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Hot News Tips

Do you have information that you think should be news? Or perhaps you’ve taken photos or videos that you think should be in the public domain.

You can send info to us anonymously by leaving a comment below, which will not be published. Or email:

You can also contact Wendy by email, text or WhatsApp

Hot tips are always useful and Cayman News Service would be much less effective if we stopped getting them. However, unless a news tip is accompanied by evidence, such as documents, images or video, we will need to verify the facts and put it into context. So please be patient if your hot tip doesn’t become news immediately.

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Comments and Suggestions

Cayman News ServiceWe always want to improve CNS within the constraints of resources and staff. You can let us know what you think and how you believe we can make any of our sites better in the comment section below. Leave opinions and messages below, anonymously if you like, and please indicate if you would prefer that it not be published. Please also let us know if you are having any technical problems with the site, which we will do our best to fix.

You can also email us at

Or call or text (345) 927-8614