Short window for removed voters to relist

| 15/02/2021

(CNS): Voters who want to challenge or object to additions or omissions on the latest draft of the Revised List of Electors are being urged to check the list. Also, a ruling by the chief magistrate has opened a window of opportunity for past electors who have been removed to be reinstated, but they have just ten-days to act.

During the December 2020 Claims and Objections hearings, the Revising Officer (Chief Magistrate) ruled that voters who were registered immediately prior to the commencement of the 2009 Constitution on 6 November 2009 are not subject to the residency requirements under section 90(1)(b) and 90(1)(c) of the Elections Law, but instead qualify under Section 90(1)(a) and may be registered.

As the clock now ticks more loudly, given the removal of six weeks from the time table, the need to clean up the register to allow for postal ballots and mobile voting must be done on time.

Once the issues surrounding the draft list are settled, this will be the one used for the 14 April general election. The Revised List of Electors was published by the Elections Office earlier this month and there are now just ten days remaining before the 25 February deadline for submissions.

Anyone who was registered to vote prior to 6 November 2009 but was removed from the register due to residency requirements is encouraged to submit a claim form to their district’s Registering Officer to be reinstated.

Find more information and the relevant forms on the Elections Office website.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How is it possible that Cayman has different requirements for voters based on when they registered? Shouldn’t all voters be treated the same? Seems like discrimination to add new requirements that don’t apply to those were signed up longer.