Cops found gun in backpack during home search

| 01/02/2023

(CNS): A jury heard how police conducting a search of Adam Marvick Llewellyn’s home in the Rock Hole area of George Town last May found a .38 revolver and five rounds of ammunition in a pouch inside a backpack in his bedroom. Llewellyn (54) has denied that the weapon was his. As Orrett Brown opened the case for the prosecution, he told the jury that part of a mixed sample of DNA found on the gun matched Llewellyn’s and that he lived in the house with only his wife and sister-in-law.

Brown said the police had gone to Llewellyn’s place of work with a search warrant, but did not reveal the reason for the warrant. He was then taken by the police to his home, where they conducted the search and found the weapon in his room inside the bag, which Llewellyn admitted was his. He claimed that he could not remember the last time he had used the bag, though his glasses and medication were also found inside.

Brown said that video footage taken from his home computer also showed that he had used the bag the day before the search.

As he outlined the accusations and the evidence he would present to the jury to prove the case, Brown did not offer any reasons or motives as to why Llewellyn may have been in possession of the weapon, but he confirmed that he did not have a licence for the gun.

The prosecutor said when all of the circumstances were taken together, despite his claims that he did not know the weapon was in the bag, the jury could be sure that he did, in fact, know and that he was in possession of the firearm.

The case continues.

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