Carjacker left ‘weapon’ at scene of Christmas crime

| 12/06/2024
Courthouse in George Town

(CNS): A screwdriver used to threaten the victim during a carjacking on Christmas Day evening was left at the scene by the perpetrator and handed to the police by the victim when he reported the crime, a court heard on Tuesday. Following forensic testing, DNA on the tool led police to charge Gerardo George Connolly with the robbery earlier this year. Connolly appeared in the dock alongside Shane William Junior McLean, who was charged with handling stolen goods after police found him in the same stolen car the morning after the robbery.

Outlining the crown’s case against Connolly and McLean, prosecutor Sophie Quinton-Carter told the jury that the owner of the Mazda had pulled into the Kirk Market car park on Christmas Day evening at around 7:30pm and fell asleep. He was woken up when Connolly appeared at his window, pulled open the car door and jabbed a screwdriver into his side.

The victim got out of the car and wrestled with the robber. During the fight, the man grabbed the robber’s screwdriver, but as he did so, a woman jumped into the driver’s seat of his car with the keys still in the ignition. The robber yelled to her, “Give me the gun and let me shoot the boy!” Instead, he jumped into the vehicle, and the couple drove off. The car contained the victim’s clothes, work tools and his phone.

The victim went to the police and reported the crime, gave a description of the robber and handed them the screwdriver the preparator had used.

Several hours later, on Boxing Day morning, the police came across the stolen Mazda in an open lot along Rock Hole Road in George Town. At the time, the door was open, and McLean was sitting in the driver’s seat. He was arrested and eventually went on to claim that Connolly had loaned the car to him.

Connolly was arrested and interviewed. Initially, he gave no-comment answers to the officers’ questions, but forensic evidence soon linked Connolly to the screwdriver used in the crime and to the stolen car. During a second interview, he was unable to explain to the police how his DNA was on the tool used to threaten the victim or how it was on the door handle of the stolen Mazda.

Connolly was later charged with the robbery and McLean with handling stolen goods.

The trial, presided over by Acting Justice Kirsty-Ann Gunn, continues this week.

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