All mobile and postal ballot boxes safe and secure

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(CNS Election): The supervisor of elections confirmed that there were no problems with the security of any of the ballot boxes that contain postal and mobile votes. Speaking to the media, Wesley Howell said a candidate had asked where the boxes containing those votes were being held and had been told that the boxes were in a safe and secure location and that they would be taken to the relevant polling stations for the counts under secure escort.

CNS understands that it was a George Town candidate who made the enquiry.

Howell stated emphatically that at no time was he unaware of where the boxes were but made it clear that he had refused to reveal the location. He said that he turned down the candidate’s request for him or his agents to accompany the sealed and secure boxes on their journey because that is not part of the protocol.

Once again, comments and posts on social media, especially Facebook, were spreading false news and unsubstantiated allegations that boxes had gone astray, which the Elections Office assured the public was patently untrue.

Elections officials and the police urged people to ensure they get their news and information about the election from legitimate local media or official sources.

As the polls closed, police confirmed that the day had been very peaceful and that a handful of complaints and allegations about irregularities were all investigate and none of them could be substantiated.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The comments on FB were not false NEWS. It was ignorance. Until someone is prosecuted for such acts it will continue.

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