Bush chooses Grand Court for assault trial

| 28/03/2023
McKeeva Bush leaving court Tuesday

(CNS): Veteran MP McKeeva Bush (WBW) has elected to have the case against him for indecent assault tried in Grand Court where he can opt for a jury trial. Bush appeared in Summary Court Tuesday for the third time, and although he has still not formally answered the charges, the decision to transfer the case to the higher court implies that he will be pleading not guilty.

Bush arrived in court, again using a walker, and made his way to the dock where he spoke only to make the election to the Grand Court. The case will be heard on 14 April and Bush was granted bail until then.

Bush is facing two charges of indecent assault in relation to allegations of inappropriate behaviour and sexual harassment of two women at an official cocktail event at the Ritz-Carlton during the Caribbean Tourism Organization conference last September. At the time, he was still speaker of the House of Parliament, but the allegations ultimately led to his resignation from the high office.

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