Savannah candidate calls on veteran MLA to debate

| 28/04/2017 | 76 Comments
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Kent McTaggart, candidate for Savannah

(CNS Elections): Frustrated by the lack of engagement on the campaign trail by the Bodden Town incumbent, Kent McTaggart has thrown down the gauntlet and invited Anthony Eden to engage in a head-to-head debate with him in any public forum of his choice. McTaggart, who is also running as an independent in Savannah, said that just because Eden is a “nice guy standing up for Christian values”, he shouldn’t get a free pass when it comes to answering to the electorate on who he is now after leaving the PPM and what his plans are.

It is understood that Eden has never engaged in a public debate with other candidates in any election going back to the 1990’s. McTaggart said he was told by the Chamber of Commerce officials ahead of last week’s forum for the Savannah candidates that Eden wasn’t coming because he “doesn’t do this type of thing”. McTaggart appeared alongside just Heather Bodden, who is now the PPM candidate after Eden’s dramatic resignation in 2015 over the rights of gay dependents in the immigration law.

“He should do this type of thing as that’s his job,” McTaggart said, pointing out that voters need to know who Anthony Eden is and what will he do now that his platform has changed. 

“I think he owes it to the people,” McTaggart told CNS. “After all, he was a founding member of the PPM, and while we know what he believes religiously and we know he has been elected for being a nice guy, he should still be called on to prove why he is the better choice and what he will do.”

Eden is tipped as the favourite to win the Savannah seat but McTaggart asked what are people voting for when they choose a representative like Eden, who has become increasingly less engaged in the work of parliament and much less vocal over the last two terms on the behalf of his constituents.

“Now that he is no longer a member of the PPM, the voters should know where he stands, not just on traditional Christian values, but education policy and how we will get young qualified Caymanians back in the workforce,” McTaggart said and questioned what solutions Eden has on other pressing issues.

“It is not enough for a candidate to stand on his religious values alone, We have a country to run and an economy to manage. There is a lot of work to be done and the voters want to know who among the candidates will be capable of doing that work.” 

McTaggart questioned whether it was appropriate for the people of Savannah to return Eden to the Legislative Assembly when he is refusing to appear in an environment where his past record and future plans can be challenged

“I don’t mind where it happens but I would love to have a face-to-face with Mr Eden, whether it’s a townhall-style public meeting, a do-over of the Chamber forum or anywhere, so long as it happens. It’s disrespectful to the constituents and to other candidates not to engage and show why he should be elected,” McTaggart added, as he called on the electorate to really think about what and not just who they are voting for.

“What are people voting for? Are we voting for people because they are ‘good guys’ and we know them?” he asked, adding that such a position was no longer viable in a modern democracy. “Every election cycle people cry ‘change, change, change’ but we keep sending the same characters back for all the wrong reasons.”

McTaggart said Eden and other candidates who don’t seem to want to engage in the more confrontational and challenging modern election environment should consider stepping aside to give the next generation of politicians that are willing to engage in the rough and tumble of politics a chance to get what is needed for their constituents.

McTaggart said Eden was the perfect example of a candidate who could use his past experience and strong moral values to sit as an adviser on a district council.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My two cents:

    1. First of all Tony, you are STILL working for me as a voter in Cayman, regardless of where I live or where you running. No MLA can say they dont need to debate. IT IS VERY DISRESPECTFUL to me as a voter. What comes next, not debating in the House? If I live in SAV or elsewhere you still need to represent MY views even if you dont like them and you need to debate them in the House on my behalf! By saying that you dont need to debate, YOU Sir are the epitomy of the entitlement culture that people talk about. Get off your bony behind and represent me.

    2. Tony this is your wake up call that speaking and being hateful to your fellow Caymanians who may not act like you or look like you is just the tip of the “Hatred Iceberg” – what comes next, segregation?

    3. Tony, since you only read from the Good Book, what does it say about the following issues facing Cayman today:

    The GT Landfill;
    The GT Cruise Berthing;
    Development of Eastern Districts;
    Caymanian Unemployment;
    Education of our Youth;
    Crime and Gun Control;
    Road Safety and Policing;
    The DART Beachrock removal proposal;
    Diversification of our Economy to more than just Banking and Tourism;
    Alcohol Retailers on EVERY corner?

    These are just a few to get you started.

    I wont hold my breath waiting for a reply though, I’d be dead and buried long time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kent shouldn’t fool anyone, he is in this for himself.
    He trashes churches and makes fun of people for their faith. That is why he won’t talk about his. I don’t care if you agree 100% with Anthony and his views but at least he has some faith. The choice for Savannah is either Heather or Tony. Kent himself said on TV that he doesn’t know anyone in Savannah and has not family or ties to Savannah, he just thinks he can fool the people of Savannah that he cares about them.

    • Kent says:

      My uncle Roy said “God don’t like ugly”

      I actually giggled at this one, this is getting silly.

      I must be doing something right to have misrepresentations of truth, and out right lies posted about me.

      Carry on.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Must be nice to have your bread buttered on both sides – that dual citizenship that we hear about so often. Meaning, the ability to pick up and leave for ‘personal reasons’ to go to the states for a few years, a luxury the average Caymanian doesn’t have no matter how tough the going gets. Convenient back up plan to have. By your wife’s own admission on Matthew Leslie’s Facebook thread on the exodus of Caymanians, it’s not just a back up plan in theory but many of your family members have left have for greener grass. Sounds like a family trend. Let’s face it, Kent. If you weren’t interested in keeping an exit plan, you would have given up your US citizenship. Have you?

    • Kent says:

      I will only engage this to a certain point as it is a post that point to more division of our people and I will not fan that fire.

      I got my US citizenship through my Grandfathers selfless act of willingly leaving Cayman and found to fight in WW2, because of his service he was given US citizenship and that is the fact of the genesis of my US citizenship.

      My Grandfather was very proud of that gift bestowed on him. I have many times considered rescinding my dual citizenship and to be very honest I see no reason to dishonor my Grandfather by snubbing his sacrifice.

      As for my move to the USA, that was a personal decision that I thank God that I was able to make as I sincerely believe it saved my marriage, which resulted in me being blessed with my 2 wonderful and inspiring children. The experiences and wisdom I gained from my time abroad have been a blessing Tommy family and Cayman through my work for the handicap and special needs community. It enhances who I am and is part of why I and many others feel I am the best choice for Savannah.

      Thanks for bringing this to the forefront, take care.

    • Our turn next says:

      Just a good ole boy look, talk and walk doesn’t cut it, also you need to learn to spell your ability to use big words and don’t know how to spell them is a negative. You should be hitting the road door to door stating your case for being elected, not dwelling on peoples tantrums for and against you and your want to debate Anthony Eden. You can vote for yourself but that’s no where near enough so campaign door to door and if you have done so already do so again reinforcing your message, which I really don’t know what it is.

      All the best.

      • Kent says:

        I’m a working man who has taken no big money. I have a responsibility to my family that has required me to continue working, so I have not had the luxury of time to knock on as many doors as I would have liked to over the past few months. I utilize what I can to get my message across. Often this is done on my phone and not reviewed or check to the level they should be. I hope my misspellings don’t detract from the message too much.

        I will do better going forward!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Kent is posting using his name. That is respect.
    You Anonymous are cowards, lashing out and hiding behind ‘Anonymous’. If I were Kent, I wouldn’t give you the respect of replying to you. You don’t deserve it.

    Thank you Kent. I wish you were in my district. I’d wote for you.

  5. Anonymous says:

    As a voter, I am offended that Mr. Eden is collecting a hefty monthly salary paid for by the general public, but yet feels that he can’t be bothered to participate in the various debates ramping up to election. The attitude that voters should know him by now just demonstrates that he is counting on the “older” population to vote him back him just because.

    There are first time voters who were not previously involved in this process and want to hear current views, arguments and perhaps get more clarification on the stance he took on some issues in the past.

    If he can’t be bothered to make an effort and is just counting on sliding in the easy way, then I hope that voters are smart enough to realize that it is truly time for him to enjoy his retirement.

    Wake up Cayman!

    • Anonymous says:

      My family of almost 10 voters in Savannah will not be voting for Anthony. He is useless IMO and the nerve of him to not want to participate in any debates because ppl should already know what he stands for is BS. Get your old, tyad ass out there and answer to the ppl you are counting on for re-election or just retire and stay retired like Lucille should have done. Anthony, like many others currently elected does not deserve that hefty salary.

      • Cleva Jackson says:

        Plus pension too.

      • Anonymous says:

        Does Kent or Heather deserve it? Ridiculous, drop the pay to about $1000, the minimum wage that Tara expects us to live off and see how many of them will run..Don’t think for a second that Kent isn’t salivating over that $10K per month..They all are. have you heard one of them say that they would donate all or part of their earnings to those less fortunate in their districts??

        Money is the root of all evil.

    • GTS voter says:

      I feel the same way about the 2 candidates that did not show up for the Forums in GTS. I know the voters were very disappointed. If they can not make the effort to inform their voters with their views and participation why vote for them. That certainly was the feeling in the full room at the South Sound Community Center. They will not get our vote

  6. Anonymous says:

    Kent, you are obviously very well spoken and hypothetically you have some great ideas. BUT we do not know anything about what you have been able to achieve as a person, other than the blue spot awareness and your contribution to the OMOV initiative (thank you for both). We do not even know what your construction business is called and whether it is remotely successful or barely scraping by. We do not know how to gauge whether you are a man of action or a man of all talk. You are standing as an independent candidate and have said you have ministerial aspirations – that’s a high bar you have set for yourself. You have a lot to prove your capabilities. Whether Mr Eden shows up to the debate or hosts his own meetings is irrelevant at this point because we can only compare your and his policies, which is usually the focus of those debates, for so long, at some point we also need to assess capabilities. Your debate performance, while not bad (bear in mind that compares to Heather who was not so hot but who did not claim to have ministerial aspirations as you did), is only the oral part of this race. Show us the practical side now – please cite real life examples of action, examples of management, examples of budgeting, examples of leadership that you have already demonstrated in your business or community. We do not want answers of utopia about what you will do when you are elected. Give us some prior examples that we may get comfort that your skill set and experience should translate to you actually DOING all that you TALK about.

    • Anonymous says:

      Amen..could have said it better..Where’s the beef, Kent?

      • Kent says:

        Please see below, look at my website, look at my Facebook page and look back over the years, nothing has need deleted or edited, come to my meeting this weekend ar C. Crighton pard in Spotts and give me a call, I am happy to come speak with anyone.

    • Kent says:

      Thanks for the observations, suggestions and questions. I am not typically a boastful person, and for that case even a person that likes any focus on myself, as I typically am focusing on other issues. I will say that in regards to my “accomplishments” how we value what an accomplishment is very relative, and being able to influence legislation and maneuver it through the house may require skills and abilities that are nuances to the “accomplishment” you desire to see. I would also like to give a perspective that manure ring the “middle class” in Cayman is an “accomplishment” of value also, as to understand the reality from tangible experience rather than reading a report whilst collecting $10-20k per month are 2 completely different things.

      But I feel you are looking for my professional accomplishments or accomplishments related to the qualities required to be a decent MLA. I will start with my career in Construction, I became a licensed General contractor here in Cayman in 1998, where I built the Agape Family Warship Center for the late great Pastor Al Ebanks and the rest of the church. On that project I was able to maneuver a mixed effort of professionals and church volunteers to completing the church in a duration of 13 months, and bring it in under budget by a substantial amount. I went on from ther to build several homes and apartments. During that time (2000ish) I opened a company with my partner the late Michael Bell to provide sea walls to Cayman, we completed several projects, but most notably the sea walls at Grand Harbour. On that project I was responsible for a massive effort that produced 300′ of finished sea wall per day, this rate of production took a crew of several dozen men, dozens of machines, scheduling and logistics plans that allowed the excavation, construction and completion of several miles of walls to be done in a duration of less than 1 year. For personal reasons my wife and I decided to move to Nashville, TN in early 2002. I was very fortunate in that market as I was able to rise from being a foreman for small contractor to becoming a licensed contractor and opening my own company, rising to become one of the premier residential contractors in Nashville (pop. 1.2m) my clients were music industry (Rascal Flatts) football player (Titans) and others. The people that feed their families off the table of my companie was in excess so 75 continuously for the majority of the time I was there. i returned back to Cayman in 2009 as a superintendent of one of Cayman’s larger construction companies. After a review of the market here in Cayman, I decided rather than compete with the 600 other contractors in Cayman I would move myself into a support position and provide services to them. I spent the next 3 years researching, developing the business model and case, then opened a small concrete company which has now seen its 4th year since we first started. When I started this company it was part of my intentional effort to develop Caymanians, and I have been striving to do that on a daily basis ever sense. Presently I actively work with CIFEC and the HM Prison and their work release program. As with any small business in Cayman we have our ups and downs, but the fact that we have a social obligation to be a part of the solution underpins everything I do. I have found being a small business in Cayman very challenging as there are practically no buffers or assistance available to small businesses to allow them to weather the storm. I have found that fact to be extremely challenging. I would be lying if I said everything is all roses in the world of small business. It isn’t! It is very hard, it is a roller coaster of energy, emotion, triumph and disappointment. The reality of loss is always present, I can’t say that I have never owed money, or made late payments, as I absolutely have. I have stretched things to the limit in fact. But I can tell you that I have never left a bill unpaid. That is the reality of small business in Cayman from my perspective. It is not for the faint of heart, it take tenacity, endless effort, a willingness to serve and be subservient. Above I have listed items, projects and works, within those the qualities needed to unify a team to produce a result is included. The ability to produce business cases, budgets, schedules, contracts… Are all part and parcel. The drive and determination to never give up, the vision to achieve, the passion to move forward even in the face of adversity… Are all tied up in the fabric of who I am.

      On the civic side I have been very active for the majority of my life, from a young age I didn’t accept no as an answer and that allowed me to do things others simply wouldn’t try. Being a bit of a redneck, I have a passion for cars as do may Caymanians, In the mid 1990’s in my early 20’s I developed a series of car shows that started with a dozen cars in Burger Kings parking lot with a few dozen people attending in the afternoon, and grew it over 2-3 years to events hosted at the Lion’s center with over 200 vehicles displayed, sponsors, vendors and attendance of several thousand over a 2 day show period. I was a founder and driving force of the Cayman Islands Motocross Association around that same time, we grew that entity from 5-6 people to over 50 riders, ranging from seniors to peewees, our events were held at the Jay Bodden Marl pit where we built a track, hosted monthly events and drew crowds of hundreds. We hosted international events with riders from other Caribbean islands and the USA coming to Cayman to compete, and we also even sent a team to Jamacia to race in an international event over there. I was a founder of Cayman Carting Association where we engaged the youth and adults in cart racing. Later in life when I returned to Cayman I saw a lack of focus and engagement with a portion of our youth. I decided to engage so I took one of my passions and uses it to connect with a demographic of our youth that could be considered “at risk” I started to engage the them through their love of music and cars, as a few months passed the following grew and CAEA was born, it is a car audio enthusiast group that has given dozens of young Caymanians focus, the group has become self energized and has been active for 5-6 years now. I have been involved in other areas, but I you get the drift.

      Socially I can only say that because of the horrid state of affairs the disabled and special needs community support was in when I returned was blaringly evident as I returned with my son Brandon who is severely handicapped, improving the awareness and services for our most vungnerable has been my primary focus. As many of the efforts have individuals attached to them I prefer not discuss those specific items. But I will say that reform of the LIghthouse school and exposure of the apathetic nature of the department and ministry towards the kids at LHS especially the neglect and abuse that was ignored is one of the things that brings me the most satisfaction. The reality of the heights of position within the department and ministry my wife and I took this to and the level of arrogance and dismissivness has made the recent changes so much sweeter. The beating my family took was unreal, the ugly underbelly of CIG was exposed and it engaged me to want to make greater change.

      I have never been one to publicly magnify my efforts, the focus has been on the task, not me. If I was to identify my biggest challenge in this race and doing the job of a minister, it wouldn’t be the work of the minister, it would be this road to getting there, I don’t promote me wet well. I hope that helps a bit.

      Please do engage further if you would like more clarity.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank God we not going have to pay him by the word. What a man got the gift to gab. That’s like four bullet points of substance.

  7. Unison says:

    @ 9:20 commenter –

    My friend, thats because Eden don’t need to explain himself to Kent, nor does he need to do it through the Chamber of Commerce, which entity, in my opinion, don’t represent the average hard working Caymanian. The Chamber has always sided with business owners more than Caymanians, and Eden is a man for the people!

    Moreover, I think what troubles Kent more than ever before, is that Eden has an ALIGNMENT with traditional Christian principles that has earned him a positive reputation in his district.

    lol :))) Kent must be thinking he can somehow mischaracterize Eden in a debate or cause him to make blunders. It would score him political points you see. But I think about now, Kent should know better – You can’t entrap a man of political experience so easily :)))

    • Kent says:

      That actually is a mischarterisation of my intent. I don’t think an election produces losers as far as the candidates go, as if a candidate is true they want what the people want and they will give the people every opportunity to understand who they are and allow the people to make comparisons.

      I am running in Savannah because I don’t think Tony has the drive, energy or perspective to set us on a course for success. He has dwindled in his activity over the past decade, and I don’t blame him for that, it is just a matter of being numbed by time. Nobody can tell me that someone who has made in excess of $10,000 per month for the last 2 decades understands the reality of not being able to pay your rent.

      Trust me when I tell you I would rather be with my youngest son for the next 4 years than be in the GAB, but I have an older son whom I am going to have to face and say I did nothing if I don’t try.

      Take care, please call if you need more clarity


    • Anonymous says:

      The point is that the Chamber is providing a public televised platform for all candidates to debate their views on various issues. This is incredibly helpful for people who are new to a district and first time voters there, or people who are first time voters in general.

      I don’t have a clue what Mr Eden’s views are on various topics. The only one I am aware is the one he was very outspoken about and it was discussed in great length on all media outlets.

  8. Anonymous says:

    so you want Kent to speak but not Anthony? Thats a joke. I have voted for Anthony the past number of elections but i agree he has to come out and speak. People in this district trust Anthony and he has earned it. but why not debate him?

    • Anonymous says:

      I think the point he/she was trying to make is that , we know what Anthony stands for but we know diddly about Kent..His response to an earlier post when that person asked for him to make himself known was to ask, which rock they have been hiding under..To me, I don’t want anyone representing me that is that disrespectful now because just imagine once you hand him that $10k and the power to go with what he will do..

      • Kent says:

        Please look below for further explanation. But in summary, a laps of judgement and I should have used the opportunity to expound on who I am. And for that I am sorry.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I trust those now slandering Mr. McTaggart as “disrespectful” have not tuned in to any of the debates and don’t care to hear what other candidates have to say on the many crucial issues facing our country.
    Otherwise there is a strong stench of hypocrisy in the air.

    I support McTaggart’s calls to engage with Mr. Eden and support his observations in this regard.

    Granted, Mr. Eden is a respectable man with a longstanding record in government, however, apart from “strong Christian values”, I really have no clue of Mr. Eden’s stance on … anything really.
    (After all, I was a kid when he first went into office and even thereafter it takes some time before most adults become interested in the political process.)

    Interestingly, prior to Kent’s raising of the issue I felt Mr. Eden did himself a disservice by refusing to participate in the debates. The same goes for a few other candidates from other constituencies as well.

    Being an 80’s baby, I am not exactly a spring-chicken any more, however, we should all bear in mind there are many like me and younger who do not have the historical context regarding Mr. Eden that so many appear to believe inherent in the psyche of all Caymanians. It is not.

    For this very reason, amongst others, I believe we will see many surprises come May 25th.
    Too many of us, especially the veteran political parties and politicians, are assuming that we are still in 1997 and fail to realise that the socioeconomic and political demographics of the Cayman Islands have changed significantly.

    For his sake I trust Mr. Eden has a town hall meeting of some sort scheduled otherwise, I know one particular household in his constituency will not be passing any X’s his direction.

    The electorate deserves to be properly and fully informed on the positions of all candidates. To expect support without putting in the work is the height of disrespect and arrogance.

    All the best to all candidates. May the best man or woman reign victorious.

    – Whodatis

    P.S. A strong Christian faith is not very high on the list of prerequisites when it comes to deciding who gets my vote in 2017.

    Also, I dare say, for those of you for whom it is primary and mandatory, you may be contributing to the stagnant nature of our development as country under the umbrella of secular industries and capitalistic forces that fuels our economy and society.

    (I will surely be condemned for the statement immediately above, but I trust my fellow Caymanians realise that such sentiments also represent precisely what those now amongst us that wish us disenfranchisement fear the most.)

    Wake up Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      You were doing fine until the ps. No idea what that’s about.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Slandering!” I think you have gone to far this time. Read you own post that’s what I call “slander!”

      • Anonymous says:

        I appreciate the feedback, and you wouldn’t be the first to accuse ne of having “gone too far”.

        However, I am genuinely interested to know what in my post you regarded as slanderous, and to whom?

        – Who

  10. Anonymous says:

    “McTaggart said Eden and other candidates who don’t seem to want to engage in the more confrontational and challenging modern election environment should consider stepping aside to give the next generation of politicians that are willing to engage in the rough and tumble of politics a chance to get what is needed for their constituents. ”

    Kent, you obviously have not heard Mr. Eden debating in the house…I think he has been more than could learn a lot from him..

  11. Hafoo says:

    Stop living in the past.Anthony needs to be put to pasture. He had his time.what has he done lately,to deserve a next term.

    • Anonymous says:

      All of Mr Eden’s achievements in government are down to the fact he had excellent civil servants to work with but it is to his credit he worked well with them, thanks to his pleasant demeanor.

  12. Mary says:

    Kent you should respect Mr. Eden. He is a man of principles and honor. I actually will vote for him just because of his Christian values and what he stands for. I ask you, what is your stance on gay marriages, are you a Christian, where is your loyalty – America or Cayman, what is your stance on the death penalty, your views on independence from the U.K., divorce, abortion and lastly the cruise piers in George Town.

    • Kent says:

      I respect Mr. Eden very much, please don’t get disagreeing with some of his decisions or actions warped up with not respecting him. In fact quite the opposite, I would hope that he would help mentor me if I am successful in my bid for office.

      I don’t think my belief is any of yours or others business really as it is between God and I. However with that being said Jesus is my personal savior. As for “Gay” marriage, I believe every citizen of this island should have the same rights under the law. The right to the legal benefits of marriage included. Now if that is called a civil union, so be it. I do not believe that any church should be forced to marry anyone that goes against that churches denominational beliefs. But I do believe any Caymanian should at a minimum be able to have a legal union, and if a church feels comfortable blessing them with “Holy” matrimony that is up to the church, pastor, couple and God. Now I will expound on that a bit by saying I believe that I am a dual citizen, 1) of the kingdom of Heaven, 2) This land. I also believe that God requires us to adhere to the law of the land and not break it, he however does give us the intellect and ability to change the law of the land if necessary. I have no intent to change the law in the immediate future, as we have many pressing issues that are very pressing for the vast majority of our people. I do also think the U.K. Will be letting us know what we “will” be doing at some point in the foreseeable future.

      As for my allegiance, I think the USA is an amazing country, I really appreciate it for so many reasons, however Cayman is my home, it has been
      My family’s home for over 200 years, and I want to believe my sons children will call it home also. I wouldn’t be standing for office if I didn’t love Cayman.

      I don’t have any reservations with sending evil to meet with God earlier than they would like. I once again refer to obeying the law of the land, and both the U.K. And our local laws don’t allow it, so the question is moot.

      We aren’t mature enough to consider independence in the foreseeable future.

      Divorce is a very sad and far to typical outcome to what is one of the most fulfilling obligations and promises we make as people. I think people who aren’t fully committed and willing to give yourself 100, it may be better to delay marriage. Marriage is not 50/50, it’s 100/100! But when thing don’t work it is often a better solution to let each other go. It’s just very unfortunate it is used so readily as a quick fix.

      I believe abortion is again utilized recklessly in many cases, I believe life is sacred and beautiful, only in the absolute worst cases do I think it should be utilized, and only very early in the pregnancy if at all. But there are cases that I think the option should be available and after medical, psychological evaluation and assistance the family can make a decision.

      To speak of cruise port after that seems less than proper, but I am not sold on the cruise berthing facility. I am not unwilling to listen but It will have to be a really good presentation to get my support.

      Hope that helps

      • Anonymous says:

        You lost my vote in the 2nd paragraph

        • Kent says:

          I’m sorry that my belief that my relationship with Jesus is personal and not for public dissection offends you, it is my belief and I don’t want to lie or misrepresent my perspective just to get a vote. I would rather be honest and have your respect me for that and lose your vote than to tell a half truth and lie to get your vote.

          Thanks for the honesty though.

      • Anonymous says:

        I live in the wrong constituency to vote for you unfortunately but I wish I could. This island is too small to be broken up as it has been. I wish one man one vote had allowed for people to elect the top however many people necessary and then each of them would be designated an area vs the ridiculous way it’s being done which gives some people almost guaranteed ins due to who they are running against not because it is best for the country as a whole but because the other choices are abysmal for the teeny districts which have been created.

      • Anonymous says:

        At some point you have to decide whether you are fish or fowl dude.

        You are trying to thread the needle by keeping both the gays and the homophobes happy, I would respect you more if you took a position and just gave a straight answer.

        We don’t need more “politically correct” people in the LA, we need honest people who call it like it is regardless of the consequences.

        You also have to realize when people are drawing you out and setting you up, don’t always take the bait.

        Oh, and it is absolutely our business. You need to realize that you are at a job interview for the job of representing me, the voters are entitled to know your position on matters which are important to us.

        You can’t have your cake and eat it too. YOU are applying for public office, by doing so, you are waiving your right for “these things” to be between you and your God.

        The last guy that used that alibi ended up in court because of him, his Government credit card and thier love affair with the one armed bandit.

        • Kent says:

          As I satated I don’t think it is anyone’s business what my faith is, but I also recognize the majority of people won’t like that stance so I gave a very precise answer, “Jesus is my personal savior”.

          As for Same sex marriage, I was pretty clear on that also. They deserve the same legal rights as anyone, as they are Caymanian just like the rest of us and our many differences. I don’t believe and I will not support requiring Churches to marry same sex couples, that is a determination for the individual Church. I believe same sex Caymanian couples should have their right to a civil union engaged so they can enjoy the legal benefits.

          Hope that helps

    • Anonymous says:

      How is asking for a fair debate which majority of candidates have participated in being disrespectful? If Mr. Eden wants to get back in he should make himself available to debate. He needs to stop sending others door to door handing out his pamphlet and come and talk to the people of Savannah himself.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think you have lost the plot here. It is not about whether they should debate or not in is the style and disrespectful way in which Kent has chosen to do it.

        From what I can gather, Kent has been going to Mr.Eden’s meetings, being disrespectful and disruptive and rude and immature in most cases. He then took to facebook to challenge Mr. Eden and then subsequently got CNS to produce this piece of news for him..

        This is just politics as usual and Kent who presents himself as an alternative, has done no different than any other politician before him. He decided that taking the low road is this better way to go and when you can’t get your way or see you are losing, you use whatever means to get the attention on you..

        I’m sorry Kent, you were starting to convince me to change my vote but now you have sealed your fate. Maybe next time..

        • Kent says:

          I will let you know a couple facts:

          I attended the “independent roadshow” where Gilbert, Alva, Winston, Anthony, Ezzard were discussing several topics.

          In that meeting Anthony got up an proceeded to demean and make fun of gays. As nobody on the panel tapped him to let him know that was unacceptable, in fact they were all laughing, I became very hurt for those who were not there to defend themselves, I stood up to and told Anthony in no uncertain terms that he was being a “Bully and a bigot.” I let him know he had every fit to disagree with their lifestyle as that is his right, but he didn’t have the right to make fun of them and demean them, he didn’t have the right to speak hateful words about them. I have not attended a meeting of Anthony’s since.
          So in summary your post is partially correct, I did disrupt the meeting he was speaking at. However the immature and rude part lands squarely on the head on Mr. Anthony.

          I can without any reservation say that I would do it again and again, as I will not tolerate hate, and I would rather be an army of one to fight bigotry and hate that join the masses and do as he did that night.

          Thanks for giving me the opportunity to enlighten you

          • Anonymous says:

            Kent, you didn’t earn the respect of the voters by doing that. Your reputation is that of a loud, disrespectful person. Your handling of the situation involving staff of the Lighthouse school was so demeaning. I, a parent of a child with special needs, was embarrassed by your behavior including your social media commentary and outburst at GAB. You, under pressure and in the face of situations you cannot control, have shown you will blow up and become extremely aggressive and disrespectful. As an MLA there are countless conflicts and I am not convinced you will handle them passionately but with respect and first seeking to diffuse situations to ascertain facts and then apply sensible resolution.

            • Kent says:

              I was the Vice President of the PTA for 2 years, I am a donator, advocate and parent, I saw things that apparently you were not privy to, as if you were a I would insure you your comments would be different. I will also say that you are obviously giving a recollection of a story told to you,as the day I very aggressively let Shirly Waller and James Watler my willingness to sit quietly by and allow special needs children to continue to be neglected and abused at LHS has come to an end. I was extremely patient and cordial with them for the first year of them making reports… But after a year and neglect continuing, with no end in sight, yes, I went off!

              These are our children, your child, they were being locked in closets, yelled at, pulled by their hair, threatened and made fun of by some of the staff. Do you really believe I was wrong for using a different more aggressive tact after a year of red tape?

              To be honest in retrospect, my only regret is not going to defcon 5 sooner, as it wasn’t until then that things actually started to change.

              If I hurt the feelings of staff members, that is on them as it shouldn’t take an parent to make sure kids aren’t abused and neglected.

              In that situation, if you want someone to play nice for an endless amount of time, go vote for the other candidates, because when it comes to our Kids, I will eat through steel to make sure they don’t suffer as long as it to to reform LHS.

  13. Fed Up says:

    Youre running scared because you know when it comes to Savannah and Newlands you don’t have a chance against Mr Eden . Who are you and what have you done fot us, first time I heard your name is this election.say whatever you want, still not getting our votes.

    • Kent says:

      Which rock have you been hiding under?

      • Anonymous says:

        nice Kent(sic) ..this is how you win over voters? ..Come on man..BE RESPECTFUL!!..this was an opportunity missed to tell this person about yourself and why you are the best candidate..instead you took th e low road..Is this what we should expect if you are elected…We have this now, government who only cares about those that support them…Don’t need that anymore.

        My parting words of advice…BE RESPECTFUL!!!..CNS has just thrown you a bone here and a great opportunity to win over voters..Take each one that says something negative to you and try to turn it into a positive..Don’t be a regular politician..We have enough of them!!!

        No go on, apologize and speak respectfully to this person. If you do that I will be so proud of you!

        • Kent says:

          Agreed, I succumb to the willingness to bite back.

          I just find it hard to understand how someone in such a small island cans say that a person who has been in the news as much as I have for the last 6-7 years, can say they haven’t heard of me.

          I tore the education department apart with the Lighthouse School Reform (highly publicized)

          I very publicly worked to get David Baines removed as Commissioner of Police (highly publicized)

          I have been fighting with NAU and CIG for a wonderful little girl Donette Thompson, for 3 years or so, (highly publicized)

          I was very active in OMOV (highly publicized)

          I was a candidate for Bodden Town in 2013 (highly publicized)

          I am a major driver of “The Blue Spot” (highly publicized)

          I could go on, but the point remains I definitely could have handled it better.

          I mean it just hits me with the reality that people are either intentionally being irritative or the are completely disengaged, and will fall for anything a sliver tongued salesman will sell.

          I absolutely handled that wrong.

          • Anonymous says:

            Well done Kent!..maybe not as contrite as I expected but you gave it a good shot..Keep control of your temper, son. It will only get you in trouble. Pride cometh before a fall. Remember that, I always say count to ten before responding to anything that upsets you.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wow Kent! This shows your maturity level..Is this how you would speak to me if you got elected and I was not one that supported you?

        This person claims he/she doesn’t know anything about you. She made some accusations and claims about you. Why not take the high road and use this opportunity given to you to win this person over as a voter. It may be difficult and you may not ever get them to change their mind but in being respectful, kind and giving them answers to their questions, it may just win over other voters who see that you are not just about being confrontational.

        The fact of the matter is that you are new to the race, You don’t know everybody in Savannah and they don’t all know you. I myself am a voter in Savannah and I know of you but I don’t know you personally. Savannah has long been a stronghold of Mr. Eden’s, if you are going to win them over, you have to be more respectful, swallow your pride and not just sometimes, but all the time, take the high road and show some level of maturity and respect.

        • Kent says:

          Agreed, a moment of frustration.

          Regretful, but I won’t attempt to remove it as it would certainly show I was not willing to accept responsibility for my faults.

          Thanks for the advice

  14. 21st Century Caymanian says:

    It’s the 21st century. Younger Caymanians (and some older ones) are dismayed and tired of the stagnant government, and the “good ole buddy sit-back-and-collect-money “system. Time to “Drain that swamp!”

  15. Jeanie says:

    I agree whole heartedly that Mr. Anthony should participate in a debate and/or town hall meeting. I, as others, didn’t even think he was running this year?

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe you should read the papers, watch tv, get on facebook, listen to the radio or any of the other forms of media that announced his intention to run..and please don’t speak for others, let them speak for themselves, people tell you what you want to hear.

      If this is who I think it is, you are one of his family members and don’t even live in Savannah so you don’t have dog in this game..

      If Kent wants to get into this battle, he needs to have a better strategy. I know his heart is in the right place and winning is his end game but this is not the way.

      He needs to present his ideas, his plans, his solutions and let the people decide. Being disrespectful and calling out Mr. Eden, in this fashion doesn’t win my vote…and I will be voting in Savannah!!!

  16. Unison says:

    Leave Anthony Eden alone. He is not sold out to anyone; especially to the Chamber. I like that! He is truly Independent! 😉

  17. Anonymous says:

    Why doesn’t Mr. Eden just retire already?? He has nothing to say a part from quoting the bible here and there. Why did he even bother? I feel the same way about Lucille Seymour. The two can barely stay awake these days.

    • Anonymous says:

      You may have met Ms. Seymour, but you most certainly have not met Mr. Eden. This is the biased drivel they print these days.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Everybody knows Anthony only talks about abolishing gays.

    • Anonymous says:

      And on this island that’s enough you get you voted in , throw in some anti expat rhetoric and your set for life .

  19. Anonymous says:

    I’m registered to vote in Savannah and I agree with Kent. I’m not voting for someone who doesn’t make it clear where he stands on CURRENT issues facing Cayman. Mr. Eden keeps talking about what he has done in the past without saying what he will do in the future if elected. Being a good Christian isn’t enough to get you elected in my view. It’s time for Cayman to move forward and Anthony Eden isn’t the man for the job. He is past his expiration date. Time for fresh views.

  20. word of advice says:

    Kent if you dont know what Mr Eden stands for by now, then you should not be a candidate in this race buddy! this is simply grand-standing to get votes and going after Mr Eden wont help your campaign. Trust and believe me when I tell you that. go after Heather and live to fight another day.

    • Kent says:

      Respectfully, I don’t want to “go after” anyone, I want to discuss the issues and present potential solutions, Mrs. Heather did that. Can anyone speak for Mr. Anthony as to what his suggestions would be to diversify the economy, or even if we need to diversify it? Can you say what Mr. Anthony would do to create Caymanian opportunity? Can you or anyone else say how Cayman is going to pay for the $1,500,000,000.00 worth of CS unfounded liability that has accumulated while he has been in office, and grows every day?

      I know Mr. Anthony is a good man, who did good things long ago, but I don’t know what Mr. Anthony would do on many issues as he hasn’t been an independent in a decade and a half.

      Thanks for the opportunity to expound.

      • word of advice pt.2 says:

        As I said, If you dont know any of that then you shouldn’t be running. Perhaps you could explain your solutions and stop worrying about Mr Eden as I am sure you are not considering voting for him.
        I recall you attending his meeting and causing a disruption and shouting obscenities at him, that may be why he chose to not engage you as you are known to have a volatile nature and do not respect others views. Why dont you explain your outburst to the public and focus on your own campaign and stop calling Anthony out. Why have you singled him out for the $1,500,000,000.00 ? Did he do that alone? What is you solution ? What about the other long serving politicians who were there while the $1,500,000,000.00 was accumulated ? Are you advocating for Mr Bush, Alden, Arden, Ezzard, Ossie, Eugene, Moses, Julie all to be sent home ?

        This election is about creating opportunities for Caymanians, Education, Cost Of Living, Cruise Port (lack there of), The Dump, Discrimination against Caymanians, Caymanian Values and Principles, The disappearing Middle Class not some Chamber Debate!

        how do you and your crew plan to fix that? Lets hear your solutions, you are not ready to challenge a Giant like Mr Eden, earn your stripes first!

        • Kent says:

          I am grateful for your questions as it give me an opportunity to bring clarity.

          I provided several solutions at the Chamber forum, but I have also been providing solutions for much longer as can be seen in others manifestos and discussions lately, as they have picked up in them and utilized them in their efforts. I don’t believe ideas that make Cayman better should be held at ransom for political mileage, but be let out so they can gain support in an effort to improve our quality of life.

          As for my outburst at the “independent” roadshow a few months back, I am extremely happy you brought that up. Mr. Eden has every right to believe what he does, and I will fight for him to continue to have that freedom. However Mr. Edens belief that homosexuality is a sin is no inclusive of spewing hate and making fun of them. And that is in fact what lead to me standing up in that meeting where he was entertaining the crowd at the expense of the homosexual community. The remarks he was making and the way he was degrading them and making fun was not honorable, and it wasn’t Christian like, it was hateful! I have fought for the vast majority of my life for those who can’t help themselves, and that night there wasn’t a single person in the panel with him willing to tap Mr. Eden in his shoulder and gently remind him to keep it classy. It continued on, and I stepped up and let him know in no uncertain terms that he was being a bigot and a bully. I told him he had the right not to agree with them, but he didn’t have the right to demonized and demean them.

          I don’t care who you are or what your title is, that type of behavior will not go unchecked as long God continues to give me breath in my lungs and blood in my veins.

          You are correct he didn’t do it alone, but he is partially responsible, and he is standing in the same constituency that I am, and that is exactly why I am singling him out when I ask what are his plans to deal with it.

          As for all those issues you listed, the majority of them were covered in that “Chamber Debate”

          As for my campaign, I am doing what I and those around me think is right to give the people the widest perspective.

          Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to clarify these things for you.

          • Anonymous says:

            You “clarified” yourself for me. I know 4 people won’t be voting for you. Learn some respect and then try again.

        • Anonymous says:


          Kent needs to learn respect and figure out how to present himself as a valued candidate..

          If you believe you can replace Mr. Eden, an I don’t think you can, then you need to prove to me and everybody else in Savannah that you can be a better statesman, more honest, more respectful, have better ideas(with solutions) than he does then yo might stand a chance.

      • Anonymous says:

        Kent, have you ever been to any of his public meetings..Try so go nah,,,all your answers right deh..

        This is your way of trying to find ways of discrediting him to steal some of his voters away. It’s not going to work.

        To be very honest, I was not impressed with you during the Chamber debate and Heather was a debacle. She doesn’t stand a chance and I think you know that. The race is between you and Mr. Eden, so like any other politician before you, you go negative and try to tear him limb for limb for that position of power and oh yeah…that $10K and don’t tell me you are not salivating for that part..

        • Kent says:

          Yes I have, and the last one I attended was an embarrassment to our island as Anthony made fun of gays. That meeting made my resolve even stronger. I have obviously not done what I need to do to reflect who I am as anyone that knows anything about me knows that money doesn’t motivate me. So no I am not salivating over the pay, I am definitely looking forward to influencing the ability for us all to be able to afford to live better lives.


      • Anonymous says:

        Anthony could not answer any of these questions unless his civil servants were there to tell him what to say. On his own, he is totally inarticulate except when it comes to saying unbelievably vicious, nasty and inaccurate things about gays.

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