Premier visits ‘scary scene’ of house explosion

| 06/06/2023 | 23 Comments
House in Newlands demolished by explosion, Cayman News Service
House in Newlands demolished by explosion (photo from social media)

(CNS) UPDATED: Police have now confirmed that three of the people injured in the house explosion in Newlands around 1:00pm on Monday have been treated and released from the hospital, but one person who was seriously injured remains in critical care. Emergency services and other agencies are still at the scene, which remains cordoned off as the investigation work into the blast continues.

“Efforts to determine the cause of the incident are ongoing, with fire and police remaining on scene to conduct investigations. At this time, the cause of the incident remains unknown,” the RCIPS said Tuesday afternoon.

Original post: Premier Wayne Panton, the MP for Newlands, and Heather Bodden MP, who represents Savannah, both visited the scene where a family home in Newlands exploded yesterday and have met with local residents. Panton said their thoughts and prayers were with all those affected.

“It was a scary scene, reminiscent of a war zone,” the premier said in a community message. “Under the circumstances, I am extremely grateful that there was no loss of life and pray those injured will make a full recovery. We know that this event had impacted multiple persons and their families, physically and emotionally.”

There are still no updates about the four people injured in the blast or any information on the cause of the explosion. The RCIPS confirmed that police officers were still at the scene Tuesday and that there would be updates later today. But as of 11:00am, there were no major developments, the police said.

Cayman Islands Fire Service crews were at the explosion site all day yesterday to make the scene safe and identify the source of the explosion, and CIFS officers are still working at the site today.

Anyone involved or impacted by the blast who needs assistance or can help those involved is asked to reach out to Panton and Bodden’s community office at 943-7652.

Anyone who needs support is asked to call the Department of Counselling Services at 949-8789 or email

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  1. Anonymous says:

    OfReg and the Inspectorate for flammable fuel and chemicals did nothing either when the CUC explosion in January 28th, 2011. Two employees were injured, which one was severely critically wounded whom was Kurt Scott.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You know the old saying never make a good crisis go to waste, we all know they going to ban propane next, it is due to be done anyway based on the #UN2030 guideline.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Laws apply equally? Or no?

    “Breaching police cordons is an offense according to section 49(3) of the Police Act (2021 Revision) and anyone who contravenes a police cordon commits an offense and is liable to a fine of $3000 or to imprisonment for one year or to both.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    That was definitely something pressurized that caused that extent of damage! Hopefully, explosive experts are investigating and not just our regular old RCIPS. Propane tanks still in perfect condition at side of house.

    Thankful for no loss of life!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Had the police barriers been removed, or should the clowns who attended the scene be fined?

  6. Anonymous says:

    When last Wayne was in a “war zone”?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Prayer don’t save lives. Fire safety inspections do. Fire safety compliance does. Fire safety education does. Propane safety does.


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