Mac calls on West Bayers to still vote straight

| 31/03/2017
Cayman News Service

CDP West Bay meeting, 30 March 2017

(CNS Elections): The leader of the Cayman Democratic party, McKeeva Bush, told voters in the district that they were still “one West Bay” and despite how much “they have tried to split up the country… you can still vote straight”. Speaking at the launch of the CDP West Bay campaign, where several hundred people turned out for his first major meeting for the 2017 election, Bush he urged all of those voting in West Bay to vote for the CDP candidates and ignore all the rest on the ballot papers. “Pay them no mind. They are all minor candidates,” Bush stated.

Party supporters on the platform and his fellow candidates in the district all followed the theme that no matter where West Bay voters lived, a vote for any CDP candidate in their constituency was a vote for Bush, which was greeted very enthusiastically by the crowd gathered at the four-way stop.

Taking aim at Tara Rivers in particular, saying she was a PPM candidate disguised as an independent, he told people not to be confused by what was going on under the ‘one man, one vote’ system. He also described the PPM candidate Daphne Orrett, who is running against him, as an “old fogey” who should stay home. But Bush has since contacted CNS Election Section, stating that he was not referring to Orrett who alongside just Paul Rivers will be challenging him in a three-way race, when he used that term. 

After urging his supporters to “get rid of the hypocritical PPM and the leftover C4C, he admitted that being in opposition had not been easy this time around, though he had tried to give the government a wide berth to enact their policies.

But Bush was scathing about the PPM government’s term. Although small business numbers have actually grown quite significantly in recent years, Bush claimed that small business numbers had fallen and the PPM had driven business away. The misinformation nevertheless went down well with the enthusiastic CDP crowd.

The opposition leader said the government, which had bragged about having so many lawyers, was a “bunch of dodos”, after he described the last meeting in the Legislative Assembly just before Nomination Day as the worse meeting in his 35 years in politics.

He accused the government of “scrambling to pass” anything they could to get re-elected, and taking aim at the controversial Legal Practitioners Bill, he said it was a “tangled web of deceit”.

Bush raised some policy pledges if a CDP government is returned, including amending the pensions law to allow ex-pat workers to take their contributions back when they leave the country, but he also focused on the launch of the district manifesto for West Bay, in which he has committed to building a civic centre, a new police station and constructing a cruise berthing pier at the Turtle Farm, among other things.

See the CDP West Bay Manifesto in the CNS Library

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It just does not matter. The parts are interchangeable, The product is always the same. Money drives the machine.

  2. Anonymous says:

    No thugs, no Bushes and no McLaughlins please.

  3. Georgie Markoff says:

    Well i see its Lulu time again in Prospect handing out spoil soup and religious leaflets to constituents and voters alike . Boy some so call political sloths will do anything or using any means to get in those comfortable chairs at the Legislative Assembly to Sleep. This is the only place by far in the world where you get paid big money for sleeping in parliment or at a government bldg. Please give our younger people a chance to shape our future by voting out all these no use political dinasoars and gobblers wid they big time pensions. I approve this message campaign to retire Lulu from politics.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The only one I would vote for is Mac. The rest are just seat warmers.

    • Caymanian says:

      Damn!!! I don’t know whether to thumbs up or down you. The rest are a waste but so is he…..which way should I go? Can someone help me?

  5. Unison says:

    Folks the problem with NOT voting straight is that you end up electing people in the LA House who does not have a UNIFIED PLAN for the country!

    At least a party has planned portfolios – who will be doing what and who is best for the job. By you not voting straight, you create a situation where the House could be left in disorder and positions filled in by inexperienced politicians. Just saying folks :// … Unless you know for fact that the entire party is corrupt, at least put in a party or an united group of Independents. We should never play Russian roulette with our Legislative Assembly! ://

    • Caymanian says:

      Aah yes. Voting straight is a problem. We put glorified seat warmers in the house. Or let’s look at it another way….If you are not going to contribute and only going to raise your hand then we simply should not pay you. Sooooooo……for instance say we opt to put in UDP or CDP or whom ever…..We should only pay Mac and no one else on his team since only him makes decisions and has ideas…..

      I would rather put 18 people in all with ability to THINK than 18 people in with 1 thought….or is it just me???

      • Unison says:

        Its simple … If youre in a party, you can always THINK and not follow! PPM is an example of a party where members chose to side with their constituency than the party’s leadership.

        Again, I say, at least with a party, you have a unified plan, and things get done for the country alot easier. If you have a house with diverse views where everyone are their own party, I think you will have a house of confusion :/

    • Well? says:

      So how did Ppm find common ground with Tara ? She isn’t party

  6. Had enough says:

    Oh Boy…………… he started!!!! The King of Mudslinging never wasted no time to point fingers. Nothing has changed I see. I hope for the sake of the future generation that West Bayers see that its time for a Change and to vote that excuse of a man out of there. How many more decades do we have to put up with his antics and brain washing of the vulnerable people of that district. WAKE UP CAYMAN. No time for CDP, UDP or whatever they wanna B Party!!! Wonder who’s gonna pay more for votes this election??

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yes , vote straight, Vote C.D.P. straight out of West Bay.

  8. Sharkey says:

    This West Bayer is tired of voting straight , and I am sure that others are too . You have shown us what you did and who you cared for . Next one turn to prove him or herself .

  9. Anonymous says:

    What’s the difference? “Parties ; Alliances ; Coalitions ; Secret Private-Sector Backers etc. Not much difference Id say.
    It all boils down to personal integrity, and should not be defined one way or another if a person is in a group, or is not in a group.
    They all may jump ship anyways, to get on the bandwagon that promises the best for them.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Based on the candidates I have to pick from, think I will be voting for a former UDP/CDP candidate for the first time. Thanks to Tomlinson puppets, CDP wannabes and no PPM candidates. If they’re going to start off like this, then I’m better off working with the CDP ‘representative’ for my area.

    • Anonymous says:

      You mean the ones that have no integrity and don’t pay child support?

      A nominated hopefully got ousted by his wife. Will other wives do the same? Should the mistresses and illegitimate children come out of the woodworks of their own volition? What of the ones not receiving child support?

    • Anonymous says:

      Goodness so then Tara?! Hasn’t she proved that she accomplished nothing. 100+ students did not graduate from high school last year because they could not meet the standard. Instead they became school leavers. What will become of them you ask? They will find ways to survive. Any way possible. They are the new recruits for drug dealers and users. They are the new prisoners. They are the new street walkers. They are the new adults that will not be given an opportunity or second chance because there are no options for them.

      Don’t vote the former UDP. Vote for someone who actually has the passion to want to do something. Don’t vote the old men who are looking for easy money. Vote for the future of the island.

      I would rather give someone new a chance than voting in the same old people that waste government funds and proved that they have no intention of doing anything productive for the island. If all it takes is to do nothing and get votes, then the next four years I will put my name in the hat.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sooooo, nothing to say about what he is going to do to help Cayman, (nothing-see his previous premier lack of achievements), just dissing everyone else…not even novel. Was any one watching for distribution of goods and or merchandise being distributed to buy votes?

    • Mckeeva Bush says:

      Unfortunately for anonymous at 1.41pm
      These reports publish only what they like for people like you to pick up-anything negative!! Because you have to be that dumdum!!!
      She should have reported the many things that I have done as premier such as taking us off the OECD Black/Grey list your smart people left us on in may 2009 and doing so by September 2009
      She could gave reported that I saved our moodys AA+ Rating while the Uk the usa and others lost theirs
      But of course that would not be consistent with the thought process of what they would have wanted and expected from persons like you

      • wayaseh? says:

        What is unfortunate is your continued presence anywhere near the political arena. Once again the tool is using the tool of misdirection to try to escape being held accountable. It ain’t wukkin deh boo boo. Your best political ally is Alden. Two heads, one beast, same belly. Try so go a stubba ya toe. The gong is calling your name.

        • Unison says:

          lol … are you folks serious?! McKeeva would be commenting on CNS??? LMAO :))))

          • Anonymous says:

            Did you notice how the Keke imposter intentionally misspelled words and used exclamation marks to come across more believable?

      • Drain The Septic! says:

        Creditcardgate, stanthomasgate, firstcaymanbankgate, gang warfare….. We agree, lets talk about all the things you have done for our country. We could be here a while.

        • Anonymous says:

          Come on man, you know a brought in all dem friges ti keep the economy goin?

          • Anonymous says:

            Take the fridge. Doesn’t mean you actually have to go and vote for him.

      • Anonymous says:

        Committing to policy that will leave local pensions more vulnerable by allowing early withdrawal is a pretty “dumdum” move. Not surprising, since your go-to political preference is to create a culture of dependency to secure your votes.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Dumdum” because you question him. Spoken like a true leader. West Bayers need to vote for candidates capable of representing them intelligently and with integrity.

      • Anonymous says:

        Mac I have no problem with you. At least you work for your money. You don’t have to be liked. But you are active in the community and you will get things accomplished. However it is without tact.

        Now the people on your team in West Bay, there’s something to be said about them. Why didn’t you encourage your young CDP supporters to run? Let the new generation begin to lead the country and leave the older folk in retirement?

        You brought JJJ out of retirement for goodness sake. He accomplished nothing in his time and the public do not expect much more out of him again. You have whogene and I don’t even know the names of the rest and frankly why bother learn them.

        Mac get the younger folk in the house. Let them start getting involved. Leave the retirees at the pines.

      • David Shibli says:

        Mr. Bush.
        Your time has come and gone, just like Alden’s.
        Between the two of you, you have succeeded in tearing the fabric of these wonderful islands with your polarizing rhetoric and haphazard, oppressive, law-making.
        I would call on the Cayman people to give both of you a wide berth this time around.
        We want leaders with personal integrity, honest values that treat the humblest of their citizens with the respect that they deserve.
        May the “He” that founded us upon the seas judge you both in this matter as He will us all.

        • Anonymous says:

          These are some of the socio/ economic stats on the proud Community of West bay in the last 20 years. Substandard Primary School Education. Deterioration of the family structure. Rampant Alcohol, and Substance Abuse. Highest District of Social Services Recipients, Unemployment, Begging is a common everyday form of life in the community. And the most devastating statistic which is a result of the above socio/economic decay of West Bay. We are the murder capital of Cayman. Take a look at the number of young West Bay males who has lost their lives to violence in the last 10 years in the Community! Could someone highlight the positive projects that has been developed in our Community for the development of its people in the last 20 years.

      • Anonymous says:

        U na callin me a donkey face is you Mr. McOnerable? You forgot to mention you gambled XXXXX and ended up in court for it. Or that you had to be forced to call off signing an agreement with CHEC for the new port. Wonda WHY. Would you mind telling the country WHY, Mr. McOnerable. Should I continue, Sir? Let’s just pray the country, and particularly your West Bay dependents have not forgotten these things.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, and the oh so high moral standards you left us with, (if that is you) and not to mention the tax threat that damn near shut down the place…so responsible…you can spin and twist, but people have memories. Mostly not favourable ones.

      • Caymanian says:

        Well well well…….well….

        You know when I first saw your post I said to myself “Bobo let’s see if we can redirect this towards good ideas for the country” and then I remembered:

        – Oil Refinery in North Sound – This was sheer brilliance if you ask me…..How could this possibly go wrong??? Aaah….no.
        – Little China Harbor – Huummmm how long were they going to own us again?
        – East End Pie Cut – The infamous harbor in East End – I honestly could also not see what bad could come from making an indentation into the one side of the Island where most Hurricanes come at us from…really no harm there.
        – For Dart Alliance – Ooops sorry my mind gets ahead of me…..For Cayman (cough) alliance – That was a honeypot of a deal. Do I get to keep one of my legs or are both of those in that contract also?

        What we want this year from YOU and YOUR CRONIES and PPM and THEIR CRONIES is:

        1. Original Ideas on a way forward – No hair brain schemes but original ideas on how we can create a Cayman that can defend itself should something happen to one of the pillars of our economy.
        2. A solid plan to affect the cost of living in the Cayman Islands. Things such as alternative energy. I personally want to know WHY DID WE ALLOW OURSELVES TO BECOME AN AFTERTHOUGHT HERE!!!!! We should be an industry leader!!! We have sun all year round. We don’t have tons of rain. We have a ton of open land to use.
        3. Education – A long term unified plan not a 4 year plan. A plan that entails how we train those of us in trade skills. A no kid left behind program that identifies kids at an early age that are slow to develop that moves them to smaller classes where specialised training and attention can be provided. I can speak to this because I was one of those kids and thanks to a teacher whom I owe my life to I was brought in line with others because of her care and attention. Each school should have specialised classes for kids that helps them get back with other kids. We can not simply have a set system where we chuck those kids into to just graduate. We also need classes that focus on where we are going. We have brilliant minds and we need a UNIVERSAL PLAN with all parties joining together for a way forward for our kids.

        We need to encourage all party members to participate in thought process. Everyone put in MUST play a role in bringing about a better future.

        I call on YOU to be the BIGGER MAN. To put aside the infighting and instead of attacking the other party OUT SMART THEM rather than OUT TRASHING THEM. Show them you can bring about strong solid ideas.

        My time on this rock is approaching it’s end. I want this for our children and grand children. If we as a nation can not put aside greed and ill will we will ruin things for our children and grand children. I want you for a second to take a look at your grand children and ask yourself “what can I do to protect this paradise we call home for you?”

        God Bless these Cayman Islands…..

        • Anonymous says:

          You forgot the Stan Thomas Yacht Club deal and the (mis)use of government credit card to fund gambling?

  12. wayaseh? says:

    What is the difference between a lie as opposed to misdirection?

    • Caymanian says:

      It’s not a lie… need get with the program. It’s new name is Alternative Fact….Come on man!!!

  13. Drain The Septic! says:

    And straight they must indeed vote, straight against anyone even remotely affiliated with him!