Bryan tries on deputy premier ‘hat’ for one week

| 14/03/2024 | 112 Comments
Acting DP Kenneth Bryan receives his instrument of appointment from Governor Jane Owen, with Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly

(CNS): Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan has been appointed to act as deputy premier for seven days, from Wednesday, 13 March, as part of “an effort to foster leadership development and provide valuable experience to members of the Cabinet”, Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly said in a government press release.

This temporary appointment will give Bryan a chance to gain an in-depth understanding of the duties and obligations associated with the post while Deputy Premier André Ebanks, as financial services minister, attends business and government meetings in Washington DC, the release said.

“Empowering ministers to assume additional responsibilities is an integral part of leadership development and is an essential component of effective succession planning,” O’Connor-Connolly said. “I have confidence that Minister Bryan will undertake this role with his usual passion and energy and wish him well in the performance of his duties.”

There was no indication in the release as to what the role of acting deputy premier entails or what additional responsibilities or duties Bryan will assume for the week. He will continue to do his tourism work for the seven days, including serving as the chairman of the Caribbean Tourism Organization, the release said.

Bryan said he was honoured to accept the temporary job. “This experience will undoubtedly deepen my understanding of this senior leadership role and will allow me to make a greater contribution in service to the people of the Cayman Islands,” he said.

Bryan is not the first Cabinet member to act as DP for a limited period. Since assuming her role as premier, O’Connor-Connolly has previously appointed Planning Minister Jay Ebanks as acting deputy premier.

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Comments (112)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great move for Kenneth who’s going from strength to strength! Say was you much about him, but no thinking person could fail to see how high he come. We all know there were hiccups along the road, but every month that passes, he’s looking like an extremely viable candidate for the top job. Good luck Kenneth. There are lots of us out here who are backing you every step of the way!

    • Greasy wheels says:

      You he’s not actually the Deputy Premier right?

      This is just a customary thing whenever a high ranking official is off island another person has to take their place. Ie. A parliamentary Secretary will act as minister when they are off island. Or another Minister would take the role if the parliamentary secretary and minister were traveling together.

      It’s standard. Like the first runner up in a beauty pageant.

      Why they sent out a press release on this is beyond me. Seems to me JuJu greasing Kenneth wheels because i hear the “two ah dem nah get on”.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Andre better pray he still has a job when he returns, I am CERTAIN Kenny B was plotting from the second his plane took off.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is Kenny still allowed to enter the USA with that Cuba stamp in his passport?

  4. Patricia Bryan says:

    As always in advocating for transparency and legal knowledge I share this only to do the very same. Advocate to CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION as it is clear who can stand for office and under what lawful legal grounds.

    Qualifications for elected membership of the Legislative Assembly
    61.—(1) Subject to section 62, a person shall be qualified to be elected as a member of the
    Legislative Assembly if, and shall not be qualified to be so elected unless—
    (a) he or she is a Caymanian; and
    (b) he or she has attained the age of 21 years; and
    (c) he or she is, at the date of his or her nomination for election, domiciled and resident in the
    Cayman Islands; and
    (d) he or she is a qualified citizen; and either
    (e) he or she was born in the Cayman Islands, or was born outside the Cayman Islands in the
    circumstances mentioned in subsection (2)(b), has resided in the Cayman Islands for a
    period of not less than seven years immediately preceding the date of his or her
    nomination for election and, subject to subsection (3), the number of days on which he or
    she was absent from the Cayman Islands in that period does not exceed 400; or
    (f) if he or she was born outside the Cayman Islands, has resided in the Cayman Islands for a
    period or periods amounting to not less than fifteen years out of the twenty years
    immediately preceding the date of his or her nomination for election, and, subject to
    subsection (3), in the seven years immediately preceding the date of his or her nomination
    for election the number of days on which he or she was absent from the Cayman Islands
    does not exceed 400.
    (2) For the purposes of subsection (1)(d), a qualified citizen is a British overseas territories
    citizen by virtue of a connection with the Cayman Islands, who either—
    (a) at the date of his or her nomination for election possesses no other citizenship and is
    pursuing no claim to any other citizenship for which he or she may be eligible; or
    (b) was born outside the Cayman Islands, has or had at least one parent or grandparent who
    was born in the Cayman Islands and is a Caymanian (or if deceased would if alive have
    been a Caymanian at the date of nomination for election), and who at the date of his or
    her nomination for election possesses no other citizenship save for any right he or she
    may have to some other citizenship by virtue of his or her birth outside the Cayman Islands and in this subsection the words “other citizenship” do not include British citizenship acquired by
    virtue of the British Overseas Territories Act 2002(a).
    (3) In ascertaining whether a person has been absent from the Cayman Islands for the purposes
    of subsection (1)(e) or (f), any period of absence by reason of the following shall be disregarded—
    (a) the performance of duty on behalf of the Government;
    (b) attendance as a student at any educational establishment;
    (c) attendance as a patient at any hospital, clinic or other medical institution;
    (d) employment as a seaman aboard an ocean-going vessel; or
    (e) employment as a crew member on any aircraft”

    Disqualifications for elected membership

    62.—(1) No person shall be qualified to be elected as a member of the Legislative Assembly
    (a) is, by virtue of his or her own act, under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience
    or adherence to a foreign power or state;
    (b) holds, or is acting in, any public office;
    (c) has been adjudged or otherwise declared bankrupt under any law in force in any part of
    the Commonwealth or the United States of America and has not been discharged;
    (d) is a person certified to be insane or otherwise adjudged to be of unsound mind under any
    law in force in the Cayman Islands;
    (e) subject to subsection (2), is serving or has served a sentence of imprisonment (by
    whatever name called) exceeding twelve months imposed on him or her by a court in any
    country or substituted by competent authority for some other sentence imposed on him or
    her by such a court, or is under such a sentence of imprisonment the execution of which
    has been suspended, or has been convicted by any court in any country of an offence
    involving dishonesty;
    (f) is disqualified for election by any law in force in the Cayman Islands by reason of his or
    her holding, or acting in, any office the functions of which involve—
    (i) any responsibility for, or in connection with, the conduct of any election; or
    (ii) any responsibility for the compilation or revision of any electoral register;
    (g) is a party to, or a partner in a firm or a director or manager of a company which is a party
    to, any contract with the Government for or on account of the public service and has not,
    within the period of one month immediately preceding the date of an election in which he
    or she is a candidate, caused to be published a Government Notice setting out the nature
    of such contract and his or her interest, or the interest of any such firm or company, in it;
    (h) is disqualified for membership of the Assembly by any law in force in the Cayman
    Islands relating to offences connected with elections.
    (2) For the purposes of subsection (1)(e) and section 63(g)—
    (a) where a person is serving two or more sentences of imprisonment that are required to be
    served consecutively he or she shall, throughout the whole time during which he or she so
    serves, be regarded as serving a sentence exceeding twelve months if (but not unless) any
    one of those sentences exceeds that term; and
    (b) no account shall be taken of a sentence of imprisonment imposed as an alternative to or in
    default of the payment of a fine.”

  5. Anonymous says:

    This was prob one of his many wishes at the Scranton Wishing Well.

    How much did that wishing well cost Govt again??

    • Anonymous says:

      This tryout coming from the Creator of “2 negatives becoming a positive”. Sorry to bust your bubble madam Premier, it just doesn’t add up. Better luck next go around.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Andre phone and email don’t work in the US?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Might I suggest they all try on dunce’s hats and stand in the four corners of the Parliament Building. The symbolic wearing of dunce’s hats will be a true representation of what behaviour we are seeing and expecting from our Cabinet members.

  8. Anonymous says:

    who cares? they all wolves in sheep clothing ….

  9. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Minister Bryan, a worthy candidate.

    Thank you for all your hard work. Us people on the ground appreciate you.

    • Anonymous says:

      What a pile of rubbish! God help our Beloved Isles Cayman if he should ever become the”real Premier” !

    • Anonymous says:

      ‘We, “your people” on the ground appreciate you’ – fixed it 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      Too many “as far as I am aware” avoiding straight answers…Is he or is he not in favor of independence..?
      “Seems to be “ and “from what I know“ are also not convincing statements of Kenneth’s other alleged virtues.

    • Anonymous says:

      7.02 can you please enlighten us as to what you mean by “hard work”, perhaps list examples of any actual achievements..(not just the lofty promises) of a raft of projects..
      Show that you understand the difference between BS, Marketing and the Truth.

    • Anonymous says:

      Us people on the ground? As apposed to those floating around in space?

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re alone hear my friend he’s way over his head crossing the street with holding someone’s hand never mind any kind of political position. Look at the Cayman Airways disaster.

  10. The Great Depression says:

    Andre! One question ?

    Why on God’s green earth would you let Kenneth V. Bryan act as Deputy Premier? Couldn’t you sub in one of those kids from the Youth Parliament instead? They’d do a better job.

    One week? One week too long?

    He’s already responded to Marla Dukharan’s report as the ‘Acting Deputy Premier’.

    The government is a joke. Wayne Panton is laughing at you guys and will see this government fail. There’s a reason he declined the Speaker role. He has so much pity and disdain for you guys that he couldn’t even be neutral as is required in that role.

    Your ‘Honorable’ Premier has no spine nor true political alliance. Trivia question: Which sitting member of Parliament has been a part of EVERY political party in Cayman since the new millennium? Same person.

    Good grief, she will dump all of you in favor of PPM next election. So much for retiring.

    I am all for “giving people a chance” to be MPs, but THIS is not what the people meant.

    You all have your heads in the clouds while people suffer – Caymanians and Non-Caymanians alike.

    Did I forget anything? Oh wait, you made the Tagalog speaking, fake dreadlocks wearing buffoon a Minister. AGAIN? Fool me once, laugh at me twice.

    No words. You know what! Lets make everyone act as Premier and Deputy Premier for a day. You all can only ACT like PACT, but no action.

    Tick tock. Parliament dissolves in less than a year…enjoy.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree with ya wholeheartedly, except …Wayne shouldn’t be laughing – he failed, his shabby government failed, and this nightmare government is a result of his failures! So for sure he shouldn’t be laughing!

  11. Be the change! says:

    To Anonymous…all of you hiding behind the name.

    What utter nonsense you all spin, if any of you had a brain you’d be dangerous. This is protocol, when any minister is off island, including the DPM or PM someone steps in. There is always a photo for the press for the DPM or PM so everyone knows. If you didn’t know about it, you’d be f*ing moaning about that too. Jesus lord save us all from your incessant BS. Stop getting your pants in a knot and show your faces and find something positive to do and say, what a worthless bunch.

    As far as I am aware this man is not for Independence, he is for the people (yes all of you, including the dumb asses) he is a proud Caymanian and fights for Caymanians, old and new but also understands what the UK connections offers this small island. He appreciates the expats and seems to be an example of someone who like many in our society many of whom are your sons and daughters who made a mistake in his youth, he was let down by society but unlike most, he picked himself up and made something of himself.

    If we all wrote off everyone in Cayman that made a mistake in their youth (not just those that got caught) what a mess this place would be in.

    This gentleman, works his ass off from what I know, probably harder than any of you know, can or would appreciate.

    The reason politicians post what they do, is so you can know what they are doing, because they work for you, its not because they are narcissists, it’s called accountability.

    If you’re a troll, get a better job, run for politics perhaps.
    If you’re an expat, go home, i’m sure your politics is much worse, why leave there to come here and try to make here like there.
    If you’re a Caymanian, try to big up your Caymanians, stop standing down on top of them and then complain when the expats are running things.

    Last of all, find something to do with your time, help and inspire a young Caymanian to reach their potential, inspire them to be great, discourage them from being negative towards each other and to lift each other up.

    • Anonymous says:

      Written by Kenneth’s ghost writer aka 7.35.
      The writer has not noticed that previous announcements about others stepping in , have not been met with such distain and ridicule .
      Perhaps you can’t see Kenneth as many others see him.

    • Anonymous says:

      Spoken like a tru missus

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ll give you A+ for effort, D- for attainment. I’d like to ‘big you up’ but… oh heck, I’ll give it a thumbs up anyway.

    • Anonymous says:

      I haven’t read all of that but no, there isn’t usually an Acting Deputy Premier. Which is because Deputy Premier is already a role, the function is which is to act as Premier, in the Premier’s absence. To have an Acting Deputy Premier, the Deputy Premier needs to be acting as Premier. Not just be off island. The Governor’s absence is an exception: that moves several public servants up a rank until they the Governor returns. But this is just JuJu doing some ego stroking so they can all say ‘acted as Deputy Premier’ on their CVs for the rest of their lives. And she has every incentive to encourage and empower this rabble, as they will continue to keep Cayman politics decentralised and destabilised, conditions in which she is chosen as the compromise candidate for the top job. As it is, she is guaranteed a Cabinet post unless Moses is in there already because our Constitution says there has to be one from the Sister Islands.

      We are in a mess. I’ll leave it there.

      • Anonymous says:

        No MP from Cayman Brac is guaranteed a seat in Cabinet. Where did you get that from?

        There is not any such provision in the Cayman Islands Constitution Order 2009 that provides for that.

        Traditionally it is often an endeavor to include at least one MP from Cayman Brac, but that is not guaranteed in the Constitution.

        • Anonymous says:

          What seems to be guaranteed is that a Brakker who sits in meetings and says nothing is guaranteed a seat on every board.

        • Anonymous says:

          I can’t remember where I got it from but I’m not making it up. Nevertheless I don’t see it in the 2009 Constitution. Just the reference to their mandatory 2 seats for their tiny population and a requirement for consultation with the District Commissioner if CB+LC are not represented in Cabinet.

          But it’s soooo much easier to just put one of them in there. Easiest seats to become a minister from by far. The Deputy Premier positioned was occupied by one of those two for almost all of the past 15 years. It might as well be a guaranteed Cabinet seat and I really didn’t pull that out of nowhere; maybe it was just part of the Constitutional negotiations but didn’t make it in. Can’t remember. Either way, extremely good work and nice easy zero job requirements if you can get it.

    • Caymanian says:

      @ Be the Change! – Your tone and language are very indicative of someone I’d expect to support Kenneth Bryan. I’m a Caymanian who does indeed mentor young Caymanians. However, I will not support someone who should never have been given a leadership position in this county, simply because that person is Caymanian. Simply being Caymanian and willing to run for office is nowhere near good enough. The sooner every Caymanian voter understands that, the better off this country will be.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is this an example of AI-generated posting? I do realize that King Kenny has friends, hence the reason for his election; and without comment on the substance of the post, the grammar and spelling (no need for nitpicking) is far beyond anything that I would expect from one of his supporters.

    • Anonymous says:

      LOL Be the change! Show your face, cursing, society let him down, troll get a job, expat go home (He appreciates Expats, works his ass off from what I know (you don’t know then),stop standing down on top of
      them and then complain when the expats are running things…LOL

    • Anonymous says:

      showing you legal training.

    • Anonymous says:

      Too many “as far as I am aware” avoiding straight answers…Is he or is he not in favor of independence..?
      “Seems to be “ and “from what I know“ are also not convincing statements of Kenneth’s other alleged virtues.

    • Anonymous says:

      “He was let down by society…”. Lol ! You mean he got caught!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds like you’re on what he was once peddling.

    • Anonymous says:

      “He was let down by society”

      Omg so we are responsible for his short career as a drug dealer ? And because if this he deserves to be Premier ?

    • Anonymous says:

      At last! Someone with actual knowledge of the man himself. Never has such an unfair reputation stuck to one man for so long. Kenneth is all about doing everything for this country. So many thinkgs you heard about him in the past are embellished by the gossips. I hope you go all the way to the top job Kenneth!

    • Photo op says:

      There is rarely a photo op. Where’s the one with Jay Ebanks then?

  12. Anonymous says:

    When does JuJu get her leadership training?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Who is advising the Governor. First it was an embarrassing photo with Sandra. Now this. Domestic violence seminar with Mckeeva next.

  14. Anonymous says:

    don’t worry folks, there’s no way that hat’s going to fit, way too small for his head.

  15. V says:

    Shameful and absolutely disgusting.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Sort of like “Premiership for Dummies”

  17. Anonymous says:

    Elections cannot come soon enough!

    This clown show needs to end.

  18. Anonymous says:

    How about some classes for Kenny in self control and critical thinking…..wait there’s no one in government to teach that.

  19. Anonymous says:

    There he is, receiving his participation award.

  20. Anonymous says:

    CNS Please do not indulge this idiot, i beg you!!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    This clown is such a Narcissist. Honestly.. did this need a press release and official photo? He is acting for a week, and trust me Andre is not going to allow him to touch any of the controls while he is acting, he will sit in the back seat and keep his hands folded firmly under his ass!

    • Anonymous says:

      Can you please print a photo of my grandson being awarded a certificate for
      “most improved “ after getting 20 out of 20 in his spelling test…?

  22. Anonymous says:

    There she is Ms Hostile Environment endorsing another convicted criminal to the top ranks of Govt. If these idiots claimed they worked in pictures I’d draw a wall mural but it wouldn’t help. 🎨🖼️

  23. Anonymous says:

    The fact that we have sitting MPs that have been arrested, or convicted in office is a clear indicator how desensitized people have become as they continue to get re-elected.
    We cannot continue to accept this as normal as ethics and morals will continue to decay and it only takes one wrong more due to greed, ignorance or corruption that will put us back on grey or black lists and jeopardizes our financial industry.
    Those who can vote need to take this into serious consideration next year at the polls and vote for candidates who are trustworthy, have integrity and can lead by example.
    The one man one vote that was touted by former MPs to address the inequality of voting power has created a nightmare for this country. It has enabled MPs to become Ministers of this country that didn’t even receive 1% of the vote nationally. It has created a path of increased vote buying.
    It has also created a reliance on vote buying to get re-elected. When the money runs out that a voter gets are you not still in the same position?

    • Anonymous says:

      Imagine believing that the self serving politicians wouldn’t change the voting structure to guarantee their success.

      They look at Jamaica for inspiration. They hate the US and UK because of some old school colonialism thought exercise so look to Jamaica as “hmm garrisons will keep me in power”

      Works well in Jamaica, Haiti and everywhere else as you can see.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman has lost it’s sense of shame.

  24. Cayman Bottla Republic says:

    My dream candidate big up Ken Ken nah! step up pon de stage!

  25. Anonymous says:

    What sorcery is this?

  26. WBW Czar. says:

    Make us proud Kenneth!

    • fairandbalanced says:

      To all the drooling Bryan fans, please wake up!

      Thank goodness this is not a permanent elevation: it is for 1 week!

      He’s a bully who thinks he can silence anyone that is critical of him. He’s trying so hard to convince the world of his brilliance that he ends up making a complete jackass of himself.I for one hope he’s not re-elected.
      GT Central can do better than Kenneth Bryan!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Is there anything the Make a Wish Foundation cannot do?

  28. Anonymous says:

    I think they have McKeeva trying out being Attorney General.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Ominous signs of the future to come with JuJu and Kenny B steering the ship.

    Cayman stands at the precipice of disaster…

    • Anonymous says:

      Look out your window; that isn’t the top, that’s the bottom. Hope you’ll still be here after the crash, when we will need every able-bodied sentient person to pick up the pieces.

  30. Cul-Cha says:

    The situation is perilous. But not serious…

    • Anonymous says:

      But also alarming that he is given credibility by the Governor who surely cannot condone this foolish behavior, and is simply posing as a stooge for another Kenny photo op.
      Bring back Gov. Taylor to impose some discipline and dignity to Governing.

      • Anonymous says:

        He was a third-generation diplomat we were lucky to have. They don’t come like that anymore.

  31. Anonymous says:

    For someone as smart as Kenny, it shouldn’t take any more than two days to learn everything there is to know about the job.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Is there a salary increase?
    That would explain a lot, wouldn’t it?

    • Big Bobo In West Bay says:

      Yep, a very nice salary increase. The feeding at the public trough continues.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh yes, a big one. Any time one of these people gets to ‘act’ it’s like they earned a bonus in the private sector. The higher you are on the salary scale, the more the next grade up makes. Find a position that travels a lot, get the job under them, profit. You will either be on the plane on their behalf, taking a per diem and not spending any of your money because everything you do is free anyway, or you will be on island earning way more than your actual salary because you are ‘acting’ all the time.

      And of course, in this case, it’s just a way to funnel extra cash toward these guys so they can give it to constituents who don’t even begin to comprehend that they are supposed to urge policies on their politicians, vote accordingly, and use the society they get as a result to better their lives; not ask for handouts. And the politicians should obviously not give anything. But they justify it by how much harassment they get.

      Cayman’s voters get the government they deserve. When someone smart and principled like Winston or Wayne gets in, they get chased out by the mob. This is the sorry situation we are in. We have a party no one trusts that has not won outright since 2005 on one side, and an uncountable number of hopefuls who now only need to throw a few big barbecues or whatever and they’re elected.

  33. lil Bobo in East End says:

    So, we are running this place like a high school now? Andre being off island for a week doesn’t mean we need to do this.

    I’m fairly certain the actual Deputy Premier has internet access and his phone available in the U.S.

    I’d be more excited if Juju retired.

    • Anon says:

      This comment right here 💯!!!!! My sentiments exactly.

    • Anonymous says:

      Of course this is to benefit Juliana. Word on the street is that she is the laziest minister/Premier we have had the misfortune to have.

  34. Corruption is endemic says:

    Kenny is both ambitious and unqualified. At times like these we should all remember that he wasn’t even a successful drug dealer…

  35. Anonymous says:

    Work experience. Sounds about his level!

  36. Commandant Barbecue says:

    A certificate ceremony? Really? Talk about fool fool pretend governing.

    I wonder if CIG and our UK rep have a plan to deal with the first boatload of Haitian refugees?

    There is a massive regional crisis happening that could impact Cayman directly and it involves something more than a plate of stew turtle.

  37. Anonymous says:

    I want to 🤢 vomit.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Guy is unfit for office.. Should have been fired for his dumbass Barbados flight idea.

    He needs to go back to peddling to tourists and expats in nightclubs. Oh yeah… He wasn’t very good at that either.

  39. Anonymous says:

    God help us.

  40. Anonymous says:

    This cracks me up.

  41. Anonymous says:

    There it is Ladies and Gentlemen, the plan all along as if we couldn’t tell.

    If we weren’t officially doomed before, we now are.

    • Anonymous says:

      The day he becomes Premier is the day I sell everything and go retire somewhere else because he’ll start the march toward independence.

  42. Anonymous says:

    This calls for an illegal billboard!

  43. Anonymous says:

    God help us all. Time to pack up and make use of those British passports we are all so fortunate to have


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