Police seize 450lbs of ganja from GT apartments

| 28/03/2024
Suspected ganja recovered by the RCIPS on 26 March 2024

(CNS) Police have arrested three men after seizing around 450lbs of suspected ganja in several packages following a bust yesterday near Seymour Drive in the industrial area of George Town. The RCIPS said that police officers were conducting enquiries in the area when they detected the strong scent of ganja from an address where several individual apartments are located. As they searched the area, they spotted a man trying to discard something. When he was detained, the police found he had a bag containing suspected ganja.

As a result, officers conducted a search of his apartment under the Misuse of Drugs Act and found several other packages containing ganja as well as over CI$5,000 and over US$800 in cash on the suspect. The police arrested the 57-year-old man from George Town on suspicion of possession and intent to supply ganja as well as possession of criminal property.

A further search at the rear of the man’s apartment led to the seizure of additional packages containing ganja. Altogether, the drug haul amounted to a total of around 450lbs, police said.

Two other men from Bodden Town who were at the location, aged 28 and 29, were also arrested on suspicion of possession and intent to supply ganja. All three men remain in custody as investigations continue.

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