Election officials expect pre-midnight results

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(CNS Election): The Elections Office believe that the result of the 24 May General Election will be in by midnight. With the counts taking place in each of the single-member constituencies, Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell said he was confident that the final result for each seat will in earlier than ever before. While the country may still have no idea who will be in government even after the results are in, everyone should know who has won each seat by the time the clock strikes midnight.

Some smaller seats, such as North Side and East End, could have their results in just a few hours after the polls close, while some of the larger constituencies in Bodden Town and the capital may take longer. However, Howell was confident that the count will be in before the end of 24 May.

Election officials are also urging the candidates to take part in the continuing education of voters, so that everyone knows exactly where to vote and that voters who were in multi-member districts in previous elections are voting for just one candidate in these elections.

They are also encouraging voters to collect voting ID cards. The cards are not compulsory. Voters can use any form of ID to vote, and even without an ID there is a system for swearing an oath so no one who is entitled to vote will be denied their legitimate right. But having a voter ID card makes the system much smoother, as it has voters’ registration numbers, paving the way for a smooth transition through the polling station.

The details of the polling stations are on the elections website there is one main station in each constituency which will be divided into sub stations in some of the larger seats.  All polling stations open at 7am and will stay open until 6pm and voters are reminded that no cell phones, cameras, iPads, or any other equipment which might digitally capture images, or make audio recordings are allowed inside the polling stations.

See the polling station locations here


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Unison you waaaay off ….PPM 8-9 candidates UDP 3-4 and Independents the rest.

    PPM forms government…Mac hits the casinos in defeat.

  2. Unison says:

    Here is my rundown on the winners:

    For Prospect –

    Austen is a man of ideas. Matthew a man of action. Lucille a woman loyal to her party. I think it will be a close race between Austen and Matthew. Lucille is seen by many as too much as same ole party rhetoric. But look out for Austen, he has a huge following.

    For Red Bay –

    Denniston Tibbetts considered a slow but humbled man looks like he will be grabbing votes from Alden, and this will cause a huge upset. Doctor Frank may rise from the ashes of a leg-injury smear campaign against him. The PPM party may lose their leader. It will be a huge blow for Alden McLaughlin. So its looking bright for the Doctor

    For West Bay districts –

    All I can say its Bush country; its all colored green. McKeeva Bush is no doubt coming out as winner –  his buddies Captain Eugene and Bernie Bush will follow. However it doesnt look good for John Jefferson. The Independent candidate Tara Rivers may very well sink him, as I hear how many folks favor Tara over John. But pretty much the 3 amigos of CDP West are getting in

    For George Town Central –

    Its a tight race I believe. Most of the educated and party class is routing for Marco Archer it seems, and that in the Crewe Road area. But Sheddon Road zone and others seem to be leaning Kenneth Bryan. It would be huge comeback if Kenneth wins!  Many are saying Marco although he is educated, is out of touch with the people. So I think it will be a close call

    For East End –

    It looks like a close one between Arden Mclean and Isaac Rankine. Some folk saying Johnny is still green, like to hang out with bar friends. It is rumor that Arden is planning to be Premier somehow with other Independents. But I think Isaac is going to give him a running
    For North Side –

    Despite Justin Ebanks performance, I truly believe Ezzard Miller will take back his seat

    For Cayman Brac West & East –

    Julianna and Moses look like the winners

    For Savannah –

    Heather is party and in that area I think most people rather independence. Kent is like a new kid on the block. But Anthony Eden … yes the guy thats not showing up to debates, has a huge Christian following … I believe his people has always been loyal to him. Like McKeeva, he is definitely getting back in

    For Newlands –

    Side by side with Anthony in fighting against the LGBT, you have the Christian favorite Al Sukoo. Again Savannah and Newlands district has alot of conserzative folk. I think socalled Lodge man, Wayne Panton is going to lose to Sukoo. It looks bright for both Al Sukoo and Anthony Eden

    For George Town West –

    The two Ellio and Jonathan are former politicians. Many I know like Ellio … but some find them both a bit arrogant in personality.  David is brand new guy who appears humbled, but he gone for party. Dennie has a chance in that he is independent and never serve before. He and Jonathan are big thinkers. However, to me its looking more to Ellio’s favor because of his former political influence whilst he was in the LA

    For George Town South –

    Despite having the most candidates, Mike Adams name is repeated more than once. Look out for Michael

    For Bodden Town East –

    It seems nobody is happy with the candidates. Many indicate they are done with Osbourne. He too is arrogant. And the others don’t sparkle to them. So I come across some who say they’re not voting

    Did I miss any?

    It looks like we are going to have a Coalition government, which I know many folk like to hear – except those loyal to a party. The 14 to 16 Independents being financed by Doctor Steve Tomlinson should at least come together and declare themselves a party or alliance so people could see who they are.

    Anyways … my rundown ; )

  3. Sharkey says:

    Why would it take till midnight for say 20 people to count and go over 20,000 ballets ? I would hate to see what would be the situation if voters become 40,000 .
    I think that there could be all kind of excuses made because the counting was done in the dark of the night .

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