Fire crews damp down hotspots at dump

| 03/02/2023 | 17 Comments

(CNS): The Cayman Islands Fire Service (CIFS) was called to the George Town Landfill Wednesday morning responding to a report about heavy smoke emitting from the remaining open area where garbage is currently being dumped. When they arrived, the firefighters found that there was visible smoke in three areas but no open flames and no threat to the public or adjoining properties.

After conducting an assessment, CIFS crews confirmed that the heavy smoke was coming from a heap about 10ft by 10ft, and light smoke was coming from two other nearby spots. The three areas of concern were damped by crews to extinguish the hotspots and prevent any potential reignition or spread.

CIFS and staff from the Department of Environmental Health continued to work on the areas as a precautionary measure, according to CIG.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Fix the Dump, Fix the Dump, Fix the Dump, people say.

    But what needed is a Waste Management System- this is FUNDAMENTAL.

    1. Reduce,Reuse,Recycel strategy. The 3Rs approach. That requires lots of work.

    ✅The Japanese have a word for the sense of regret they feel when something valuable is wasted: ‘mottainai’ (もったいない). It can be translated as “don’t waste anything worthy” or “what a waste”, and has come to represent the island nation’s environmental awareness.
    ✅ Japan’s sophisticated waste management system has lessons for the rest of the world: everything from polystyrene to packaging for pills can be separated and recycled.
    *️⃣Supermarkets now have PET bottle shredders – providing shopping tokens in exchange for plastic – that cut down on the emissions created by collections. PET resin is then used to make everything from clothes and carpets, to new bottles.
    *️⃣And there are apps that feature “dictionaries” to help people sort their waste
    *️⃣ Japan’s landmass is limited, so there’s little space for landfill sites, meaning garbage that can’t be recycled is often burned. However, burning waste produces harmful gases, including dioxins, which were reported to be contaminating soil and even breast milk. So over the past two decades, the country has been working on improving technology to reduce emissions from incineration in order to protect people and the environment.
    Between 1997 and 2003, dioxin emissions fell by 98%, according to the government.

    ✅Inadequacy of a Waste Management Strategy Focusing Solely on Disposal

    CIG will learn a lot from Japan, who is the world’s leader in 3Rs, if they seriously decide to implement the first world Waste Management System and stop FIXING.

    Japan is determined to lead the world in promoting the activities associated with the 3Rs, namely reducing, reusing and recycling waste. CIG can continue throwing away money on inventing a bicycle, and keep patching the Dump, OR they can employ REAL WORLD”S leaders in the field who would offer and assist in solutions that would work for DECADES.

    Lastly, Boyan Slat the 27yo CEO of The Ocean Cleanup can offer solutions for the drifting “marine” plastic problem. Some Caribbean island already use his solutions, including Jamaica.


    A small team from The Ocean Cleanup traveled to Jamaica to continue research and business development for the gully pollution problem in Kingston Harbour.

    ★Anything less would be a waste of time and money. Working with sub-experts would only get you suboptimal results, at best.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Name just ONE, 1️⃣, thing that was done right the first time. JUST ONE!!!!!! PLEASE!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    ah yes…. the dump…. what the latest non-update wayne/no-plan-pact????

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wayne’s plan to fix the damn dump – Pile it all the way out to the ETH and set it on fire.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Now that it’s somewhat capped, the methane gas will be building up with nowhere to go, and the raw black water waste ponds just east of the landfill will still deliver a river of stink on the wind.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The dump has been burning for a few years now with underground fires.
    No one speaks of it, only a few know.


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