Ask Auntie corporate sponsorship

The Ask Auntie column on CNS Local Life is a unique and free service in the Cayman Islands, answering questions from readers every weekday on a multitude of topics, from traffic laws to immigration issues.

‘Ask Auntie’ has no power to enforce or correct, but by asking questions and presenting issues to those who can, she has made a real difference. Auntie has access to people who can explain to those asking questions how best to solve their problem, raise issues or just explain what’s going on. It gives people in the Cayman Islands an avenue for help and information that has never existed before.

In the absence of any truly independent consumer protection agency, Auntie serves a purpose. So, if you’re not already part of Auntie’s growing fan base, we’re hoping that you will be now.

However, Auntie needs a little love from the community and we’re looking for support in the form of sponsorship.

For Auntie Corporate Sponsors, in addition to acknowledging your valuable help on the CNS Local Life website for the period of sponsorship, we will also post press releases on as “sponsored content”. Read more here.

Unlimited press releases published
$2,000 for one year
$1,000 for six months
One release every two months
$1,000 for one year
$500 for six months
One release every three months
$500 for one year
$250 for six months

As well as helping us to keep Ask Auntie going, you would also be supporting a truly independent news source for the Cayman Islands. CNS has no hidden backers or secret partners. We are simply a micro-business serving the Cayman Islands to the best of our ability.