Ex Pirates Week boss heads Commissions Secretariat

| 23/02/2024 | 29 Comments
Melanie McField

(CNS): Melanie McField has taken over as manager of the Commissions Secretariat, which is responsible for the provision of strategic and operational support to the six independent commissions established under the Cayman Islands Constitution. McField is a Caymanian with over 20 years of experience in marketing, communications and event management and ten years at senior management level. 

She comes to the job from the Cayman National Cultural Foundation (CNCF), where she was director of programmes. Before that, she served as the director of the Pirates Week Festival.

Deputy Chief Officer of the Portfolio of the Civil Service (PoCS) Lauren Knight, who has oversight of the Secretariat, said she looked forward to McField’s capable leadership and strategic direction. “I welcome Melanie to PoCS and the wider Civil Service family and look forward to supporting her in the role as she works to ensure the delivery of the Secretariat’s mandate.” 

McField said she was excited about the opportunities ahead. “Our dedicated team will continue to uphold the highest standards of efficiency, transparency, and fairness in assisting the chairs and members of each commission. Together, we will work towards fostering a collaborative environment that promotes excellence and serves the best interests of all stakeholders. I look forward to contributing to the continued success of the Commissions Secretariat and advancing our mission.”

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Comments (29)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, well, Natalee Coleman should be very pleased. ” the stone the builders rejected has become the corner stone” congratulations Mel. You always shine where you are- perhaps your brightness sometimes outshine others, but that is naturally who you are!

  2. Two Cents says:

    So was the position advertised or did she just ‘take it over’?

  3. Candid says:

    Bright young lady. All Caymanians must be happy and support her. Her challenge will be to be a secretary to institutions that are largely ineffective and do not support the small person.

  4. anon says:

    Can someone name these “six independent commissions, explain what exactly is it they do and who runs each of them?.

    • JTB says:

      Human Rights Commission – chair Ben Tonner KC
      Civil Service Appeals Commission – chair Huw Moses
      Anti Corruption Commission – chair Adrian Pope
      Judicial & Legal Services Commission – chair Julien Freeland
      Constitutional Commission – chair Vaughan Carter
      Commission for Standards in Public Life – chair Sonia Bush

      • Anonymous says:

        Anti-Corruption Commission and Standards in Public Life Commission are a joke. ACC are just lazy old expats collecting paychecks for doing nothing. Hopefully Mel’s first job is to clear them skeletons and wasters out.

  5. Johnnie Cake Wid A Cup Of Coffey says:

    All that’s good, Mel. You’re intelligent, disciplined, and want what is good for our country. You are an honourable Caymanian Public Servant. Those who know you, are proud of you. I also know you shall shine. Ignore the detractors and shine teedee.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I gah soca you you gah soca me! sour grapes now turn to bitter grapes

  7. Anonymous says:

    So what about the previous administration that handled the festival for the last few years? I guess their “Pirate Fest” fiasco didn’t drive it into the ground? You people are something else.

    • Anonymous says:

      Finally someone with sense! That was Ventisha Conolly NOT Melanie McField. She hasn’t done a festival since 2019; almost 5 years ago people. Ventisha had NO CLUE what she was doing.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Bright woman who has never seemed to actually do anything substantial. Pirates Week was and is a non job, everyone knows that.

    • Anonymous says:

      And you would know this how? Gotta love comments like these from ignorant people who have no clue what it takes to plan major events. Would love to see ANY of you do it better!

  9. Anonymous says:

    “Our dedicated team will continue to uphold the highest standards of efficiency, transparency, and fairness“ —— is that the same efficiency and transparency as the Dubai expo in 2022?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Considering that some people felt managing PW Committee was above her capability!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    She ran the pirates week committee into the ground!

    • Anonymous says:

      We all have the right to state our opinions but for crying out loud be FACTUAL!. While Melanie was running the Pirates Week Festival (2013-2019) it was in its prime and will never be that great again!! She left PW four years ago, so whatever transpired since then is not on her. Please ensure before writing negative comments on public platforms, you know what you’re talking about.

      • Anonymous says:

        Don’t be so bloody stupid. Pirates Week was in its prime in the 1980’s. Since then it’s been nothing but a drain on the public purse.

    • Anonymous says:

      Again, wrong person. You’re referring to the current manager. Really wish people would get their facts right.

  12. Anonymous says:

    All the best Ms. McField for dealing with the members of said tribunals and the political overlords.


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