Miller says North Side is envy of many voters

| 08/03/2021
Ezzard Miller appearing on Cayman Crosstalk on Monday

(CNS): Ezzard Miller said his work and style of representative democracy has made North Side “the envy” of many voters in other constituencies. Launching his re-election campaign last week on the new Cayman Islands People’s Party (CIPP) platform, the political veteran outlined what he has done over the last term despite being opposition. Miller is facing a tough race on his home turf, even as his popularity has increased nationally because of his unequivocal position on McKeeva Bush’s conviction.

Miller, who has enjoyed a successful term as the chair of the Public Accounts Committee shedding light on some major public spending irregularities, is in a four-way race with opponents who have all declared themselves as running on independent platforms.

But Miller believes that his biggest challenger, Jay Ebanks, is being supported behind the scenes by both the PPM and the big developers that Miller has taken to task in his constituency.

As he addressed voters Thursday evening, he said the person they should choose to represent them had to be capable of providing leadership in the community, in the country and internationally, and represent the people in Parliament with dignity, honesty and transparency.

“I have made North Side proud, with deep analysis of the issues and high quality intellectual level of debate. I have worked collaboratively to offer constructive critique and better solutions. Your representative is the envy of many other constituencies in Cayman,” he said. “The question you must ask is, can either of the other three nominated do this on your behalf? What have they done in the last four years, or their lifetime, to demonstrate these kind of skills?”

Miller questioned what any of them had done in the last four years to suggest they are now capable of representing the interests of North Side or Cayman. He said in the more than 100 meetings he has held in the constituency over the last administration, not one of them had ever attended.

Outlining his focus for the next administration if he is returned, whether he is in or out of government, Miller said he will be pressing to eliminate the special interests and corruption that “is destroying our country and selling out Cayman”.

His campaign commitments include more support for single parents, the promotion of local people to provide more role models and a reduction in work permits to enable more Caymanians to advance. He also said he wanted to address “the terrible shortcomings of the health insurance fiasco” and more support of the elderly members of society.

Tuning in to the growing public disquiet regarding development, which he has long questioned, Miller said, “We cannot afford to give any more concessions to developers to create more work permits and place further demands on our limited infrastructure, while shipping the profits out of Cayman,” he said. “They must pay to play so we can have the resources to develop, educate and prepare our people for the jobs. We need to regulate the rate of development to make sure it is sustainable and we must protect our pristine environment for our children and grand children to enjoy,” he added.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Many of you seem impressed with Justin’s BS and words that have no substance or knowledge base behind them.
    His mother prepared those comments on Education and he memorized them.
    If he is so big on education why did he not take the opportunity Ezzard organized for him to go to university and get a degree in accounting. Justin only has two more years of high school than Jay.
    Notice how all his answers was about education or his personal beef with the landowner who will not give him a 30 foot road to his land
    Ezzard is the only choice for North side.

    • Anonymous says:

      BS comments eh? Justin was the only candidate that did not read from paper on every issue. Ezzard read his closing speech that sounded like the one he did in 2017. To bring his mother into the conversation is not appropriate and this is why the people of North Side want change. Ezzard creates this division when he is challenged.
      So if Ezzard is so against corruption how is it then that he was organizing a degree for Justin???
      His platform is spot on as education solves many social ills etc. This should be a priority but people like Ezzard say nothing is wrong with education as this serves his purpose to keep his people reliant on him for answers.
      It is common knowledge from a meeting that Ezzard’s family was against people getting road access. It is a common problem for many. The beef is with many and it also becomes political as to who gets access.
      Your article clearly articulates the problem with the old guard and old style of politics and Justin’s message speaks to this.
      It’s funny how people are gossiping that he was helping Ezzard so now the readers can make their own decision on this subject.
      People want change and the district will never be united with this mentality.
      There is a reason why he can’t keep a district council together.

    • Morgan says:

      Justin don’t pay this BS any mind. We know you aren’t working with Ezzard. Keep strong bro.

  2. anonymous says:

    One man part, every party he join he mash up. his way or the high way.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Who Jay Ebanks?, he had some good answers, but the young man Justin Ebanks was Outstanding. I wish he could be cloned in 20 Justin’s and placed and elected as a representative across the entire Cayman Islands. He gave me hope, I was beginning to see some light. He was Amazing with his knowledge and foresight. I see in this young an Excellent Premier. North Side you can be proud of this young man as you have produced A world class politician. Cayman we need Justin and should settle for nothing less, with is foresight, knowledge, solutions and problems solving and commitments to the People…….he could take Cayman Islands very far 🇰🇾 Proud of you Justin!! North Side surely Justin is your Choice. Believe me you are the envy of the entire Island as the rest of us don’t have your choice.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Your arrogance knows no limit. If you are so envied by others why then is it that you are the only candidate in your party? You have proven over and over that you cannot work with anyone due to this same arrogance. You stated that you want to be Premier but anyone that wanted to join your party it is your way or the highway. You are selective in your battles to pander to certain groups yourself but claim you are looking out for the people. You claim that the other 3 candidates do not possess your skills. Guess what you are not the envy and others have much better social skills than you have. You are quick to put other’s efforts down to defend your seat. Is that honesty? Is that integrity? Is that the qualities of a leader? The people of North Side have their eyes wide open this election. What reason do you have at 69 years of age to stay in power? You served a purpose however you are no longer relevant today. The Chamber Forum last night proved that North Side has a more viable candidate than you. One who is relevant and current with today’s issues and has incredible knowledge, compassion and long term vision for this country. Instead of you encouraging the next generation to run you continually put them down. Shame on you sir. Any business has succession planning as that is critical to the continuation of business. The older incumbents are failing their people as they do not provide a path for a young Caymanian to become a Member of Parliament. This has discouraged the young to enter the race as they are prone to incredible criticism and judgement. Justin was right when he said last night that we are too small to think small. Justin supports term limits and a path for future political candidates to ensure we have the best this country has to offer. His campaign sign sums it up – Cayman’s Future Matters.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Nov 2019 – we will field a full slate of 19 candidates and have a 62 member central council.

    March 2021 – Billy No Mates.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Miller still the BEST CHOICE FOR NORTH SIDE!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Party of one. Nuff said.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I think Jay made it pretty clear this morning on the talk show whether its McKeeva or Alden he is going to be a part of one of their teams.

    Why do we as Caymanians still keep selling our souls to the devil for position and authority rather than standing up to these PPM/UDP bullies.

    If Jay had said that he would hope that neither McKeeva or Alden would get re-elected and that Cayman needs a fresh start of which he would like to be a part of, I think that would have went a long way to help his chances..If he intends to just hang on to the status quo and believes that the PPM/UDP is the way to go, then nothing changes..Tara and Austin were two extension cords and suffice it to say looks like Jay maybe one too.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I hope North Siders have enough sense to realise that Jay Ebanks cannot represent them with eloquence and sound knowledge of the parliamentary procedure. Holding parties and dropping of “gifts” doe not an astute representative make.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Lol, except for the traffic🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Anonymous says:

    Miller is delusional.