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Cayman Islands People’s Party writes: In 2009, when Ezzard Miller was elected by his fellow legislators as chairman of the constitutionally authorized and Legislative Assembly Standing Orders facilitated Public Accounts Committee (PAC), the state of corporate governance and financial reporting of government entities, including ministries, departments, and statutory bodies, were quite different from what it is today, thanks to the tireless work of the PAC and the leadership of Mr Miller.

A bit of history to remind us what the situation was in 2009: To begin with, government had not published or had its accounts audited for five years prior to 2009. The Public Accounts Committee had been largely dysfunctional for four years. There was total confrontation between the civil service, the Office of the Auditor General and the Legislative Assembly.

However, over the last ten years the country has seen the considerable improvement in the state of government accounts. Indeed, in 2019 all 41 government entities filed their financial reports within the legally required time-frame and 37 received unqualified audits, a huge improvement.

Full credit for this outstanding achievement goes to the civil service, the Office of the Auditor General and the Public Accounts Committee, the latter on the leadership of Mr Miller.

Mr Miller has led the PAC with commitment, integrity, honesty and uncompromising competence and he has transformed the PAC from the confrontational approach to one of collaboration to fix the problems identified in the numerous auditor general reports

Mr Miller has promoted transparency into the workings of government, public authorities and government statutory companies by holding public hearings on both the accounts and value for money and performance audits. These public hearings have provided the public with learning experiences while holding the players to public account.

He has fearlessly stood his ground against special interest and powerful politicians.

This is the kind of leadership the country needs. Mr Miller’s performance as chairman of the PAC has led to confidence in public finances, increased investor and business confidence, and a commitment to excellence by the civil service.

The PAC of the Cayman Islands is the envy of most of the Commonwealth and especially among the countries of the Caribbean in that the Cayman Islands is one of the very few countries, if not the only one, where the PAC is dealing with up-to-date accounts. All accounts for 2019 have been dealt with in 2020, in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to his role as chairman of the PAC, Mr Miller has been the vanguard for Caymanians, principle and integrity from his sole opposition position over the past ten years. He has stood in the trenches for Caymanians. There has not been a bill introduced by either the PPM or UDP governments that he has not debated and filed amendments to improve the bill before it became law.

Caymanians can count on him to read, analyze and study the bills, bring them to the public for input in his own brand of participatory democracy and then debate them in the Parliament.

He never opposed a bill unless he has a constructive alternative to improve the bill before it becomes law.  On the recent Legal Services Bill, he moved the amendment that all board members must be Caymanian.

He has over the years demonstrated an uncanny ability to analyze an issue, identify the problem and offer solutions.

He does not rely on political charisma, popularity or going along to get along or participate in any corruptive considerations or political fortunes in making his decisions on any issue and making that position known to the public. 

He relies on his academic background, experience, good old Caymanian common sense, and a strong sense of right and wrong, as well as practicality and consideration of expert advice to craft his positions. 

Mr Miller should be given the opportunity to transfer this kind of collaborative, committed and participatory leadership with honesty, integrity, ethics and morals to the national stage as premier. 

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  1. Francis Bond says:

    I will agree with the writer! Mr. Miller has transformed the PAC and made it into a respected subsidy of the parliament! That’s leadership, boi! Talk about keeping the good ship Cayman on the right course, that’s a captain!
    Who is Justin Ebanks? Has he finished college? Has he any proven leadership skills? Where did he hold a recognized job! I hope you don’t say Digital card sales!! Does Justin know anything about the PMFL, PAL, PSML? Or he’s going to learn on the job and be a rubber stamp! Boi stay in your league or else the CS will eat you up!!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Clearly you’re oblivious to the fact that Justin has an innate ability to not only speak well but to conjure innovative ideas that set him apart. What’s comical is that he stands out to YOU so much, that you comment with his name in an article out of context. In this day and age, hating on someone that is the whole package is quite weak of you. May your inferiority complex continue.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This editorial is a cruel joke right?

  3. Anonymous says:


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