Poll: Environmental issues

| 27/01/2021

(CNS): We will be drilling down on some specific environmental concerns over the coming months, but this poll is to gauge how people feel about environmental issues generally. While the pandemic and the economy are looming large in this election cycle as immediate problems, the environment is a long-term issue.

Will voters expect candidates to have a plan to protect the land and marine environment in the face of increasing development, or is this on the back-burner for most this time around?

See the poll below:

Green votes

How important are environmental issues to you?

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  1. Old Hat says:

    Pardon the pun but drilling anywhere in Cayman’s residential and commercial zones you’ll be sure to find man man made contamination of some sort. A word to growers and consumers, check your soil as there are some industrial grade contamination hotspots in Cayman. These are not where you would expect and probably are the result of burning old waste piles and hurricane debris. Mostly
    the concern besides fuels and lubricants is Arsenic, Chromium and Lead some of which are taken up by livestock and food crops.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Depends. If it is causing the cancer. Government needs to figure out why so many people dying from cancer.

  3. Anonymous says:

    These polls need to spend some time on your main page. Too many clucks to navigate.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Environmental issues are important to everyone, but rabid control over the masses under the guise of climate control is downright dishonest.
    The biggest polluters in Cayman are CUC and the automobiles we drive.
    Unfortunately the pain is passed on to the people.
    How about a carbon tax on everyone alive? The living are producing CO2 with every breath .
    We can implant a financially-linked chip into everyone that is on board with the plan so it can be proven that they have paid their tax.
    The dissenters will just have to be executed so they do not create illegal CO2.