Warren jumps into GTW fight

| 17/03/2017
Cayman News Service

Dennie Warren Jr

(CNS): Dennie Warren, a long-time political activist and more recently an outspoken advocate for medical cannabis, has made a decision to run for office. Warren, who was instrumental in persuading the government to take a leap of faith and legalise the use of cannabis oil as a medicine when prescribed by a doctor, is a professional photographer and a vegan. He said that the issue of cannabis and developing a local medical cannabis industry in Cayman would form an important part of his platform in his bid to take the George Town West seat.

Warren, who has been committed to the cannabis campaign over the last two years, was also involved for many years in campaigning for constitutional change but he has never before thrown his hat in the ring to run for political office.

Campaigning for his home district of George Town West, he will be running against the Cayman Democratic Party’s Jonathan Piercy, who is making his third attempt at political office, and Ellio Solomon, the former George Town representative for the UDP’s 2009 – 2013 administration who has deserted his former party and is running as an independent.

The constituency has 1,229 voters in an area that covers a considerable part of downtown George Town, the hospital and parts of Windsor Park. So far, the Progressives have not announced their intended candidate for the district. The candidate to secure the most votes in the polling stations in the area in 2013 was Kurt Tibbetts with 328 votes; the next best result was recorded by Mike Adam, who was running for the UDP in 2013 and missed a seat by just 51 votes, having collected 287 in the area.

While it is not clear if Adam will be on the campaign trail in May, but if he is sticking with the CDP he will not be running in GTW. In 2013 Solomon, when he was also on the UDP ticket, attracted 247 votes and his then party colleague Piercy bagged just six less with 241.

With a unique selling point on his own independent platform, with a national draw as well, Warren said that he is not a ‘special interest’ candidate and plans to raise numerous other issues.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    All the best Dennie. I admire your courage to call out civil servants if that is what it takes. You are articulate and professional. I wish you all the best in the upcoming campaign. Now, will someone worth voting for PLEASE run in GTS. We’re starting to lose hope up here!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Proud of you Dennie, continue to stand for what you believe and speak the truth as you always have. Yes maybe you don’t have political experience but you are a man of integrity and you have proven to be a good listener which is what we need from our politicians.
    God bless

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anon. You hit the nail on the hea . Why would I vote for someone who arrives at conclusions without all the facts? Not today Bobo.

    Kent is also wrong, publicity going after Civil Servants without all the facts is dead wrong.
    There are ways to hold Civil servants accountable and Kent or Dennie is not the ones to do it.

    That’s the job of the Deputy Governor the Complaints Commissioner, FOI Commissioner and Auditor General. Why didn’t dennie complain to one of these bodies instead of bumbling and muggling along without the facts.

  4. Vote For Me! says:

    A vegan you say? God help us. No vote from me then. Does he also do Crossfit by chance?

  5. Bullet says:

    Yee haw. Wild west time!

  6. Sharkey says:

    Why don’t we just stop and think about the candidate for which we are going to vote for , and why we are going to give him / her your vote .
    Just ask ourselves a few simple and honest questions . How can this person help me and the Cayman Islands and all the people? What are the candidate agenda ? Are the candidate campaigning for something that would benifit everyone or just a few ? And any other questions you can think of .

    We need to remember that when we vote , we should not vote for him / her because of being a friend or family .
    I think that if we all voted intelligently it’s very possible that we would have elected a good Government for all the people.

    I think that the Islands/people would be happier and more prosperous when all people are happy , rather than a few.

  7. marius voiculescu says:

    Dennie is a man of principle, integrity, and excellent character. Best of luck Dennie.

    Marius V.

  8. Sharkey says:

    Mr. Warren has the best thing to run on , he has many years experience and has done alot of experimental research and use on the subject of his campaign. You go Dennie the Government needs some new thinkers in LA .

  9. Anonymous says:

    What did mike Adam do while in office?

  10. Michel says:

    Wishing you all the best Dennie.

  11. GTW Voter says:

    I am so glad to learn that someone else other than the two who have announced so far for my constituency is running. I look forward to hearing your views.

    All the best Mr. Warren.

  12. Draw Good Vote says:

    “With a unique selling point on his own independent platform, with a national draw as well,…”

    I like the way you write, CNS.

    Emphasis on Draw?.

  13. GT Voter says:

    This made my whole day. Only thing that sucks is that he is not in my constituency. Hopefully GTW voters will elect him over Foolio and Piercy.

    Warren may not have political experience per se, but I’m sure he would be a far better representative than those who’ve announced thus far.

    • Anonymous says:

      But what is his educational background what has he achieved in life besides taking photographs.

      Sorry but i am not impressed when your only claim to fame is pressing a government to legalize medical ganja and then being critical of those who made it happened.

      Talk show hosts and so called activists don’t make good political leaders.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Warren is well-known and seems to have conducted research in many areas.

    The competition between Mr. Warren and existing candidates should therefore be interesting in terms of the exchange of different views.

    It may also be interesting to see whether the government will permit the cannabis plant to be grown in the Cayman Islands in a medically controlled environment (rather than paying for oil imports). I don’t know the detailed research myself but from brief reading, I understand that the medical oil may provide relief to people suffering from medical issues, such as epilepsy, cancer, chronic joint pain, and PTSD.

    Perhaps, this could be a source of new revenue for the Cayman Islands? That is, the controlled, government supervised production and distribution only by medical professionals. Perhaps, many would come to the Cayman Islands for treatment. Certainly, the topic has encouraged some to think outside the box and others to deal with things in a legal and professional way.

    Will be good to hear Mr. Warren’s other views as well.

    These are exciting times for Cayman!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Dennie – GTS is your ticket into office. There is literally no one running who is worth my vote.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I will not vote fot anyone who promotes the use of ganja and open gun ownership.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well I for one feel we all need a gun these days with the nonsense that is going on. You want to wait for 911 to send some one to help you when these animals are pillaging & raping with no fear of our police force?

    • Kent says:

      That is unfortunate. I assume you have never watched a loved one violently twitch with their eyes rolled back in their head for so long that they turn blue from lack of oxygen. I assume you have never had a loved one who had cancer, lost all their hair, lost weight, threw up, felt sicker, and eventually passed in spite of the chemo. I assume you learned to pass judgement based on ignorance.

      Sad really

      • Anonymous says:

        Medical and recreational use are two different things. All these deadbeat waste of space drug abusers want ganja legal for recreational use.

        Cocaine for medical use has been around for years. However cociane for recreational use remains illegal as it should.

        If people want marijuana for medical use fine. This just should not be at the expense of others in the community. If someone is prescribed for whatever ailment, then they cannot just use it in the backyard where others are exposed to the fumes who do not have said ailment.

        Children should not be exposed to any drugs. It is not fair to have them exposed because of selfish adults who want to ‘relax’ in various public places or in their own backyards. Everyone knows that smell travels quite far. It is an intensely foul smell that renders the individuals who are exposed with a disgusting smell.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Finally someone valid to consider. Thank you for stepping up Dennie

  18. Anonymous says:

    His unwarranted attack on my colleagues in the Civil service has caused me to never ever vote for him.

    I have no issue with Civil servants being held accountable but that’s not your job Dennie and you were very unfair.

    • GT Voter says:

      that’s the dumbest excuse not to vote for someone, but ok

    • Anonymous says:

      Well sorry but there is a lot of dead weight there in the civil service. Not on the bottom mind you but on the top level. Why is a senior public works officer doing project management for his own interest when he should be working for the people who pay him? That person is a real embarrassment!

    • Anonymous says:

      Dennie is very intelligent, articulate and principled.
      His stand during his wife’s illness has been very admirable.
      This guy is a man you may not agree with, but for sure, he does NOT do funny handshakes and he will tell you the truth.
      I’ve known Dennie since the mid 80’s. He has always been a man with a good character.
      Go Dennie. Many of your people will lift you up.

    • Anonymous says:

      What civil servants and regarding what?

    • Kent says:

      I beg to differ, that is each and everyone of our jobs, as the civil service is there to do the work of the people, with the money the people supply, and therefore, we the people every right to be very critical and hold you and every civil servant accountable.

    • Anon. says:

      There are always three sides to a story, seems you have already swallowed one side and judged Mr. Warren for you to deem it to be unwarranted.

      Interestingly, whose job do you think it is to hold civil servants accountable? If the public see or know something that civil servants is doing is wrong, they should not speak out?

      Admittedly, Mr. Warren may not have had all the information when he publicly called out civil servants but to say he was unfair is judgmental as well because you don’t have all the information either.