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Cayman News Service(CNS Elections): The 2013-2017 administration is the Progressives’ second term and the first with Alden McLaughlin as premier. The PPM leader during the party’s first administration, Kurt Tibbetts, stayed on in the government, taking up a portfolio that included planning. Moses Kirkconnell, in his third term as an MLA for the Sister Islands, is deputy premier and a first time minister.

Osbourne Bodden, who represents Bodden Town, is also in his second term as MLA and first as minister. For many, his standing in the public eye was permanently marred by an angry outburst aimed at his then chief officer, Jennifer Ahearn, in which he referred to her as “f***ing driftwood”, a reference to the fact that she was not born in the Cayman Islands but has acquired status. This led to a Cabinet shuffle, in which he lost the hefty health portfolio and was given a watered down Ministry of Community Affairs, Youth and Sports.

The other three members of Cabinet are all first term MLAs: Marco Archer, Wayne Panton and Tara Rivers.

Rivers is not a member of the Progressives but has worked alongside them, after being offered and accepting a position within Cabinet as the education and employment minister. She was backed in the 2013 election by the Coalition for Cayman (C4C) advocacy group.

The Cabinet also includes three unelected, ex-officio members: the governor, deputy governor and attorney general. However, the poll below (a thumb rating out of 10) deals only with the elected membersmos.

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VP: How would you grade your MLAs this past term? (Part 1)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There must be a lot more red kool aid in circulation than I’d previously thought judging by the results! My ratings: Alden – 2, Kurt – 1 (what has he actually done??), Tara – negative 5 (more talk than action, and her band aid solutions have been no solutions at all), Osbourne – 0, Wayne – 5, Moses – 7, Marco – 8.

  2. Anonymous says:

    when will we see the results of this poll?

    CNS: There is a link at the bottom to see the results so far.

  3. José L. Williams says:

    Well election it’s around the corner one more time.. God bless everyone..

  4. Anonymous says:

    God bless all. I am hoping that new election term will bring new and fresh idea and people do the best for our country than those already damaged and burn up to the ground our 4×4 territory..God bless those people are trying to do the best for us.

  5. Anonymous says:

    CNS: your f….Kang driftwood viewpoint link does not work. Please fix it.

    CNS: Checked all the links and they work just fine.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Over-cooked! These Bobo the Clowns can’t even vote on the correct bills.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Keep the corruption out of CIG and there’s only so much damage you can do. Well done PPM on that front. Good job too on executing on the ORIA expansion with a plan we can actually afford.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Marco for premier!

  9. Anonymous says:

    It was an absolute disgrace that PPM kept “ozzy” as a Cabinet Member after insulting the modesty of a woman, using foul, abusive language to a foreign born national who has had an exemplary public service record.

    Let us take a look at his CAY&S Ministry. Well you have the FIFA-related scandal, lack of any proactive action taken to implement social services reforms and incoherent/cohesive policy of NAU, which has been completely unable to action the necessary reforms that were outlined in the OAG report. Ozzy simply reminds me of the dog chasing its’ own tail, constantly going around circles and never achieving any objective – however like the dog he appears to like the attention he gathers from his ineptness.

    So realistically this man, while occupying a position beyond his ability, should be thankful that his party loyalty allowed him to continue serving.

    Grade – F

    • Anonymous says:

      Doesn’t excuse the divisive buffoonery, demeaning and discriminatory attitude that Ozzie carries with him and propagates openly and without apology. We don’t need tusked boars like this voting on policy in our LA. They are a disgrace to the decent people of these islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just wait until someone finally takes a microscope to DCFS or the countless government funded social “programmes” tied to CAYS.

      Show me the outcomes! Not the outputs! In the land of Oz all is not as it seems. The Minister’s poor vision on public policy has done serious damage. We could have been much further ahead if the civil servants could grasp a truly strategic pan-government public policy for community affairs, youth and sports.

      • Anonymous says:

        Both of you sound like a bunch of sour detractors with an agenda, and given the level of discourse, it almost appears to be the same person. After all is said and done, many CAYMANIAN public servants think Ossie did a tremendous job during his tenure as evidenced by this poll! He did much more than many in the cabinet, so my advice is, stop being another self-serving hypocrite, and get on the PPM Train! LET’S GO PROGRESSIVES!!!

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