Police refute allegations of candidate’s arrest

| 24/05/2017

(CNS Elections): Allegations that PPM candidate Joey Hew, who is standing in George Town North, was arrested for irregularities around the polling station were categorically refuted by the police and Hew also said he had not been arrested. Persistent allegations on social media all morning, apparently perpetrated by supporters of the candidates challenging him, were categorically denied by the police. The RCIPS said no one has been arrested yet today for anything, let alone election infractions.

“We can categorically state that no candidate or any other person has been arrested today in connection with any election offences, or is under house arrest. Such reports are spurious and baseless,” an RCIPS spokesperson said. “A team of detectives are available to address any election complaints received today, and conduct enquiries as needed. Any developments with respect to these will be communicated to the public and media.”

Listen to RCIPS spokesperson below:

Hew also confirmed to CNS by text that he could not comment but “obviously” he had not been arrested.

The press liaison officer, Jacqueline Carpenter said that around 150 officers were working on the election and that allegations were not unexpected on an Election Day but she urged people looking at social media to make sure they get their news from credible sources to maintain a fair environment.


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  1. Unison says:

    No candidate should ever be near the polling station to influence voters.

    CNS: Candidates are also voters and have every right to go to the polling station where they are registered. But no, they should not be influencing other voters while they are there.

    • Unison says:

      I think they need to change that law. Have them do mobile voting and not come anywhere near the polling stations! Make it mandatory!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Here are my predictions. Business as usual.
    Bodden Town East
    Bodden, Osbourne (PRO) —

    Bodden Town West
    Bodden Robinson, Maxine (PRO) —

    Cayman Brac East
    O’Connor Connolly, Juliana (PRO) —

    Cayman Brac West/Little Cayman
    Kirkconnell, Moses (PRO) —

    East End
    McLean, V. Arden (IND) —

    George Town Central
    Archer, Marco (PRO) —

    George Town East
    McTaggart, Roy (PRO) —

    George Town North
    Hew, Joseph (PRO) —

    George Town South
    Conolly, Barbara (PRO) —

    George Town West
    Wight, David (PRO) —

    Panton, Wayne (PRO) —

    North Side
    Miller, Ezzard (IND) —

    Seymour, Lucille (PRO) —

    Red Bay
    McLaughlin, Alden (PRO) —

    Eden, Anthony (IND) —

    West Bay Central
    Ebanks, Eugene (CDP) —

    West Bay North
    Bush, Bernie (CDP) —

    West Bay South
    Rivers, Tara (IND) —

    West Bay West
    Bush, McKeeva (CDP) —

  3. Anonymous says:

    Messing with people’s lives. Disgusting.

  4. WCowan says:

    I believe the person/ persons making these false rumors should be arrested. Obviously, this type of rumour, made whilst voting is still in effect, could have adverse consequences on the the candidate unfairly targeted. Perhaps the police should take this rumour-mongering far more seriously.

    • Anonymous says:

      Except it was clear it was a rumor! DUH

    • Anonymous says:

      Funny! Alden wasn’t arrested for spreading false rumors against Kenneth! Should he have been also?

      Just wondering what your standards are for arresting someone for rumors. That was extremely damaging to his reputation too and also confirmed by the police to be false.

      Alden never issued a retraction or apology. Sounds like arrestable offense based on your comment!

      • Anonymous says:

        You know full well or should know that that there is a huge difference doing that on election day even if the allegation is factual which in THIS CASE IT IS NOT. The candidate or candidates smeared would be justified in asking for a by-election. This kind of smear tactic smacks of something evil. Our friends to the north are deeply regreting that they allowed it to go so far in their wonderful country. Not here bobo, not today or any day!

      • Anonymous says:

        Kenneth was arrested in 2004 and pled guilty to selling cocaine to a undercover cop, so he was in fact arrested twice, as petty as it was of Alden he was telling the truth.

        • Anonymous says:

          You’re an idiot. That’s NOT what Alden said. He said WHILE he was his assistant he was arrested twice.

          You people are something else. Thank God Kenneth won. Sit down!

      • Anonymous says:

        4.01pm Maybe he was right and therefore Kenneth did not pursue charges.