PPM releases report on last four years

| 28/04/2017

(CNS Elections): The PPM government has released a new report outlining what it says it has achieved in this administration since coming to office in 2013. Along with the expected boasts about the big-ticket items, such stabilizing public finances, improving economic confidence and rebuilding relations with the UK, the document details some of the things that the PPM may feel voters have already forgotten as the incumbent government comes under the usual campaign fire.

The glossy document brags about the introduction of a minimum wage, increasing the retirement age and electoral reform. But the passage of disabilities legislation, the re-construction of the Owen Roberts Airport, changes to offshore services laws, the child abuse policy, legalization of medical cannabis oil, a rise in public service pay, the cut in CUC duty, the rehabilitation of offenders law and the purchase of Smith Barcadere are items on the government’s record that are not getting much attention on the campaign trail. However, the party says that these were things that were both popular moves and often long-awaited or much needed changes.

In his message about the administration’s record over the last four years, Alden McLaughlin said the report showed his government was one that got things done.

“We have kept the promises made to the Caymanian people upon taking office,” McLaughlin writes in the introduction. “We did not dither regardless of the challenges. We pressed on to ensure that the good ship Cayman remained afloat and in full sail, coming out of the shallows, and set on a course for success – taking Caymanians toward a safer and better future.”

See the full report in the CNS Library

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  1. Anonymous says:

    While this is a politically driven document, which I expect to highlight successes and downplay failures, I do appreciate being given a report. If other parties/candidates disagree on the content then they can certainly say so and say what they would have done differently. Kudos to PPM for their transparency.

    Along those lines: kudos to Finance Minister Archer for releasing more information on the country’s finances than we’ve seen in years! Some of the data isn’t necessarily flattering to him or his party, but he isn’t afraid to state the facts and I applaud him for that!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Come on folks, what else would you expect them to tell you!
    These types of reports are always fixed up to make a certain group look good and all the others bad.
    Get real Cayman and study the facts before you make a choice, do not be bamboozled by a lot of sweet talk and special treats.

  3. Anonymous says:

    PPM always work hard for the country!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      The last four years proved who they were working for rich people DART and special interests. They have ignored the average caymanian and are disconnected from the people.