Coastguard medevacs passenger from cruise ship

| 04/01/2023 | 10 Comments
Marella Discovery 2

(CNS): A 65-year-old passenger on board the cruise ship Marella Discovery 2 who suffered a medical emergency on Sunday as the ship was en route to Jamaica was rescued by the Cayman Islands Coast Guard (CICG). The ship had contacted the CICG’s Operation and Rescue Command Centre when it was just over 150 nautical miles from Grand Cayman requesting assistance in transporting the man to the closest emergency medical facility for treatment.

The ORCC coordinated the response between the coastguard patrol boat Mark Luke and the cruise ship, which resulted in the patient and his wife being safely transferred from the ship at sea and taken to the Royal Walter Terminal in George Town.

The CICG was met by an ambulance which took them to the Cayman Islands Hospital by ambulance.

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Comments (10)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If Marella Discovery 2 was transiting from Puerto Limon Costa Rica to Port Royal, Kingston Jamaica the next day, why was it faster to call the Cayman Islands hotline and use our Coast Guard hundreds of miles off-route to the northwest? Something doesn’t add up here. Sounds like the cashing of a special favour.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Let’s consult a map of 150 nm off Cayman and see what that circle looks like. That’s basically in the Bay Islands to the south west and Cozumel to the West, Cuba to north, and near Jamaica to the East…where was this render vous? Why would Cayman get the call that far afield into international waters, and then smash all those ill passengers back over blue water seas and many hours each way to Cayman burning a month of diesel budget? What was our Coast Guard doing out there way out in international waters? Why can’t our Coast Guard stay within our 12 mile economic zone and do their job?!? Dozens of Cubans and narcotics traffickers are actually landing here and the Coast Guard is off on international safari. CBC is asking the public to do the Coast Guard’s job. You can’t make this stuff up.

    • Anonymous says:

      But you can make up a 12 mile economic zone. Actually your territorial sea goes out 12 miles. Your Exclusive Economic Zone is 200 miles or halfway to the next country, whichever is less. For some reason Cayman pays no attention to its Exclusive Economic Zone. You should at least be taxing all those foreign fishing boats out there. The Coast Guard could enforce that. Meanwhile rescuing people in international waters is something all countries are supposed to do. Especially if you pride yourself on your maritime heritage.

  3. Randy Christian says:

    The article left me wondering: How far away was the coast guard vessel from the cruise ship when they got the call? Did the cruise ship turn back to meet the coast guard vessel halfway?

    • Anonymous says:

      There should be a public inquest when it comes to our well equipped Coast Guard, their staffing, equipment, machinery, and the marine patrols and interceptions they are not carrying out. CBC publicly discounts the reality of this existent enforcement branch, and instead instructs the general citizenry to report illegal landers!?! Who do the Coast Guard work for, and what is their mission?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Precisely how Covid started.

    • _||) says:

      Well we’ll just toss you overboard if you have an emergency then.


      • Anonymous says:

        Good job guys! No less is expected.we would appreciate that from some other entity if one of ours was in that situation.

      • Anonymous says:

        Good. You get on one of those cesspools that’s your business, you have assumed the risk.


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