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| 09/05/2017 | 22 Comments

(CNS Election): Isaac Douglas Rankine, who is running as an independent candidate in East End, has enlisted the help of the business community to address some of the needs of his would-be constituents ahead of polling day. He said that companies have agreed to make a sizable contribution towards developing ICT access in the district after he identified this as a real community need. It may also help his chances in what is a challenging political race for the newcomer.

Aiming to establish a computer lab in a public access facility, the businesses have also donated a multi-functional printer to the East End Primary School.

“During my research for political candidacy it was identified that district residents, primarily youth and young adults, needed access to ICT for various school related research projects, as well as seeking employment opportunities,” he said. “I saw this particular issue as one that could be addressed right away and have an immediate impact on the community.”

Rankin is involved in a three-way fight in the district, which is likely to be a tight race.

The incumbent representative, Arden McLean, who is seeking his fifth term as the constituency’s MLA, also has his eye on being the next premier if neither the PPM nor the CDP win a majority. During the broadcast debates, McLean handled himself competently and confidently but his victory is by no means assured.

John McLean Jr, who challenged McLean in a head-to-head in 2013, took almost 43% of the vote after a high turnout. The number of registered voters has increased in East End by almost 200 people since then, leaving the result wide open.

Although McKeeva Bush endorsed McLean Jr in the 2013 election, this time around the CDP leader is supporting Rankine in the East End fight. But the PPM have also indirectly given the nod to Rankine rather than their former party colleague, Arden McLean, who received the PPM backing in 2013. This decision by the ruling party not to back McLean will also impact the vote but it’s debatable whether this enhances or undermines Rankine’s chances in a race that could deliver a surprising result.

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  1. Unison says:

    Im hearing Arden Mclean wants to be Premier! True … Im hearing that rumor. But he better watch out for Isaac Rankine. He may lose his seat …

    As for Johnny, we know he going no where – many say he still green :))

  2. East Ender says:

    While I applaud Isaac for identifying this need the reason East Enders are suspicious of his motives is because where was he the last four, six, eight years? He didn’t see this need until he decide to run?

    Come on man! People always think of East Enders as idiots, we are not.

    Fellow East Enders, be careful of shiny new things that come bearing promises and gifts.
    Don’t be fickle.

    Can you really say that Arden has done nothing for East End?
    Can you really say that Arden has not fought for East End?

    We got rid of John McLean after almost three decades because it became clear that he was distracted and East End was no longer his priority, cab we really say that East End is no longer Arden’s priority?

    One poster talking about he doesn’t want to work with the Government to get what East End needs but he still has his principles and he is not going to be the “Yes” man to a party.

    Arden rather go out with dignity and fighting than to involve himself in things that compromise his character.

    Think about the issues we have in East End, are they things that Arden created? No. Did Arden argue and fight to get things for East End? Yes! Does he continue to fight for East End? Yes, he does but because he refuse to be a “Yes” man to PPM, they refuse nearly everything he asks for.

    Will Isaac do a better job? If you think so, how? By being involved with Big Mac and his cronies?

    Johnny is not his father, he doesn’t have the education or skill to represent us so he should not even be in this race.


    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe the question you should ask your candidate, why is he calling Big Mac almost on a daily basis,why is he trying to fool the people of East End and telling some select ones that he is supporting Mac…isn’t that being a hypocrite of the highest order??

      I guess the boxes of chicken are falling from the sky right during this election cycle.

      At least with Rankine I have heard him say that he is willing to work with anyone that is elected legally as long as it is in the best interest of East End. But it must be bunning you that All the major groupings in this country are saying that they will work with Rankine.

  3. Anonymous says:

    And Dr. T said he’ll support Rankine too. Think about that for a minute. If the 3 players say they supporting Rankine, does that not say something about the loud-mouth inaction Man from East End who has refused to work with anyone so that he could try and help the district.

    I can assure you, he has lost the support of me and my family. That was 6 votes in my house, and my youngest daughter who is 21 is our campaigning for Rankine. We are tired of the same rhetoric over the past 8 years.

    How many of you can honestly say East End is better now? Giving a Blind to the school, or delivering “Rice” to selected persons last year and now during this campaign season delivering cases of chicken saying your brother sent it.

    East End people let us band together and show our strength at the poll so that our children can have a future.

  4. Shadow says:

    All you naysayers with such negative posts have no idea what is needed in East End. The school was definitely in need of a newer model multi-functional printer. There is also a need for somewhere people can do job searches, send emails etc. and although they can and do use the EE Library there is a limited amount of computers to be used and limited days it is opened. Why can’t people just be thankful for what has been seen as a need and donated ? As far as buying votes, I don’t see how this can be construed as vote buying since the kids do not vote and most of the employees at the school do not vote in East End if they vote at all.

    • East Ender says:

      Missed that one didn’t you Bo-Bo. The kids in the school don’t vote but their parents, grand parents or guardians more than likely do.

      • Edgar A. Poe says:

        You got that right Bobo and I guess the parents, grandparents etc. will vote for who we see doing something besides delivering a turkey once a year.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Obvious Arden and johnny supporters would not see the need of what Mr. Rankin is trying to achieve. A) Arden nor johnny has a decent education. Arden does not see the need to battle for our children’s education, he prefer to go out and beg for curtains for the class room instead of working with government to supply these things , and if Arden was community minded he would make an appeal to the community and bring them together to get curtains for the school. No!!! he prefer to pop up his chest and say I beg for them. Stop teaching our kids to beg, give them the tools to make life, stop keeping them as hostage just for a vote. It’s time East Enders read between the lines. Arden is asking for your vote because he intends to retire with a bigger pension, but ask yourself the question. Should I really give him a bigger pension while I am still struggling, is my hand outs going to continue when her retires, when I put him in to become the premier is he going to have the time to listen to my needs. And as for johnny, just ask yourself why should I put this man in to run the government affairs when he can’t even run his own affairs, he had been homeless twice since the last two elections. If he can’t save his own home how will he save yours. Where you see a forty plus year old man returning to live with mama ?? He needs to sit down,What you have here is a jack ass and a mule. Isaac at least , is very community minded, do not need government pay, he had the people of east end at heart, he had a sound running business he is humble, he is calm, he is a family man, and he is educated speaks well, one who we can send to represent us. Now my fellow East Enders what do you prefer , a hook and line to fish and choose which fish you will take home and feed your kids, or you prefer to go just for a slice of fish. Come May 24 vote fior success, vote for ISAAC RANKIN.

    I am one of his supporters. I guess boy beg cns to please post my comment.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Is it only me or does everyone else see this as the latest form of vote buying by the CDP. The school already has this.

    Is there really anyone in East End who wants internet access or WiFi who does not have or cannot afford it?
    So now are going to have free internet at the Civic Centre for young people who want to hang out and talk to their friends on Facebook and probably create more trouble..

    One is left to wonder which private company is spreading their money around in East End to buy votes for this candidate in such blatant fashion.

    Why is this providing of free internet WiFi service any different than giving away fridges and stoves in West Bay to buy votes.

    Had this been done prior to the election hustings one might think it was done out of the benevolence of the candidate but now in the middle of the campaign it amounts to little more than vote buying.

    What next? Free Ipads, to access the free WiFi, for the massed if you vote for me?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Was this need just discovered? If not why did he not arrange to have it done even before he decided to run for politics. I hope the voters can see through the these political tactics.

  8. Crab Claw says:

    ICT – Internet Access

  9. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t this a lot like buying votes and should this not count towards his campaign contributions.Just who are these sponsors . East End voters need to know who is seeking influence with one of their would be representatives, and just what has he promised them in return.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not sure but I have also seen some green garbage bin holders pop-up in BT that say they were “donated” by the committee to elect Robert Bodden.

    • Anonymous says:

      Isn’t this similar to the “TV Donation” very recently at the East End Clinic??? Or that does not matter because you are his supporter — Bleeding Hypocrites

    • Anonymous says:

      You obviously need to ask your representative why is he so hell bent on becoming Premier and why is he telling people in East End that when he get elected he will work with Big Mac. Is he becoming desperate? Oh and for those cases of Chicken…

  10. Anonymous says:

    Whooo Whoooo Whooooo is dis guy?

  11. Anonymous says:

    What is ITC ? island taxi company ? Idiot technology center ?
    islamic teaching center ?

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