Cannabis cultivation offers real solution, says Warren

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(CNS Election): Fighting for a seat as an independent in George Town West, Dennie Warren Jr said cannabis cultivation offers a genuine solution to a number of challenges facing Cayman, as he urged people to vote for him tomorrow. Warren, who spearheaded the campaign that led to the legalisation of medical cannabis oil and other extracts on prescription, said he welcomed the increased support for decriminalisation but the goal to grow the plant in Cayman would have a much more significant impact on society.

Warren told CNS on the eve of the poll that he is serious and committed to establishing a cultivation sector that could make Cayman the envy of the region and get ahead of Jamaica. Cayman has strong legal institutions and an infrastructure that could facilitate lawful cultivation and distribution of cannabis for use as a medicinal solution for a growing list of serious illness, diseases and chronic conditions and the country could profit in many ways.

“Not only would our own people being treated with the drug be assured of the quality of the product grown here, it would create a whole range of new and diverse jobs. The export and sale of the drug would also channel income into the public purse,”  Warren said.

With the illegal use of ganja widespread, having a licensed legal cannabis industry would provide safer access for those users. Many also believe that the local availability would cut down on the dangerous smuggling, which is increasingly accompanied by illegal guns.

Attitudes around the world are changing about cannabis. While the Cayman Islands may not yet be ready for the legalisation of its recreational use, the increasing support for its medicinal properties can pave the way, Warren believes, for the country to seize the opportunity to become the regional leader.

With global sales of medicinal cannabis set to grow this year to over $5 billion, Cayman has a chance to take advantage of growing demand and find that long elusive third leg of the economy without needing to recruit overseas expertise. This is a sector that Cayman can easily manage itself and create worthwhile and diverse work for Caymanians.

“More economic development is essential,” Warren said. “Cayman needs to be growing cannabis to produce oil for the local medicinal market and for export.”

Urging the people of GTW to vote for him tomorrow, Warren, who is one of only a few candidates on the independent ticket to come up with a unique policy position, said he had a proven track record of persuading government from the outside to break with a long held position of zero acceptance when it comes to cannabis.

With attitudes changing even more, Warren said that he was confident that from the inside he could take it to the next level and lead Cayman towards successful cultivation of quality medical cannabis.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well Dennie, I reckon you have smoked this issue down to the fingers.
    Anyway, good luck tomorrow.

    Can you imagine how all the candidates must feel? All waking up tomorrow, if at all they got any sleep.

    Then going out to vote and people not looking them in the eye.
    Then go home to watch tv or listen to the radio unless of course you are at the after party.

    And then we have 4 more years of the PPM.

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