other things that weren’t brought to light and swept under the rug

    • Anonymous says:

      Sad thing is… Not really

  29. Ellen says:

    No pun intended mr Miller but this is straight across the island with the exception of the gated communities and the hotels, they really wouldn’t care less. I guess the excuse would be ban all tourist from north side just like banning imported motor bikes!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    That is totally unacceptable and disgusting. How dare the police not respond to a call!!! Especially when they went into the 12 year olds room….sorry enter my home and you will not leave it at all. The citizens of cayman need to protect themselves. and these useless police need to be replaced. The person who took the call SHOULD BE FIRED!

    • Anonymous says:

      Why should the person be fired?

      • Anonymous says:

        Because the person who took the call probably never passed on the urgency of the call……

      • Anonymous says:

        To 8:35pm 21/03/2016, and I was right about the person should be fired:
        Although the homeowner made at least two calls to the station in the immediate wake of the crime and more later on Saturday morning, the crime report was never logged by the member of the RCIPS who answered the calls.

        NEVER LOGGED THE CRIME REPORT IN….new this before it was even printed…that is how much faith I have in the RCIPS and their staff

    • Stay Wish says:

      “and you will not leave at all.”

      So, you’re going to hold them hostage?

      Offer room and board??

      Calm down, Bronson.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Yeah this can back up the missing people report, dont know why people put so much trust into them, And I bet majority of police heard the call on the radio or heard about it. A police position should be a volunteer job because only then you would have people working there that really want to “listen, care and act”. Not all police are all lazy and bad people i know quite a few that they should clone. But the most important ones like 911 operators and the tactical unit can respond a little quicker. 14 hours to respond to a home invasion?!? Bet if that was someone smoking a spliff they wouldve came flying.

  32. Anonymous says:

    We are fast losing the fight against crime here. The criminals know this all too well!
    We spend millions to attract quality visitors here. And we do next to nothing to protect them or our residents. And the Police make it near impossible to protect self.
    All while the Police budget continues to grow more every year.

    Something needs to change!….and soon!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Fire Baines, first step to solving these problem

  34. Anonymous says:

    Unbelievable ! What an excuse. Say it ain’t so.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Ezzard here completely. Tardy or no response from Police here leave victims feeling violated by both the criminals and the Police who are supposed to help.

  36. Anonymous says:

    It is a shame and disgrace to hear of so many complaints about our police lack of action over the last month’s. What’s it going to take for this to come to an end?

  37. Anonymous says:

    Maybe RCIPS will respond to CNS tomorrow…

  38. Anonymous says:

    Par for the course, sadly.

  39. Andy Worhol says:

    I think the Header to this story is very unfair and misleading. Cops didn’t “ignore” they didn’t have any cars as Cops are paid so poorly and are given no resources no one wants to be a cop, therefore they are short staffed, and not able to respond.

    Maybe if there were not so many car accidents Cops could deal with important calls such as this.

    My heart goes out to this family, such a violation of personal space, disgusting robbers.

    With the financial industry about to collapse and the crime here I foresee the demise of Cayman coming.

    • Jotnar says:

      they didn’t have any cars – they have more cops and more $ per head of population than most US cities, and they have a freakin helicopter! These are the same clowns that cannot even police their own car park, and you want to make excuses for their being understaffed.

      • Anonymous says:

        Cannot the police commandeer any member of the public car to use in an emergency. I’ve heard that but not sure if it is true. If so, they should have flagged down a fast car passing by and load it up with their equipment( handcuffs , couple of phones and a few guns and dogs) and taken off to Northside. That would have been better than showing up 14 hrs later. I do not want to be disrespectful to the Governor, COP and our Premier but this is a Royal mess and something has to be done ASAP.

        • Jotnar says:

          Again, they have a helicopter for heavens sake! And no shortage of cars. What they don’t have is any b@&*s, professional pride, work ethic or apparently sense of shame.

  40. Ambassador of Absurdistan says:

    Just Another day in Absurdistan

  41. Anonymous says:

    The whole Cayman Kai community should demand gates with guards. The police are plainly incapable of policing it. With one way in and one way out they sure seem to have to put up with a hell of a lot of unsolved crime which ought to be easily detected and culprits easily identified. How hard is it to place working security cameras there keeping track of who comes and goes at what times?

    • Anonymous says:

      Demand it from whom? Can I demand that where I live also be gated with guards? Where do I sign up for this or is it only for certain people? There’s a bigger picture problem that needs to be addressed. Moses you’re in charge of tourism stop wasting huge resources in Brac and sort this out. Alden this is a small island and this surely must be fixable here. If you’re not up to it let us find someone who is.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Try this: call the cops, call for an ambulance, and call for a pizza — then wait and see who shows up first.

  43. Jotnar says:

    14 hours! You cannot blame that on inadequate shift size in NS, or driving time from GT. Hell, that lady that did the around the island race could have run there faster. And we have a helicopter that could have put officers on the scene in less than 10 minutes after take off from Owen Roberts. We have a police department run with the aggression and commitment to catching criminals of a hibernating hamster. Fat, warm and snug and not to be woken up at any cost, let alone do anything remotely risky. They have more resources than you can shake a stick at, but God help members of the public if something happens at inconvenient hours or requires a modicum of energy. If I was running RCIPS ops room I would be ashamed if I didn’t get resources there in under 20 minutes. Its nothing short of pathetic that a command team supposedly drawn from British officers with experience working in major cities find this acceptable. They should be ashamed. For Christ’s sake put Derek Haines back in charge if you cannot run a real police service. Or my daughter – she’s only 12 but could do a more convincing job. Or my Granny – she’s been dead for over 30 years but could equally outperform you. Muppets.

  44. jay says:

    WOW really? all those vehicles and so many officers and not a responds? I will continue to say all you useless guys are trained for is to respond to “someone has a gun, someone is moving drugs” couldn’t even send a police dog huh? no helicopter? dodge charger? chevy epica? oh land rover? Baines Trail blazer? lol c’mon cops and don’t forget ya’ll arrived in the evening, so which means other important robberies were in the area for nearly 24 hours chhhh….

  45. Anonymous says:

    Well this will help me sleep at night…. Thanks a lot RCIPS!

  46. Anonymous says:

    Truly horrendous. RCIPS has completely lost its way. Of course, it is not the CoP’s fault. He does his best with the measly $35,000,000 a year he is given to manage the show……….

    I assume we will get the usual platitudes from the politicos, justifying these actions by their “starving” constituents.

    It is almost too late for Cayman to address the crime problem. Decent people can only hope that the politicians and senior administration will come to understand the extreme peril that we now face.

  47. SKEPTICAL says:

    And presumably we will hear nothing about any internal investigation or, if against the odds there actually is one, the outcome and explanation.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Another day another example of police incompetence.

    Lady Gov’na we are still waiting on heads to roll!

  49. Anonymous says:

    I am surprised.

  50. The Turtle says:

    CNS, you need to ask the top cop how many officers have left since the beginning of the year. I’ve heard upto 17 officers.

    One reason I have heard is an officer asked for a leave.of absence for a few months to be told NO!! Shortly after this a senior gazetted officer took off 19 months to finish their articles, this officer asked again and asked to speak to the top cop. Apparently the top cop said there reason to see him his mind would not be changed. This officer immediately handed in their resignation.

    We need to get rid of the 2 senior guys right now. The moral in this dept is so down I’m. Not surprised that no one could show up for so long.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you saying the police are on strike…if so they really should be ashamed of themselves. Police are sworn to protect and to serve including Baines. If he is not giving the officers the tools they need to protect the people then he is in breach and should be fired if not charged. I have had to deal with the police in many occasions due to my job. There are some really talented cops and then there are the “fillers in” who have no clue or desire to do their jobs properly. I actually witnessed a cop intimidating one of my co-workers because he spotted the officer driving while on the phone. He didn’t even fear the fact that I was witnessing it or that there were CCTV cameras monitoring him and infact did this in front of another rookie cop that now will learn the wrong way to “protect and serve” this officer was a local!!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        I have always respected the police, and always super courteous to them. I realise they all need us but just want to remind them that we need them too. Our survival depends on them!!!!!!!!!!

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