One man found guilty of murder as co-accused acquitted

| 14/12/2023 | 9 Comments
Murder in Cayman Islands, Cayman News Service
Scene of murder in George Town on 5 May 2023

(CNS): Shaun Antonio Jackson has been convicted of the murder of Randy Kelsey Robinson, who was stabbed to death during a fight at a George Town bar earlier this year. Jackson was charged with murder alongside Matthew Glasgow and Jonathan Alexander Woodhouse, but both of those men were acquitted of killing Robinson outside the Caribe Café, off Shedden Road, in the early hours of 5 May.

However, Woodhouse has been convicted of wounding with intent in relation to the stabbing of a second man involved in the deadly brawl.

Although Jackson had pleaded guilty to manslaughter before the trial started, the crown had declined to accept that plea as prosecutors contended that he and his friends, Glasgow and Woodhouse, had deliberately stalked and taunted Robinson and set out as a group to attack him.

The fight started when Robinson’s friend, who was badly wounded in the fight, threw the first punch. He told the court that he believed he was being attacked by a group of up to four men. The case was based largely on CCTV footage and the evidence of the injured witness, who had survived the ordeal after he was stabbed by Woodhouse.

Although Glasgow appeared in the video and was seen involved in the brawl, he had argued that he had no knife and was also a victim who got caught up in a quickly escalating matter that ended in tragedy. He maintained that he had no intention of killing or hurting anyone and was not involved in any joint enterprise.

Nevertheless, the crown had charged all three men on the basis that it had been a joint enterprise and that they had targeted Robinson.

Following the jury’s verdict, Glasgow, who was acquitted on all counts, was discharged immediately by the judge. Woodhouse and Jackson were both remanded in custody pending a sentencing hearing in the New Year. While Woodhouse is facing a lengthy period behind bars for his conviction for wounding with intent, Jackson is facing a life sentence.

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  1. ANGER Management says:

    This young man was afforded a multitude of counseling and psychological interventions during his school years. Unfortunately, he was unable to control his anger. It was only a matter of time before someone became a victim. There a few young men in our society who need intensive behavior management therapy starting in the early years and sustained through adulthood. He is one of them. My condolences to both families. I knew both young men and feared for their future. So sad.😭

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wish they’d close all these bars down. They are nothing but trouble for fools that can’t control themselves. #drinkathomepeople

  3. Anonymous says:

    Miscarriage of justice.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Deportation order following completion of sentence, and Glasgow can pack his bags now. Irrespective of the criminal conviction, expats who engage in armed brawls have no place on the island.


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