Entangled nurse shark in need of help

| 21/10/2022 | 7 Comments
Nurse shark caught in a mesh bag (Photo courtesy of Brad Nelson)

(CNS): The Department of Environment is asking the diving and snorkelling community to look out for a nurse shark that became entangled in a thick mesh bag which found its way into the sea. The DoE team said they are already doing their best to locate and assist the shark but so far they have been unsuccessful and need help. The shark was last seen at the Eagleray Pass dive site on the North Wall a week ago but now he could be anywhere.

“This kind of imagery reminds us that we are faced with the choice to prevent litter from entering the environment, and particularly our oceans, often on a daily basis,” the DoE team said in a social media post. “It is up to us to do what we can in that moment to ensure our personal items and trash are secured for safe disposal, and even remove trash from the environment if we can. Hopefully, we will find the nurse shark soon and set him free.”

Anyone who sees the nurse shark is asked to call or WhatsApp 916-4271 to report the location as soon as possible. Anyone wishing to report an animal in distress can phone DoE during business hours on 949-8469 or email doe@gov.ky

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Comments (7)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So let’s put all our resources into finding a shark in a bag?

  2. Anonymous says:

    ….Shark entangled in a mesh bag? Like the kind that divers use???

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fall fashion season Nurse shark wears Prada.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Too many poachers and tourist thrillers, locals and foreiners alike. No special nationality blame because I’ve witnessed both.


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