Premier presses party message home

| 21/04/2017
Cayman News Service

Alden McLaughlin campaigning on Cayman Brac

(CNS Elections): The importance of having a strong team bound by agreed and cohesive policies was a major theme in Premier Alden McLaughlin’s speech as he launched the PPM’s election campaign on Cayman Brac Thursday night. With 35 independents running in the May General Election, McLaughlin stressed the solid experience of the Progressives and the need to have an organised team ready to go to work the morning after the election. He warned of chaos in the wake of the election if the country returned a disparate group of independents.

McLaughlin told the party faithful that he did not know of any circumstances where “one individual pulling there and another individual pulling over there can achieve like a team pulling together”.

The PPM leader said the idea that a group of independents voted into the Legislative Assembly would meet, have a prayer and then divine a plan on the morning after elections to form a government was a pipe dream. Comparing to situation to a football game, he said no one who played would expect to turn up half an hour before the game and then decide who would be in goal, who be a striker and who would defend.

But the independents were trying to tell voters that this would be a better situation, he said, noting the complexities of the modern Cayman government, and that directing the affairs of the country was not easy and needed planning. He said that Cayman is still the envy of the region, even the world, and that was down to a government that functions.  

McLaughlin explained that the party system was not about everyone mindlessly smiling at and agreeing with each other; he said there were internal battles but there was a common purpose and that had helped to steer the country in the right direction.

“A group of independents cannot run this country; it will be chaos; it will be disaster,” he said, as he pointed to the lessons of Cayman’s political history. In the end, there would be a formal collaborative group which would have to form around common ground and on common principles over the fundamental issues.

McLaughlin said that just because a candidate is a good person does not mean that they would be able to be an elected official. He said he was not going to malign any of the independent candidates, as he accepted that there are a lot of good people standing for elections, but alone they cannot achieve anything.

He said government needs consistency and continuity. He asked why people were talking about change and asked rhetorically for someone to point out where the PPM had failed over the last four years.

The premier said Cayman was poised to go from strength to strength after this government spent most of its efforts and energy in the first term to stabilising the public finances and growing the economy.

Speaking directly to the Brackers, he described the solid teamwork between Moses Kirkconnell and Julianna O’Connor-Connolly that had benefited the Sister Islands, as he asked the voters in the two constituencies of Cayman Brac West and Little Cayman (CBWLC) and Cayman Brac East (CBE) to send Kirkconnell and O’Connor-Connolly back to the LA and secure the two seats for him and the PPM.

See the full PPM Launch meeting on Cayman Life TV here

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Too bad about the PR lawsuits which will go down as the crown jewel of this administration. They had years to do anything to avoid the legal consequences that they knew would be coming. Well, at least they had the decency to finish JGHS from their previous regime 8 years ago…oh wait….”let’s build an airport, and buy new planes, and build a port! But we can’t pay for our comparatively cheap roads – Mr Dart, you there? Thanks! Here, take this huge swathe of crown land for dollars on the acre and here are 30 years of duty waivers and incentives that we will pretend we won’t extend to a century when we ask for money again – and no thanks, we won’t mention the Sunrise Learning Centre or the Educational Lands – just send the cash please because we’re still broke! We’ll push through this half-baked Enviro Law, but hold off on the enforcement Regulations. We want to dig up a marine park and we still want to draw on that juicy Environmental Protection Fund. Here’s a pay raise Civil Service, don’t worry about the unfunded Pension and Medical liabilities, we won’t be in charge when that chicken comes home to roost (heck, some of us will be dead)! Don’t worry about the poisonous dump either, we’re expanding the airport – look at us getting stuff done! We’re so prosperous (but broke)! Yay Team Amnesia! Look at our dossier!”, they seemed to say.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is all shit. The winners have already been selected.
    They will be Alden’s crew. There will be no surprises. Alden will win this again. I hate this man’s politics, but there are some things in life above the pay grade of us mere mortals.

    MARK MY WORDS. I know that there is unfinished business and this is also why the Governor will be staying a little longer.

    When the business is done, she will leave.

    I hope this is published so that when it happens, everyone will have a reference. Afterwards, I will tell you how I know and I will tell you the unfinished business.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “Politicians and diapers need to be changed often, and for the same reason” ~ Mark Twain

  4. Cheese Face says:

    Any politicians gonna do anything about this S**t?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Party politics means that no matter who you vote for you get the same result because every one of those people are towing the same party line. Totally useless!! Might as well get rid of them all and just have 1 since they are all just slaves to their master anyways!

    • Unison says:

      That is not true. With PPM there wasnt Eden or Sukoo blindly following the party line.

      You can be part of a party and still think independently. Its a myth that party means blind followers … all myth!

      When UDP was in half of the party ditched their Premier, which caused the death of the party.

      Dont let no one tell you that party means its members are blindly subjected to their leaders! At least with a party you have UNITY and things can get done alot faster for the country without so much unnecessary debate.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Toe the line” is an idiomatic expression meaning either to conform to a rule or standard, or to stand poised at the starting line in a footrace. Other phrases which were once used in the early 1800s and have the same meaning were toe the mark and toe the plank.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Our Premier is correct. Think about our Cabinet comprising of independents like Foolio Gonzalez Young Lindsay Saunders Dixon and Bryan …makes me want to puke.

    Cayman we have a strong Cabinet. U DP won’t get their hands on our credit card again and independents won’t either.

    • Anonymous says:

      The last 3 elections our people voted a government out.

      UDP was voted out because of the mass status grants and generally poor performance.

      PPM was voted out because we believed they didn’t manage our finances correctly ..although the world was in a recession. But fair enough

      Last Election UDP was voted out because of the credit card fiasco and general mismanagement.

      This election. The PPM has managed our finances far above our expectations unemployed is at the lowest in 10 years. Our airport is under redevelopment and we have a land fill solution.

      Please tell me why we should vote them out. I simply don’t understand.

      I vote based on a history of success and achievement. For me the picture is clear and I have to give ppm my vote.

      I am also keen to see an eduction. Minister get 8 years in office. Changing eduction ministers every 4 years is the reason our education system is failing.

      • Anonymous says:

        UDP was dismantled by its own members and a corruption investigation.

    • Unison says:

      Here’s the question folk are not asking: Let’s say if the entire LA House was taken over by Independents, and these Independents are not qualified to do the ministries or Cabinet portfolios – then what ??? :/

      [reflect on that for a moment]

      Do you now see why it is IMPORTANT to vote along PARTY LINES? At least if a party gets in, they have a UNITED PLAN AND QUALIFIED PERSONS “READY” TO DO THE MINISTRIES!

      • Anonymous says:

        Wow, you must into your 3rd gallon of Party KoolAid by now! Actually, we can’t recall a full Cabinet of complicit Ministers (regardless of party) that were “qualified” to run their show out of the gate.

        The record shows quite the opposite – that we send our Ministers away for expensive off-sight “training” and “tours” with frequency in the opening months. Then we (the public) pay millions to hire professional consultants to create reports that our Ministers can’t read. We then employ a legal drafting department that prepares Bills that can’t be read, understood, or debated by our inarticulate LA members. Some of them, in their shame, fail to show up – or sleep when the LA is in session. Most importantly, our “Cabinet” sign off on “betrayal for cash” bail-out deals, drafted by the cash donors, which are rarely vetted by the public or in public best interest. The usual developers are all-queued up for the next “solution” to the CIG’s predictable financial predicaments. Don’t worry, they’ll handle the drafting!

        We have never had a fully qualified team running our show – even at the end of a 4 year term, some of the Ministers are always painfully out of their depth, and the track record confirms this.

        • Unison says:

          Well … if you don’t like what you see, start another party. Its that simple 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    I can barely bring myself to say this but even mackeeva is better than 99% of the independents and that is how bad they are.
    Half are either past convicted criminals or half wits or worse.

  8. Anonymous says:

    When McKeeva was premier a short four years ago, I was embarrassed to tell people I was Caymanian. He would travel to important meetings representing the Cayman Islands and would proceed to call people names acting like a spoilt child. XXXXX

    I am proud to tell people I a Caymanian the past four years under a steady respectable Government. Confidence has been restored to the island, that is no doubt. We are moving forward steadily and controllably. Why try to fix something that is not broken? We have the best, most transparent and honest government we have seen in a very long time. They have earned our respect and earned a chance at four more years to continue to push Cayman forward.

    The only people who have been upset the last for years are the crooked businesspeople who cannot simply slip some money or other form of compensation to get what they want. There are now laws and rules enforced, so they want corruption back again so they can take advantage of Caymanians. The government agencies still need to be cleaned up, but we certainly and undoubtedly can say we are better off today than four years ago.

    • Anonymous says:

      Clearly you have not read the deals the members of this government have signed, even with the global winds of prosperity filling our sails (not attributable to this Cabinet). Plus, let’s not forget the pending lawsuits – if you don’t think there are millions to be paid, you are dreaming!

  9. PPM Distress Signal says:

    PPM policies as a government are set by special corporate interests like the big law firms merchant class and dart not the caymanian people.

    • Homeless says:

      This election is about saving the country for Caymanians. PPM should never get power back with Alden McLaughlin as the leader. Inner group of PPM is all about helping few ultra rich individuals. They have lost touch with real Caymanians. Caymanians have become poor in their own country during last 4 years under PPM.

      • Anonymous says:

        SPOT ON!!!! All the PPM cares about is helping their rich buddies!!! They have proved that over and over again. They will sell us and our country out!

      • Anonymous says:

        Homeless I’m lost give us some evidence to back up your statement.

        Maybe you are referring to the ready to work scheme that has helped Caymanians get jobs.

        The redevelopment of the airport that has created jobs for Caymanians.

        The reduction in trade and business licenses for Caymanians.

        Or the increase in civil service and teachers salaries that has caused millions of dollars to be spent in the islands.

        Stop talking rubbish.

        • Talking about rubbish what are they going to do about the dump? The Premier said he had a plan 4 years ago but obviously the plan was rubbish.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The PPM has compiled quite the DREAM TEAM … if, this was 1997.

    I am sorry, but you are insulting my intelligence when you field candidates such as L. Seymour, H. Bodden and D. Wight.
    How could I possibly consider casting votes for any of these individuals in 2017.
    (Granted, all of the above are Caymanians that I greatly respect however, I have no wish to see them as elected members of government.)

    We are living in serious times, and the PPM has presented a team more suited to a time when Caymanians securely made up the middle class of the economy and the prospects for our kids were bright.

    Honestly, I am reminded of the launch of Vision 2008 (which had a 10 year goal btw – so do the maths) when I review what they have placed before us.

    Additionally; the Premier is outright running from K. Bryan, there has always been disturbing perceived conflict of interests with a sister island candidate, a BT candidate appears to have an anger problem, and now their economic whizz-kid of a saving grace is currently under serious scrutiny.

    Honestly, I have always felt that the PPM was too focused on pandering to a select sliver of Cayman society, however, I believe they have failed to realise how significantly the demographics of the overall electorate has changed as well as how much said sliver has shrank.

    Honestly, when one analyses the typical PPM voter, they tend to come from walks of Cayman life where who actually holds power does not really matter. In other words, they are the comfortable within our society who appear to be oblivious or nonchalant to the reality of the changes taking place in our country.

    Ironically, I grew up in and technically still “belong” to this group however, I am fortunate and humble enough to consider perspectives other than my own and my immediate family.

    For the above reasons and more I will consider it a national tragedy if the PPM gets the majority of seats in this election.
    Propping up who were mere assistants and runners during the last few elections because so many of your previous candidates have jumped ship will not win my vote.

    • Anonymous says:

      12:11. I have to say your comments are scary. Please tell us who you would like to see in cabinet.

      If you can find 7 independents who are not previous criminals, can’t hold a job or only job is a talk show host or csnt pay their bills then please tell us.

      I’m not voting for anyone who can’t hold a job. Do we really need to explain this to our people. Folks if you were an employer and someone who could not keep a job despite many opportunities apllied to you for a job would you employ them. No. So why vote for them.

      • Anonymous says:

        I reply with the following;

        Do you believe the PPM has presented a full team of capable candidates to form an effective government for the Cayman Islands?

        If so, please outline the reasons why you support each respective candidate.

  11. Anonymous says:

    PPM has revived Cayman’s reputation. They have my vote.

  12. Lomart says:

    Sounds like the cries of a desperate man! It is so ridiculous to continue to spread this propaganda that by electing Independents the country will be thrown into chaos! It’s a blatant attempt to mislead and divide our people. The idea of a group of people working together seems foreign to the Premier, when in truth and in fact, this is how Boards and committees function every day. The Board of Directors of every major corporation is made up of a group of individuals who work together to ensure the best outcome for the corporation. It’s time to break up the PARTY. It simply has not worked for the Cayman Islands. Perhaps because of our minuscule voting population in comparison to the overblown, bloatedness of the egos of the two deranged leaders. (PS: their bank accounts are directly proportionate to the size of their egotistical heads!

    • Anonymous says:

      I will never ever ever cast a vote for the PPM. I was so proud of the independents last year- they had courage and vision. PPM did nothing but sell us all out.

  13. A says:

    Oh lord… It’s hard to be humble when you perfect in every way, I don’t need to look in the mirror as I get better looking each day

  14. Sharkey says:

    3:55pm ,, how did the PPM party turn the Islands around ? And for who ? What I think they did is for YOU to make a penny on the dollar, and them and some others is to make a dollar on the dollar.
    Are YOU happy with that ?

  15. Anonymous says:

    So how does he think our politicians built this country decades ago? I’m sure with hard work, but we had no parties back then!
    Granted times have changed yes, but I also recognize that he must find unique arguments this time as to why people should not vote for some of the other capable independent candidates. For once deep deep down one or two of them might be concerened of the competition.
    It is easy for persons to stick to parties that they feel they trust. My take on it is that sometimes those are the same persons that on a day to day at work or in life struggle with thinking outside the box. PPM put out their ideas and because someone has supported them for many seasons, out of pure laziness of the mind to take the time to analyze and compare another candidates they stick to what they know. Then they wake up and find “shit Donald Trump is my president” and this just because they wouldn’t cross party lines or analyze the times and see how other candidates should be heard and considered at the least.
    Shake my head…

  16. Unison says:

    VOTING STRAIGHT PARTY is the only way I see make any sense! At least put in a party or a Dr. Tomlinson Alliance – a group of candidates that has a UNIFIED PLAN for the country. It makes no sense that you create a situation where the House is left in disorder and positions filled in by inexperienced politicians. Just saying folks :// … Think realistic! Unless … you know for a fact that the entire party or united group of Independents is corrupt. We should never be playing Russian roulette with our Legislative Assembly!


    If youre in a party, you can always THINK and not follow. PPM is an example of a party where members chose to side with their constituency rather than the party’s leadership. Eg. Anthony Eden, Al Sakoo, et cetera … Just because you are part of an Alliance or party does not mean you can’t THINK! With a party, at least you will have an idea what posts will be filled.



    • Da Wha Yu Get says:

      Dear Unison

      You are a muppet. Better to stay silent than post nonsense. How can you vote STRAIGHT when you only have one vote under OMOV?

  17. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand the intended purpose of staffing and paying for backbench/opposition district MLAs if we know a Party Cabinet intends to meet behind closed doors, vote in a majority along party/manifesto lines and ram-rod through their agenda in the LA without regard for the assembly or the people behind those district members? Our system has been broken for many years because of this thinking – worse we are paying mid-six figure salary and benefits to backbenchers that openly lament (for 8-12years), that, “nobody will listen to them”. These same backbenchers are running again! Why are we doing this? We need to amend the Constitution so that more (and hopefully smarter, more articulate) candidates can run. I cannot see myself voting for ANY of the four candidates in my district – they are all hopelessly out of their depth.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Enjoy your last few days. Time for a change.

  19. Sharkey says:

    I think that all he has said is he is not going to work with the Independent party , and he thinks that they can’t do Government work in the LA , and vote for the PPM party . But everyone should know his and party true colors .

  20. Anonymous says:

    he is absolutely right. how could it possibly benefit Cayman to leave the choice of who is going to be Premier to a back room brawl on May 25? The PPM have turned this country around in four years. it feels like a much better place to be. they have my vote!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yea because you are one of the special interest supporters who get helped along while the rest of us suffer.

      • Anonymous says:

        So what is your special interest? Sounds like you expect Politicians to give you something.

  21. Anonymous says:

    what a joker!