Suspect drunk driver ploughs into political board

| 01/02/2017
Cayman News Service

Kenneth Bryan’s campaign sign is a casualty of suspected DUI

(CNS): Just days after political hopeful Kenneth Bryan erected his new campaign billboards in the George Town area, one of them was found in pieces Wednesday. But it was soon revealed that there was no foul play or political vandalism, which has been a factor in previous campaigns, and that the billboard may have even prevented serious injury. A driver narrowly missed a light pole after swerving off Crewe Road into Bryan’s sign.

The collision involving just one car happened just after midnight Wednesday, 1 February. The driver was arrested on suspicion of DUI but the police confirmed there was no deliberate damage.

Bryan, who is running as an independent in George Town Central, told CNS he was relieved no one was hurt. He said that by hitting his sign, it appeared that the driver managed to miss the pole, and thus may have avoided a far more serious accident. “They were grateful it was there,” he said, adding that they had also apologised. “The most important thing is that the driver was not injured.”

Bryan said he was relived this wasn’t an intentional act of vandalism, but said he wouldn’t be surprised if that happens over the next few months as it has occurred in previous elections.

Over the years there has been significant amount of deliberate sabotage. Signs have been damage and defaced, with rival parties and candidates even stealing each other’s lawn signs in the political fray.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Now that’s electioneering. ‘My signs save lives.’

  2. Cayguy says:

    might be an epiphany for Bryan on things to come

  3. Ha says:

    LOL I wonder which drunk Politician did that? There are many to choose from, just check Da Station or Country

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is he getting planning position for these. Its not Nominafion day yet so.pla ning permision should be needed tomput these up.