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Who reads CNS?

  • Over 70,000 unique readers/month
  • Tech-literate
  • includes professionals, business owners, managers

Here’s how many times your ad would have been seen last month (1st to 30th April 2018)

600,000 unique readers per year

70% sessions accessed within the Cayman Islands, 13% in USA or Canada, 4% in UK

Here’s how many times your ad would have been seen over the last 12 months (1st May 2017 – 31st April 2018)

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Features and Benefits:

Cayman News Service is a professional service with original content.

CNS displays effectively on tablets and smartphones.

  • CNS offers the single most cost-effective channel for local businesses and organisations to reach their target audience.
  • CNS offers precise targeting with minimum wastage — takes your message, product or service directly to customers.
  • Advertising on CNS takes your message to a captive audience ready to listen.
  • CNS reaches potential buyers with disposable income and influence.
  • Advertising on CNS is considerably cheaper than traditional mass-media advertising ($1,000/month for a prime spot on CNS — about the same as a full page ad for one day in print news).
  • All ads on CNS are visible whenever viewers are on site — as opposed to the few minutes or even seconds in print news as readers turn the page.
  • CNS offers flexible advertising packages to suit your needs and budget.
  • Online advertising is increasingly recognized as a vital part of any advertising strategy as companies around the world are shifting ad dollars from traditional media to digital.
  • Web advertising also offers “clickability”, sending readers straight to the advertiser’s website.
  • CNS is a vibrant, progressive and pioneering organization, which has become Cayman’s premier news source for busy professionals and the people advertisers need to reach
  • CNS readership grows as fewer people buy newspapers.

Don’t just count the clicks

You advertise in print media to develop your brand and spread the message about the products and services you offer. Online advertising does everything print advertising can do, and a whole lot more.

So why stick with print? Why not go where the readers are!

With the rapid and unstoppable growth of the Internet, news sites such as Cayman News Service have become not just a viable and less expensive advertising alternative but an essential part of any businesses marketing strategy.

Since the Cayman News Service website first made an appearance on the Cayman scene in 2008, we have been become the media of choice for news readers looking for independent intelligent coverage of politics and current affairs in Cayman. We focus exclusively on the internet and our websites are designed from inception to take full advantage of the immediacy and flexibility of the web.

We cover news headlines that appeal to people of all walks of life in the Cayman Islands, as well as news targeted to the private and public professionals and service providers living in Cayman.

As such, CNS offers a cost-effective channel for you to reach a wide range of customers on all three islands, since CNS ad rates are considerably cheaper than traditional mass-media advertising, with flexible marketing packages to suit your needs.

Internet news is the way of the future. All over the world, traditional news organisations are downsizing their print news, while many newspapers in the US and elsewhere are going out of business, and even giants like the New York Times are finding it hard to compete with the newer models of online news.

At Cayman News Service we are committed to producing quality news while embracing available technology to develop our product. We will therefore continue to offer a real and effective alternative platform for advertisers in the Cayman Islands.

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