Three more robberies committed in one night

| 09/12/2022 | 31 Comments

(CNS): As the current robbery spike continues to escalate, there were three more armed robberies on Thursday night in a period of just an hour, the first in Prospect, the second on Boilers Road and the third on Smith Road. The first victim was a woman who was robbed at gunpoint outside a residence where she had just parked at about 7:50pm. A masked man approached her vehicle, brandished a firearm and demanded cash before fleeing on foot with the money.

Then at about 8:35pm police were called to a bar on Boilers Road, where a masked man had entered with a gun and demanded money from the staff. He then fled with cash taken from the registers and the workers.

Fifteen minutes later, on Smith Road, another woman who had just parked was approached by a masked man pointing a firearm at her and demanding cash. He fled the location with a bank card belonging to the woman.

The descriptions of the robbers in each different case were all very similar. Police have said that detectives are pursuing all lines of inquiry, including whether or not the incidents are linked.

The suspect in the first mugging in Propsect was of slim build, about 5’6″ tall, of light brown complexion and appeared to be in his early 20s. He was wearing a black hoodie, shorts, a black mask and gloves.

The second suspect who robbed the bar and staff was also said to have a slim build, was about 5’7″-5’8″ and wearing a black hoodie, blue jeans, shades and a black mask.

The final suspect also had a slim build, was about 5’8″ and wore a mask, dark hoodie, blue jeans and shades.

“Our inquiries have revealed that the first and third incidents occurred shortly after the victims had attended ATMs,” said Superintendent Peter Lansdown. “We are advising the public to exercise caution and vigilance when conducting financial transactions, especially withdrawing cash during night time hours.

“Report any suspicious activity, whether persons or vehicles, by contacting 911. We are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying and locating the perpetrators, any information provided could be of help,” he added.

The tally for robberies this year is now in excess of 40 incidents, five of which took place this week. The crimes range from street muggings to stick-ups at gas stations and stores. Some victims are also said to have been involved in illegal gambling.

Anyone with information is asked to contact George Town CID at 949-4222. Anonymous tips can be provided to the RCIPS Confidential Tip Line at 949-7777 or the website.

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. An0n says:

    And yet, if I give my partner some pepper spray for self-defence and she has to actually use it, she’ll get slapped with more jail time than the people who were trying to rob her.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your honour, I was just trying to kill the massive cockroach on his face with the can of RAID, but I believe I may have mistaken him for the cockroach itself due to their extreme similarities.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Am gonna rock down to Elgin Avenue
    And see if cops are working…🎶

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow. I rarely use ATMs, but that could have been me last night at 7:30PM stopping to collect cash for a pizza. I won’t do that again!

  5. Anonymous says:

    It is obvious to everyone that the current crime prevention/policing/prosecution/sentencing/rehab regime is a failure of epic proportions.

    There is a need for a thorough analysis of the failings that have led to the current state of affairs and this analysis should be conducted by a competent external agency. We do not need a cover-up or any more reassuring statements to the effect that everything is under control. Clearly it is not.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It is obvious to everyone that the current crime prevention/policing/prosecution/sentencing/rehab regime is a failure of epic proportions.

    There is a need for a thorough forensic analysis of the failings that have led to the current state of affairs and this analysis should be conducted by a competent external agency. We do not need a cover-up or any more ‘reassuring statements to the effect that everything is under control. Clearly it is not.

  7. Courtney Platt says:

    I remember when we didn’t even need to lock our cars and our population was small enough that everyone knew “who ya Daddy and who ya Momma is”. It wasn’t so long ago that we had no stop- lights nor traffic and the reef was packed with fish… just 40 years! I strongly believe that the vast majority of our serious woes are the result of runaway population. It has led to a sense of anonymity allowing miscreants like these guys to imagine nobody will know who they are. SOMEBODY knows who they are and needs to become conscientious enough to turn them in. Please don’t let them ruin our paradise. And please PACT, do something about the root of all this evil by seriously limiting population growth, thus limiting the damage it is doing to our land, sea and people.

    • Anonymous says:

      Greed bro……see they want to 30 floor buildings? For who and for what? So we have more garbage, more sewage, more traffic and at the detriment of our way of life which includes frustration, depression, poverty for the locals, environment and natural resources drying up
      again, for what?

    • linda hillgrove says:

      WELL WRITTEN, Courtney….have been to CAYMAN 31 times, 1st in 1979….Our children, @ the time, went to the “old” movie theater, WEST BAY ROAD….. NOW, @ night time, WOULD NOT dare to…. TIME_ it CHANGES everything

  8. Anonymous says:

    The predominantly Jamaican police force in the Cayman Islands could care less! Ever had a conversation with any of them and listened to their reasons for doing nothing about your complaint? A clean sweep of that gang of do nothings is what’s needed to regain control and deal with the growing criminal element here. We are now akin to a mini Ja. Sorry but not sorry! That’s my take on this sad and extremely upsetting situation we are now being forced to live in with a totally government. God help us.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe a Jamaican force but let’s not forget who is at the helm, an English Governor and COP. The Jamaican force is getting leadership direction from these guys and if there are no direction then why are they still here? It is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or worst yet, killed.

      CNS: The CoP is not English; he is not even from the UK. He is from the Republic of Ireland. This is simply a geography correction. I’m not making any other point.

      • Anonymous says:

        COP is away soon and Dep Comm Walton will be the new COP. Then it will be a Caymanian in charge. Let’s see what strategy they come up with.

        • Anonymous says:

          they come up with strategies but what has happened? nothing. policing our roads for any infraction is the only way to start catching criminals.

      • Anonymous says:

        Whatever he is, he is presiding over a shit show.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is becoming a headline every other night. The picture just changes to update the article.

  10. Anonymous says:

    …are pursuing all lines of inquiry….
    They’re connected, they’re connected!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Will it take another 3 weeks before any arrests ate made? I mean, how long can it take to find a masked man of slim build 5”8 in height with a black hoodie.. there arent much of them running around right /s.

    In all seriousness, this level of disrespect for the law and fellow citizens will only breed further criminal behavior because there is no police presence to deter anything.

    Only a matter of time before we have to fend for ourselves because police are absolutely a non factor in anyone’s mind.

    • Anonymous says:

      We are already there. HAVE been there for a while.

      Other than investigate, what do we expect of the police? All they can do is respond after the fact.

      What WE can do is be aware of our surroundings, and try to not allow ourselves to be vulnerable. Gone are the days where you could sit by the water at night with your sweetheart. Gone are the days where you could walk alone anywhere. Gone are the days where people watch out for each other.

      Get to know your neighbours. Commit to watching out for each other. I wonder if it is against the law to fashion a belt out of cable for use as a weapon. Knowing us, I would guess that it’s not illegal until used to defend oneself, and then it becomes a “offencive weapon” or some such crap.

    • Big Bobo In West Bay says:

      Only a matter of time before there is a serious incident with tourists on Seven Mile Beach or West Bay Road. Then we will have a very serious public relations problem on our hands.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Only way this cummissioner can stop crime is create traffic jams. smh

  13. Anonymous says:

    you’d think the cops could set up a strong operation… sorry what am I saying? silly me. cops, work? lols.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      They did say they are focusing on these robberies. Maybe they need to check their eyes first.

    • Anonymous says:

      you been watching Hollywood movies? a sting operation would work how exactly???

      You ask officers if they’d like to pose as an unarmed potential victim… you then wire them up and drop them in a shady area of GT, with FSU ready to jump out at any moment… you been smoking the same stuff as the robbers???

      With all the possible ways it can go wrong, it would never be an option. From putting someone at risk of getting shot, to having them blend in, to hiding a support team, to repeating every night until it works.

      Better cameras, more visible patrols, foot patrols, drones, detectives who are given all the tools they need, supportive sentencing, better ways to make anonymous reports…these would make a difference.

      • Anonymous says:

        The million dollar cameras don’t work bobo. Name one incident where the cameras played a vital role of convicting a criminal.

        A waste of money and the persons involved should never had been promoted to continue with his lodge mentality.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Out of control. Just wait till a tourist gets a gun put to their head and it’s bye, bye tourism.


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