Voters begin picking up ID cards

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(CNS Elections): The Elections Office was distributing voter ID cards at AL Thompson’s retail store Friday afternoon, as well as its own location at Smith Road. Voters can get their new registration cards until Friday, 19 May, and staff will be attending numerous locations over the next three weeks to make it as easy as possible for the public to get their cars.  The cards replace all previously issued voter IDs because of the change to single-member constituencies. Voters will have to show a valid form of official identification such as a Drivers Licence, Passport or work ID to get their new card.

Questions on this or any other topic relating to the election can be emailed to The public can also call 949-8047 or visit the Elections Office website.

The venues where the cards can be picked up until 19 May on Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac are as follows:

Grand Cayman:    
April 18 – May 19 (Weekdays Only) Smith Road Centre 9am – 5pm
April 28 (Fri.) A.L. Thompson’s 9am – 3pm
April 29 (Sat.) Foster’s Food Fair – Airport 9am – 3pm
May 3 (Wed.) Gov’t Admin Building 11am – 5.30pm
May 5 (Fri.) Hurley’s Supermarket 1pm – 7pm
May 6 (Sat.) Foster’s Food Fair (Countryside) 9am – 3pm
May 10 (Wed) George Town Hospital 9.30am – 3.30pm
May 12 (Fri) East End Public Library 3pm – 6.30pm
May 13 (Sat) North Side Clinic 9am – 12pm
Cayman Brac & Little Cayman:
May 9 (Tues) District Administration Building 10am – 4pm



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  1. Big Brudda says:

    Dem cards chipped just like your new licence plate.

  2. Veritas says:

    How much is this ID card system costing when it seems entirely superfluous to the process of voting. More needless Government bureaucracy.

  3. Unison says:


    Many voters are picking up the cards for the picture ID only … lol 🙂

    In this Election you can find 2 things: #1 Who is driven by greed and #2 who is driven by a self or party identity (ego) to save Cayman. Allow me to explain: Greed is inevitable after MLA salaries were bumped up not too long ago when UDP was in power – even Independents and PPM was on board! 🙂 Look at this – You have over 60 candidates that know full well there is over a $10,000 C.I. dollar lotto prize if they are elected or win the Legislative Assembly! How can anyone under these luxury conditions not be driven by an ounce of self-interest??? It is too obvious. And Caymanians play along with this system like its a game. I for one don’t mind the May 24th public holiday 🙂 lol

    So now you these hungry people running to win that BIG LOTTO PRIZE, and those running hard you can see have much at stake. Many candidates will not tell you the bills they have to pay or the dream castles that is always on their minds .. oh noooo that would be very stupid! They are all full of talk now, promises, and impressing their electorate.

    And some is running on this righteous ego” so to speak; their self or party identity – they believe they are what’s best for the country – a pipe up dream. But it is simply a mental illusion. I can guarantee if you took out this huge LOTTO PRIZE, the MLA benefits, many would not had signed up – possibly only a hand full of people that really love this country.

    When these candidates win and get into the LA and start receiving their benefits, watch what they do with all that $$$$$$ money. Because it is alot of money plus the benefits. It is too late when they are elected – they either sucessfully pretend the next 4 years through (you hear nothing more from them – silence) or you are lucky to see a bit of their true colors …

    Perhaps that is why most Caymanians are showing APATHY. They did during the OMOV vote! I ask many Caymanians I bumped into along the street, are you going to vote, and many I can tell you say they don’t care and they’re not voting! 🙂 I wonder if CNS could do a poll, we would be in for a shock! The “spirit” behind whoever gets in is usually the same for these Caymanians. And some of them are not happy with the voting system too – like dividing the country into 19 parts!

    I guess after the May 24th Holiday, after many Caymanians take that say for sleeping or leisure activities, we will see the numbers. ://

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