Prospect candidate stands on conservative Christian platform

| 21/02/2017 | 38 Comments
Cayman News Service

Allan Wagner

(CNS Elections): The first candidate that the CNS Election Section can formally confirm in the district of Prospect, despite rumours of many more in the seat bordered by Red Bay, Newlands and Savannah, is Allan Wagner. The 52-year-old businessman, who has declared himself to be a conservative Christian, launched his campaign on Facebook in November. The building contractor is promising to cut taxes and fees by reducing government spending, at a time when all departments are complaining of challenges with resources. He said he aims to cut waste to reduce government debt.

“The government has too much debt and the politicians are still spending money we don’t have. They just don’t get it,” he said. “The politicians think they are the solution to our problems but they really don’t understand that the government is the problem.”

However, running as an independent, it’s not clear if he has yet identified another ten like-minded Christian conservatives with whom he could form a government.

Prospect has 1,184 registered voters according to the draft register or electors. In the last election in 2013 at the polling stations that cover that area, Kurt Tibbetts collected the most votes. Winston Connolly was a close second, getting just five votes behind the political veteran and his best result. Although Connolly is expected to contest the seat, the former C4C candidate, who sat on the government benches until January 2015, has so far declined to confirm with CNS where he will be running.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    How can he clean up the country if he not interested in cleaning up his yard and the apartments that he owns on marina drive that are all run down. Man is smoking if he thinks he getting my vote!

  2. Whatcha Say says:

    I’ve never been more soundly scr*w*d than by a ‘professed’ Christian businessman. I worked all summer for this guy, and was paid NOTHING at the end of the summer. Beware of anyone ‘claiming’ to be a Christian! We already have at least one in office now who says one thing and does another, right?

    “By his fruits ye shall KNOW him…”

  3. Anonymous says:

    Conservative Christian. What???? When did this happen. He may now be a Christian but I have never known him to be conservative. Must have changed since he “found the Lord”, because his past is certainly not conservative.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Conservative Christians are the ones that don’t think the bits about love and tolerance really count.

  5. Anonymous says:

    In this current wake of Trump and Brexit, I sincerely hope none of the many critics of all things Caymanian are either American or British.

    Those of you have lost all ground to utter a single negative word against Cayman as it regards politics and democracy.

    – Who

    • rollin says:

      I guess free speech is off the table with you . As such keep your vague useless comments to yourself . The rest of us are encouraged by both sides of every argument -u know-like a democracy !


    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman, like the UK and US, is far from perfect politically. Your final paragraph doesn’t exempt our beautiful country from criticism.

      We don’t even have a law that empowers the electorate to coercively remove elected officials if we dissatisfied. Nor do we have a constitution that explicitly defends and protects the rights of ALL humans living amongst us.

      Yeah, the UK and US might not be looking too hot as of late, but we also have our fair share to improve on, Who.

    • Anonymous says:

      Who, probably your most stupid remark todate. Did you forget about Mac gambling with tax payers money and other regimes where transparency is to be frowned upon? Even this week CIG does not want to disclose the cost of the John Gray Gym finishing…and I guess we all know why. Never mind the Human rights infringements on PR applications (admitted by CIG) and the dump…you carry on smoking whatever it is you are smoking. Intrigued how in your warped mind Brexit and Trump were not a result of democracy, the very thing you seem to be complaining about? But then you never made much sense.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am completely underwhelmed. Anyone who openly claims to be a conservative Christian is generally a bigoted nutter with inferiority complexes who uses the Lords name to justify their totally unchristian type behavior. Lets not forget Jesus was a Jew born in Arab lands…

    • rollin says:

      so you are saying he is a bigoted nutter by all chances?

      what does judging people make you?

      and let me get this straight – he is a bigot because he believes in a religion that originated from another land?

      i sure hope you have the capacity to see the irony

      anyways , i for one am happy to see this as every voice of OUR island needs to be heard especially in times like this.

      • Anonymous says:

        Rollin, if you cant read, that’s a reflection of the education system. If you cannot understand the careful use of the words “in general” that is also the same. And why on earth would you defend what you know to be true unless you were one of them?

        • rollin says:

          i knew you would crawl back into a void point when the mirror is held up.

          Btw bigot means to find other views intolerable.much the way you have attacked a group of people but use “generalities to escape blame” Internalise a bit and you might catch my drift.

  7. Anonymous says:

    First he born Caymanian? And only 52? Think he is being very conservative with his age.

  8. gray matter. says:

    Who is he ? Facebook… he gives no background to himself of where he comes from or what he has done in recent past for country or persons.

    • Anonymouse says:

      He is not on facebook giving hand outs to people! That is hardly a qualification to be a good lawmaker and representative. He is a building contractor. If you do not know him, maybe you should consider a meeting with him.

    • rollin says:

      if you are interested you can contact him over the same facebook. technology is crazy huh

    • Knot S Smart says:

      52 my a$$…

  9. Anonymous says:

    He is not even qualified to run. No Caymanian parent and he was not born here. Waste of his money.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Conservative Christian medieval throwbacks have never allowed Cayman to progress. Sadly these intolerant, hypocritical misfits seem to call some big shots in these islands. Don’t they get it yet? The Crusades are over!

  11. Anonymous says:

    So far only 6 candidates for the CDP? Guess they see their chances are slim to none, much like the PPM will have. On another note, can McMaster Bush explain how his candidates are picked…I say HIS cause after all, if he don’t want ya running, irrespective of what the party says, he will find a way to meander around an individual and chose a muppet and puppet. I vote WBN and thus far the candidate of choice is, Mervyn Smith.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Just what Cayman needs. Yet another conservative Christian to bring us into the nineteenth century.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Winston has second highest in that area in 2013 election results BUT that was 4 years ago, check it today. He might be better off in area where he used to live in 2013. GTN I believe

  14. SSM345 says:

    Lost me at Conservative Christian (“CC”), because you will need an open mind to get what needs to be done and CC’s do not have open minds.

    • Anonymous says:

      As a non-religious Caymanian, I don’t mind there being conservative candidates.

      What I won’t tolerate, however, is someone who will use the election as a public platform to spew wicked rhetoric.

      Let’s hope he remember that he is supposed to represent whomever his constituents are, and that includes the irreligious ones.

    • rollin says:

      oh my , so that is the solution . do you mean an open mind like Obama? Please tell us what open mind means ?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like Wagner is more interested in helping his buddies and associates in the private sector than the common constituent.

    Neither the article nor his Facebook campaign page states how he plans to better serve the community of Prospect.

    Certain parts of the area, namely Marina Drive, is ridden with criminality. How about addressing the juveniles illegally and recklessly driving around on dirt-bikes up and down the road.

    • Caymanian says:

      I got to agree strongly here.

      The problem with most candidates today is words without substance. Anyone can say CIG spending too much but tell me where? How will you fund your projects? Is that all you bring to the table?

    • rollin says:

      the private sector is responsible for creating most of the jobs in cayman …you do know this right ? those same jobs then help fuel our economy. and believe it or not those lil morons who ride up and down illegally may then have a better chance of not only being stopped, but encouraged to seek employment .

  16. Anonymous says:

    “Launched his campaign on Facebook” sigh

  17. Anonymous says:

    I am so happy to hear that this man is running.
    Mr. Allan, I wish you every success.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Uhmm… I vote NO

  19. Anonymous says:

    Anyone can say “we need to reduce public spending”. That’s all many candidates do prior to the election. Then, once they’ve been elected, they rarely implement the solutions to the aforementioned problem.

    What we really need is a candidate to outline several proposals detailing how they will realistically, reasonably and rationally use public policy as an instrument to effect meaningful change.

    Fellow voters, please don’t be fooled by platforms and personalities. Elect those who have conceived a vision and plan that will be beneficial to us all.

    • Caymanian says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Is this the same person who was ranting and raving on radio about changing the education system because a teacher told his child that he/she is a member of the animal kingdom? Heck sixty something years ago I was taught the same thing.!! I understood then there were two kingdoms – the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom. Imagine someone changed it and didn’t let me know. I guess he will be well suited for the ministry of the environment. Cockroach has no business in rooster fight.

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