Election watchers have access to all areas in Cayman

| 23/05/2017
Cayman News Service

Anne Marlborough, an elections expert from the National University of Ireland, and Stephen Rodan, President of the Isle of Man’s Tynwald

(CNS Election): The team of election observers who have come to the Cayman Islands have wide access to watch the national ballot. Led by Stephen Rodan, the mission members said they would be looking at the full process, which includes campaigning as well as the main event tomorrow, so that the public can have confidence in the election results following the country’s historic shift to ‘one man, one vote’ and help make any improvements to the election process if needed.

Aiming to offer an impartial and independent assessment of the election process, Rodan said that whether the public “are pleased with the outcome or not pleased”, they can still have confidence in the result.

Rodan signalled that the six-member team will have a preliminary report by Friday and will hold a press conference to reveal their early findings to the press and public. The full report on the election, along with any recommendations by the team, will be published within two months. Rodan made it clear that the report is for the people of the Cayman Islands.

The mission will be heading to the final campaign rallies tonight and they will be appearing at all of the polling stations tomorrow. But they said they would not reveal where or when they will be turning up in order to maintain the integrity and freedom of the mission.

They pointed out that with the changes to the voting system this election would be different for everyone but the important point for the mission would be to observe the process and decide whether it meets international standards.

The mission will be exploring some of the recommendations from the 2013 report (which can be found in the CNS Library) that have been implemented, including looking at the residency requirements in the Elections Law for both voters and candidates and what, if anything, has happened regarding that.

With some reports of excessive treating by candidates or even vote-buying, the mission confirmed they would be looking at that but also said that they would be examining the law about treating to see if it is proportionate.

Anyone with questions or concerns about the mission can contact the mission on +44 7917 488611 or to email cpabimr@parliament.uk

See full press briefing on CIGTV below

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