The battle of the incumbents

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Cayman News ServiceTheresa Green writes: Political geeks out there will have already spotted the rather unusual situation that has emerged in one of the 19 electoral districts in Cayman’s first election under the system of one person, one vote in single-member constituencies, but for those who haven’t noticed, there is just one race between incumbents. Newlands is the only constituency where two sitting MLAs are actually competing against each other. 

Given this is a transition election, it could have happened in a lot more of the districts that were previously part of the multi-jurisdictions, but the way the candidates have chosen their districts means there are no sitting CDP candidates up against either PPM or independent incumbents.

The only direct battle between serving representatives is in Newlands, where Alva Suckoo, as a result of his decision to resign from the PPM and become an independent, is facing off against the Progressives’ Wayne Panton. By all accounts, it’s going to be a very tough race between the two of them, with the independent candidate, Raul Gonzales, pushed well back into third place.

Panton may not have received any gongs for being the region’s best minister in his field like some of his Cabinet colleagues, but as the minister responsible for financial services, he has been arguably the most prolific minister when it comes to important legislation. Panton has steered through a swathe of laws to ensure that the Cayman Islands gets through its forthcoming critical task force financial industry review and a number of others that the industry has been wanting for years to help improve the offshore sector’s ability to compete on the global stage.

Panton also faced up to considerable controversy over the opposition to the much-needed Legal Practitioners Law, and when it comes to the environment, he managed to overcome decades of dispute when he navigated the National Conservation Law through the choppy waters of the LA with unanimous support.

Panton has also been the only minister in a massively hostile environment to offer support to the LGBT community and insist they should not be the subject to discrimination, although he fell short of calling for legislation to pave the way for same-sex unions. 

Meanwhile, Suckoo, since he crossed the floor at the end of November 2015 on the coattails of political veteran and his ally, Anthony Eden, has been diametrically opposed to Panton’s positions over the last year and a half, despite campaigning on the same policy platform as him four years ago in a campaign funded largely by Panton’s cash.

Even before Suckoo crossed the floor in the wake of the hateful vitriol spewed in the first anti-gay debate in the LA, he had already tried to sabotage Panton’s National Conservation Law. But always willing to compromise, Panton shaped the legislation to ensure all the parliamentarians could get behind it.

There are those that believed from early in this administration that one of Suckoo’s concerns about his political future was that once the PPM enacted the legislation to introduce one person, one vote, he would have a fight on his hands to be able to run in Newlands, the only seat he was confident of winning, and had always planned to jump ship when the time was right.

Suckoo said he left the Progressive because of the policy on gay rights, among other issues, but the Progressives don’t actually have any gay rights policies. They have not changed any laws to advance the rights of the LGBT community and have no plans to do so any time soon, much to the chagrin of activists. But Suckoo is apparently banging that drum on the campaign trail. Claiming to uphold Christian values as part of a loose alliance with Eden, Gilbert McLean, Arden McLean and Ezzard Miller, among others, he has pointed to Panton and his slightly liberal tendencies as the spawn of the devil.

Some say Suckoo also had his eye firmly on the fight for Newlands when he led the charge and took up against the Legal Practitioners Law and deliberately painted the legislation as anti-Caymanian. Whether this is just being politically astute or playing to win at all costs in a dirty game that marks tight election races remains to be seen. But this battle of the incumbents in Newlands could prove very decisive in shaping the next government.

The fact that two sitting MLAs are going up against each other makes the race tougher than any other for both incumbents. But this race could also make the difference between the PPM securing the numbers needed to lead a government or an unstable coalition of the largely incumbent independents, with a couple of the new faces expected to secure their seats, supported by the CDP.

Whatever voters think about the PPM, anyone with an interest in the environment has to be concerned about Panton not being returned to office next week, be it in government or even in opposition. The joke that he was the first environment minister who knew where the Department of Environment was when he took office would be very funny if it wasn’t a fact that he was the first one to ever visit the North Sound Road HQ.

Whatever people’s politics, we all have to breathe the same air and we are all vulnerable to rising sea levels and the damage caused by intense hurricanes. The impact of climate change in our region is expected to become increasingly apparent in the very near future — years not decades, experts now say — because of our geographical location, protecting our shorelines from over-development is going to be extremely important.

Given that the few candidates on the campaign trail who have made any serious commitment to real environmental protection are very unlikely to win, Panton remains the only experienced politician on the ballot that actually cares. He can at the very least act as a restraint on those, even in his own party, who will continue to put the environment at risk and sacrifice our natural resources in the name of development which remains the holy grail to so many would-be and existing politicians.

During the next administration, it is essential that Cayman deals with its marine park enhancement to protect not only its tourism product but to mitigate against climate change and to preserve the dwindling reefs and fish for future generations. Yet with a handful of vocal and determined fisherman and developers still opposing the much-needed expansion, it is almost impossible to imagine another minister managing to deal with this issue other than Panton.

The environment has been given very little attention during this election because, as Panton noted recently, it is often seen as “a tomorrow problem”, but in reality, it is much more important than almost any other issue for low-lying islands. It is hard for those of us who are concerned about the dangers of climate change to understand the indifference most politicians have for what we are doing to the planet.

Cayman alone cannot stop what is happening to planet Earth. But given that we are on the front line of the rising seas, we can stave off the impending doom and coastal erosion by enhancing our reef and mangrove protection and stopping coastal development as soon as possible. Having a minister with no real interest or, worse, no understanding of the realities of Cayman’s precarious position is a real concern. While the arguments continue about education, immigration, unemployment and crime, none of that will matter if Cayman is underwater before 2040. 

Never mind the white goods or lavish spreads, when it comes to treating by the 2021 election I want free snorkels and fins for my vote.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am a voter in Newlands and while I have no personal gripes against Alva, he certainly is not in Wayne Panton’s calibre and my entire family and I will be voting for Wayne.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is fascinating that every election flushes out the cry babies who feel that they have been deprived of individual attention, assistance, favors etc by their elected MLAs.

    I prefer the elected member of Newlands (and any other district) to get on and deal with running of the country rather than trying to coddle constituencies through their individuals needs.

  3. Anonymous says:

    A lot of people are shocked by Alva’s change in attitude since leaving the PPM and joining with Ezzard and Arden.I guess the writing was on the wall but we trusted Alva and did not look deeper into some of the things happening around him.It is beginning to look like this was his plan all along .It is one thing to leave a group that you have been a part of and therfore supported for 3 plus years, but to then turn around and immediately start putting down anything that they do, and suggesting ulterior motives for their actions is really stooping to a new low for him.It seems that he has suddenly had blinders lifted from his eyes, or that he only pretended not to see the wrongdoing that he is suddenly talking about. Or is it that the race is not going as he hoped and he is getting desperate.Let’s elaborate, when Suckoo was with the Government he never once spoke of difficulties at Savannah School. He leaves the PPM and now he can see that the school is in bad shape and a new school is needed in Bodden Town.Suckoo supported the reduction on diesel duty while a part of PPM; now that he has left PPM he mocks that reduction by asking the public ” Who buys crude oil on a daily basis” inferring that it was not a benefit to the average folks. Of course he could have answered his own question and said CUC, but that would have made PPM look good.Recently he has been putting out videos using a certain local lawyer who does not appear to like Wayne very much and saying that Wayne is not for Caymanians.Well I looked on Google and local media sites and could not find one example of this lawyer helping any worthwhile local cause. ( But he sure showed up in the fight against the Lawyers Bill , which I guess would benefit him). Where was he when Bodden Towners needed assistance when two candidates were probably elected contrary to the Constitution. Or where was he when the four West Bay ladies needed assistance in their attempt to save West Bay Rd. Is this the type of individual that Alva is now aligning with? Whew. CNS All this stuff is posted on Alva’s Facebook page . I am not making it up.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well considered and said. The complainers here seem to be those who want individual attention/benefits and do not understand that a core part of the job of legislators is to legislate, as Mr. Panton has done, so that all of us can have sustainable opportunities. And those complainers do not comprehend that Financial Services and our Environment both desperately need to be sustained, for all of us – especially the younger ones. No one is perfect, but just the improvement in the quality of our international standing, the considered attention to education and the lack of embarrassments should be enough for all Cayman voters to endeavor to get the present coalition members back in. ‘Today is certainly better than yesterday’ [2009-13] – let’s not go backwards to those dramatics again.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wayne Panton is not the best choice for Newlands. This is the first time i have seen him in my neighbourhood in 4 years

    • Anonymous says:

      So what? We shouldn’t have someone running a country because they should be taking care of YOUR neighborhood instead? Ok well let the country go down in shambles but at least someone gave your ego a little stroke, right!

    • Anonymous says:

      many districts want a minister and don’t get it. You were blessed to have one of the best in one of the busiest ministries that contributes the most to the Cayman economy. Please consider it a small sacrifice for the rest of us. If Newlands loses Wayne, all of Cayman loses. Vote Wayne.

    • Anonymous says:

      We know where and what Mr. Panton was doing for his previous four years.

      Can you say the same for Alva? What is his excuse for just coming around at this moment?

  6. Easter Bunny says:

    All I say is look at the track record of both before entering politics. One rose to the top of his field and was a well respected business leader that could represent this country on the world stage. The other had marginal business at best and still has legal action pending against him/his business I understand. He Knew he would be returned in under the new 1 person voting system so he hitched his pony to the sure thing. Voters need to smarten up and vote for who can do the best job for this country. Don’t be a foo foo VOTE SMART !!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wait wait wait wait… Suckoo was concerned about how he would fare under single member constituencies, one man one vote? Oh please if this article ain’t the biggest piece of propaganda I have seen all election. The man was one of the driving forces behind the one man one vote movement. He was one of the people calling for a referendum on the matter. And he tried to sabotaged those bills and poor Mr. Panton being the statesman he is compromised… no, Suckoo was instrumental in pointing out the weaknesses of both bills. In one his involvement got us a better environment bill and in the other he was successful in stopping the Government from giving away the house yet again. Finally at the eleventh hour the Government saw the light and pulled the legal practitioners bill. Honestly you all are trying hard but you are as transparent as Trump and as honest as him too… that’s sarcasm by the way, in case your PPM playbook doesn’t explain it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    So are you people saying that if Wayne gets elected but PPM loses that Wayne can still be Minister of Finance? I think not!

    • Anonymous says:

      Nobody can predict the outcome but better to field an accomplished, professional and qualified candidate rather than already starting out from behind, don’t you think?

      • Anonymous says:

        Ahem. Alva Suckoo is a very accomplished and qualified professional, who has served as a Counsellor in two Ministries, Acted as Minister for both on several occasions and has served as a member of the Government and a Member of the Opposition all while maintaining his touch with the people through regular dialogue and visits. He is more qualified all round than Mr. Panton to represent Newlands.

        • Anonymous says:

          2.45pm Really funny the way Alva is now trying to distance himself from the PPM when in fact he was with them for over 3 years. Not only was he a member of the party but he was acting Minister on occasion.That means that he should be judged as a failure if the PPM is a failure, or if he is seen as successful then PPM has to be viewed as successful.Suckoo should not be able to run from his record with the PPM.However Al has gone so far as to mock some of the very stuff that he supported as a member of PPM . For example Al supported the PPM in reducing duty on fuel for CUC in an effort to reduce electricity bills for all. Now he has put out a video mocking this asking ‘Who buys crude oil everyday?.’implying that if an individual did not buy crude oil, then, the reduction was not beneficial.Now that is really desperate ..mocking yourself in an attempt to mock the PPM.

  9. Observer from afar says:

    Y’all don’t seem to understand a basic fact of political life. The “minister” is the front man for the civil servants. There was a UK TV show that explained it perfectly, “Yes Minister”.

  10. Knot S Smart says:

    I operate a small business and this PPM Govt has done exceedingly well for myself and for all Caymanians. The economy is in the best shape its been in years, business fees were dramatically lowered for small businesses, the fuel taxes have been lowered by 66%, import duties have been lowered by 10% for businesses (from 22% to 20%).
    There is less unemployment today than 4 years ago.
    The economy has bounced back and is thriving under the PPM.

    How quickly we forget the mess the country was in when the PPM took over. Remember Govt could not pay their bills? Remember the the increased taxes by the past UDP Govt? Remember how frightening it was to hear that we might have to add income tax to the already increased taxes and fees? Remember the scandals?

    I cant list it all here But I must add that Wayne pushed through a plan to protect our very fragile environment. Thanks Wayne and the PPM for all that you have done for Cayman…

    By the way I live in Newlands and I already told Wayne that he can count on my vote.
    Suckoo is a good man and I wish he had ran in another jurisdiction but with all respect to him he cannot fill the ‘bigly’ shoes worn by Wayne Panton…

  11. Anonymous says:

    The Honorable Wayne Panton is the first son of hardworking parents Cecile Panton and Gurney Panton(dec.). He is a kind, compassionate and honest human being who has helped many Caymanians, including his opponent. HE IS NOT A SPAWN! He is a child of a God like all of us with a good heart unlike his opponent XXXXX

    • Anonymous says:

      Why does Al think he is now the keeper of Christians in this country because he standing up against gays on the back of Anthony Eden?? He is not suddenly some paragon of virtues and Wayne instantly evil. That thought process is beyond wrong and harmful beyond elections. Stop stop stop it, Al. It is borderline blasphemy.

  12. STAY WOKE says:

    “Panton remains the only experienced politician on the ballot that actually cares.” – Well written PPM supporter, I’m sure you are about the only ones who are able to have a conversation or even reach Wayne as I have never received a response from him even while speaking directly to him sitting 2 feet away.

    Wayne does NOT care about the ‘average Joe’ and make no mistake of the wide smiles, dry jokes, and promises because I can assure you, you WILL NOT hear from him after 24 May 2017!

    Caymanians, you’ve asked for a change. You’ve implored everyone to vote smart…PLEASE DO SO!

    DO NOT vote for someone who gives numerous promises acting like he understands your needs and difficulties (as in 4 years before and not delivered). DO NOT vote for someone who has PROVEN he is only looking out for special interest groups. Open your eyes Cayman – STAY WOKE! Look at the REAL story behind his ‘accomplishments’ see who really benefits from these laws and amendments!

    Wayne will NEVER be a man of the people as he can not relate to 98% of us as we are not and probably will never be in the same financial bracket.



    • Anonymous says:

      2:50pm I am not envious of any persons financial bracket or their financial prosperity. Hard work, conquers all. The majority of a certain Kassel of individuals are always looking for handouts, but my mother taught me to work for whatever I get. Use my brain, my hands and have foresight.
      How can People feel bad, if another invests his earnings and turns a profit? Jealousy is a heck of an evil seed.

      • STAY WOKE says:

        5.14PM – You have clearly missed my point. No where did I say he didn’t work hard for his money. I am not jealous of it or ever asked a politician for a handout.

        I am saying Wayne is NOT and WILL not be a representative of the people of Newlands or the majority of people in this country! He only represents special interests groups and those businesses in which he will make a return on.

        If you want to support or vote for him go right ahead. I bet you won’t hear from him after this election. If you haven’t already seen who has benefited from anything Wayne has brought forward you will never see it.

        • Anonymous says:

          This is about electing people who can actually represent a country – not about who can represent Newlands!!! Get over your selfishness and think COUNTRY

    • Anonymous says:

      You are SO WRONG!

    • Lenard Whittaker says:

      Stay woke you appear to be one of the new brood of persons in Cayman who believe that being successful is somehow bad. Most Caymanians , including myself, were urged by our parents at an early age to go to school and get a good education. We were told that with a good education we had a better chance to have a better life.Our politicians also encouraged this. Nowadays however some politicians have taken to badmouthing successful Caymanians, and ‘ elitists. They are also calling them “merchant class’ and that basically successful people are evil people. Folks the people who are telling you this stuff are nothing but losers.It is like this ; they are failures and they don’t want you to be successful ,these people want you to be a loser just like them , then they can fell better about themselves.They probably don’t have anything and want you to be the same way. So the next time that someone encourages you to fail by telling you that educated and successful people are elitists or merchant class, RUN them ; they are the evil ones.If they really cared they would encourage you to get your education and try to make a success of your life and not to hate someone simply because they are successful.

    • Anonymous says:

      Give up an educated experienced man like Wayne Panton …?
      If you want to replace him at least find someone who exceeds Panton’s qualities of steady decency.

    • Anonymous says:

      So according to you we should penalize someone for having been successful in his career by putting in hard work and perseverance and spending many nights at the office where you probably sat down at Happy Hour somewhere?

      I don’t have anything against Al Suckoo, but I live in Newlands and I have NEVER seen him in my neighborhood either, nor do I know what exactly he has done for Newlands over the past 4 years. He should be available 24/7 to his constituency as he has not held a ministry position and had to do very little overseas traveling compared to the minister of our financial industry.

      Everyone is moaning that Caymanians don’t have the opportunity to rise to the top in the financial industry, we have one who has been successful and now he is not good enough to be elected because he had dealt with YOUR individual needs the way you wanted him to?

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey You. Whoever you are. Stop reading my mind.
        This is exactly what I wanted to say.

        Come on man, let me have a last clapper for this round. Clap clap clap.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Panton is by far the most qualified to run the Ministry of Financial Services. He is one of the few politicians who have succesfully run a very large business.

    He is one of us and I’m supporting him 100% percent.

    Just ask yourself this question. Who else besides Panton and Roy Mctaggart are qualified to run the Ministry of Financial Services? Please don’t say Piercy… what is his claim to fame?

    Our financial services is our bread and butter. Don’t put our life line in the hands of amateurs.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hold up!!! Wasn’t Alva The IT Director at Walkers? Wayne was not the Managing Partner when Alva was there. Alva was part of the Senior Management team and the firm grew from 1 office to over 8 globally. We all know it the mangers that get the job done so I believe he can share the credit you are giving to Wayne who was not the Managing Partner there until recently. i.e. after all the growth and success!

      • Anonymous says:

        I am sure the IT systems were important but not exactly the essence of the organization.

        • Anonymous says:

          An IT employee can hardly take the credit for Walkers becoming an Internationally respected law firm.
          It’s like saying that the guy who puts gas in my car should take the credit for my success in my business.

  14. Unison says:

    lol … all I can do is laugh ?

    Watch and see … the Christian Block of the Newslands and Savannah districts, are going to give Al Sukoo and Anthony Eden back their seats.

    This is not rocket science! The gay issue is also a major contributor, and both men are well liked.

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe you are right commenter 1:46, but I also believe these church people will be disappointed. These two have not even talked about this matter on the campaign trail, in fact I think one of them said it is a done deal; meaning that if they get elected they will not be doing anything to prevent the law professor from staying here with his partner.However if these voters are willing to elect someone on this issue alone and not willing to look for other good points in their MLA, then they deserve whatever they get.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think you are right. Al supporters claim Wayne is only for big business. But Al is riding on the coat tail of the legal practitioners bill. That has been the highlight of Al’s campaign. I beg Al’s Newlands voters to tell me how Al’s position and focus on that bill benefits them. He may not understand so but Al’s objection was not about the young Caymanian lawyers. He was used by the greedy Caymanian lawyers who did make it, by greedy Caymanians who already make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and want to change that to millions as equity owners. If Newlands voters think that the legal practitioners bill is about them, they are wrong. They are mistaken. They are fooled. But so is Al.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I wished Al and Wayne would not be running in the same district as I would like to see both of them return.

    That said, just think of who you are voting for and remember that chances are he/she will be a minister so envision what ministry that person would be suited for. You can’t rely on other districts voting someone in who would be qualified to hold a ministry position.

    You want to play on the big world stage, you need to send qualified, experienced, successful people to do that.

  16. Unison says:

    I hear Wayne Panton is a Lodge man …
    I can see why grass root folks are leaning Al Sukoo …

    It will be an interesting race :))

  17. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Ms. Green. A wonderful, thoughtful piece. I hope the people of Newlands will read and heed your advice.

    a. skilpot

  18. Osato YP says:

    The PPM Candidates look rather of whitish eh the message they are clearly sending to voters is however is not so subtle ?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Very well written and well said ‘Theresa Green.”

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope we don’t get the previous politician as Minister of Finance. ROTFScreeming!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        The previous minister of everything and every one took us to the brink of disaster and made us an International disgrace.
        I pray he is not allowed to do that again.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Well written propaganda by the Progressives. This won’t help Wayne he is finished in Newlands. Mr Suckoo has done a lot more for this country than the article states and just for standing up for our Christian heritage and stopping the atrocious Legal Practitioners bill he deserves to remain! Newlands people are hurting and what has Panton done for the middle class ? Nothing!
    Vote him out now

    • Anonymous says:

      Gosh I am so tired of this whiney, “Me,Me, Me” attitude! What would you have like him see do in Newlands???
      Perhaps if people in Newlands are hurting they need to start by doing better for themselves rather than always wanting someone else to fix things for them?

      I also wish for certain things to be different in my neighborhood but I can comprehend that if the entire country goes tits up (especially the financial industry) then it means diddly squat what is going on in my neighborhood cause chances are I won’t have a job left and won’t be able to sustain myself and my family any longer.

    • Anonymous says:

      Correct. The Caymanian electorate will not be deceived by panton again. Suckoo is a very good patriotic man.

    • Vote for Stability says:

      Well 11.29 since you asked.His party reduced the the duty on CUC fuel from 75cents to twenty five cents;reduced the duty on most commonly used good from 22 cents to twenty cents, reduced or waived fees for small businesses, financed scholarships to the tune of $15 million, found work for a number of Caymanians through the Ready to work apprentice program, used the Hospitality Training Program to prepare some of our people to work,others have opted not to work at this time but have chosen to go on to further their education at an overseas college where they can attained a qualification that is recognized not only in Cayman but in other parts of the world;they have increased tourism to the extent that April was a record setting month for stay over visitors;they purchased Smith Barcadere ,where everyone can relax and relieve the stress of everyday life; they paid down the debt9 that’s right they did not increase it but rather reduced it which means new taxes; they saved some money for emergencies and the big loan ( $312 million bullet bond) that Mac left us and which has to be paid in full 2yrs from now, they returned stability to the country which makes it more appealing for investors which might just employ Mr or Mrs Middle Class. I believe that is enough for now. Oh one more thing; most of the Candidates who are not PPM say that money should have been spent which means ,no rainy day funds, and no ability to pay off that big loan, which means more borrowing money (going in debt to get out of debt) to pay it off, which means more taxes for everyone, including the poor and middle class.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Wish I lived in his district to wote for him. I got nuttin’ in my district. A gas station owner and a TV star wannabe. Lord help us all

  22. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Panton may not be the flashiest or the fanciest public speaker but he is the most intelligent of any of the candidates running and by far the most qualified to run with the other world leaders. Most of the candidates running against him couldn’t even handle a phone conversation with other world leaders.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Panton and Archer are too of the most important candidates running this year. If either is lost to their opponents we are effectively looking at replacing the two most qualified persons with the best track records.

    Marco Archer was voted best finance minister in the Caribbean for how he has turned around the countries finances.

    Minister Panton is literally the only candidate in this entire election that should be trusted to deal with the negotiating for Cayman’s finance industry.

    Not one of the candidates that are running against him can hold a candle to his experience, professionalism and accomplishments.

    Not one of his opponents can represent Cayman on a global scene like he can.

    Not one of his opponents can even think about holding their own in the global finance industry.

    • Too late to run says:

      Agreed. We need panton voted in for the sake of the country. Let’s hope the good voters of Newlands realize that.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Very well put, Ms. Green. We need persons with no personal agenda just simply care for our country plus the knowledge & experience to competently do something about complex issues.

  25. Anonymous says:

    If Wayne does not get in, it will be a travesty for anyone who cares about Cayman’s environment. Suckoo is in it for the paycheck, he is a politician at heart. Panton is a good decent person at heart, who cares deeply about our marine environment.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh please who do you think you are fooling with this crap. Suckoo is one of the very few politicians that have shown he is in it for the people. Propaganda paddlers do your worst. Alva Suckoo for Newlands all the way!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Suckoo took a pay cut when he left the Progressive Government and went to the Opposition

  26. Anonymous says:

    I know Al Suckoo and can state unequivocally that he is a good man. But Wayne Panton is one of the men we need to lead this country forward. I trust the voters of Newlands will not go to the polls with only petty local or social issues on their minds. Its their right to vote based on whatever criteria they want. But Wayne Panton is a man to lead the entire country, not just the village of Newlands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Having attended their meetings and listened to the debates it is clear that Alva Suckoo thinks on both the local and national levels. Looking at his record in the LA this becomes even more clear when you look at the private member’s motions he has presented and supported. And unlike some other candidates he actually proved that he has the capacity to listen to the people and act on our behalf, rather than serving special interests. If I were in Newlands he would have my vote without doubt.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Wayne Panton sold out all Caymanians.

    He is a puppet for the big business interests. He does not and cannot understand the plight of regular middle and working class people. Vote him out on Election Day.

    • Anonymous says:

      Would you like to explain how he sold out Caymanians? Or do you just want to spout nonsense?

      He has fought for our economy, which the middle, working and rich classes need to be strong.

      He has fought for our environment, which belongs to all Caymanians…..and to our future generations.

      Maybe he hasn’t fought very hard for them, but he certainly stood up for gays and lesbians….who are Caymanians every bit as you and are poor, middle and rich.

    • Knot S Smart says:

      What u smoking my friend?

    • Anonymous says:

      Big business pays the bills around here! They keep this economy going. If they are not well taken care of, all the small constructions companies, landscaping companies, beauty shops, clothes stores, etc can pack up and go home!! There will be no seamans pension and no free education without big business. That is a fact. you have to get big business working stable and keeping up with international pressures to keep small businesses going. This is why you should vote for People like Wayne who understands that and can help that happen for all of our benefit.

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