Rivers hopes track record will take her back to LA

| 23/05/2017 | 7 Comments
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Tara Rivers campaigning, May 2017

(CNS Election): The education minister is hoping that her track record will carry her back to the Legislative Assembly tomorrow. Speaking at a meeting Monday evening, Tara Rivers said she had addressed many long-standing issues in education and employment, pointing to amendments to the pension system, the minimum wage and her education plan, which she said was drafted by local experts working in the system. Treading a difficult path as an Independent who is nevertheless dependent on the PPM being returned to ensure she has a seat in Cabinet, Rivers has avoided attacking parties, as other candidates running on their own have done, and offered her support for the government’s record.

Focusing on what she has accomplished in office, Rivers confined her attacks to her main challenger in West Bay South, CDP candidate John Jefferson Jr.  Taking aim at the CDP slogan, she pointed out that they have had 30 years in West Bay to “make tomorrow better than today”, and suggested they were unlikely to do anything over the next four years if returned to office.

Urging voters not to be fooled by false promises and other temptations, she asked for voters to send her back to the Legislative Assembly.

Stressing her independence, Rivers said she have a proven track record of collaborating with others for the best interests of country, and that cooperation was possible only if voters elected the right people. She said she knew what it was like to work with others, despite the “drag down brawls” that might happen behind closed doors.

Dependent on the PPM or a favourable coalition, Rivers’ decision not to join the Progressives also means that she faces the risk of not getting a Cabinet seat if either party has a clear majority. Given her closeness to the PPM, it may also exclude her from a Cabinet in a CDP-led coalition. A government led by incumbent independents may also stay clear of Rivers because of her association with the Progressives.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    In spite of the rest of UDP/CDP, and in spite of his personal challenges, I, as a PPM leaning voter and teacher, agree that Rolston was an excellent Minister of Education.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Might as well vote for Mickey or Goofy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a joke.

  4. Anon says:

    Tara, you are useless and clueless. You should go down in history as HORRIBLE MINISTER.

  5. Observer says:

    What track record????? Tara you sat by and did nothing more than destroy what Rolston put in place, you should have built on it but as usual you want your stamp on it to say I did that. Total BS

    • Anonymous says:

      Which beverage of choice did he put in place? Were you under the rocks that his car hit? By chance were you the disappearing female passenger?

      • Observer says:

        No idiot I am an intelligent Caymaniam who knows Rolston was the best ever education minister. You seems to have receive the concussion

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