Bush found guilty of murdering his son

| 28/09/2022 | 20 Comments
Roger Deward Bush

(CNS): Roger Deward Bush (47) has been convicted of murdering his son, Shaquille Demario Bush (24), following a judge-alone trial that took place in June. Bush, dressed in a clean white polo shirt and khaki pants, arrived at court ahead of the verdict with a backpack, looking hopeful about his release. But Justice Marlene Carter told him she was satisfied the crown had proved its case, which was that Bush had gunned down his son in a hail of bullets at their West Bay family yard nearly three years ago. As the verdict was read out on Wednesday, Bush smirked but remained silent as he sat in the dock.

Shaquille Bush died at the scene in Daisy Lane on 12 November 2019 as a result of one of two fatal wounds, one to his head and the other to his back. But the young man had been hit three times in what the forensic evidence implied was a pursuit. Evidence at the scene painted a picture of Shaquille trying to run away from his father, who was armed with a 9mm Luger pistol and had fired at least 15 shots at him.

The judge said she found the two key witnesses who gave evidence against Deward Bush credible. She said that while there were some inconsistencies in the evidence given by Nikkieta Ebanks, his long-time former girlfriend and the mother of his child, there were times when she had been threatened and so had lied at the direction of Bush in her police interviews.

The judge also noted in her verdict that some of Ebanks’ testimony was directly supported by other evidence that she could not have been aware of, undermining the defence’s case that she had fabricated a false narrative against Bush because she despised him. The court had also heard during the course of the trial that Ebanks had been threatened just before her interview following Shaquiile’s murder by a serving police officer, a claim supported by additional circumstantial evidence. That officer has been arrested but it is not clear if he has since been charged.

The judge said that she found the other main witness, Candace Ebanks, to be honest and forthright and much of her evidence remained unchallenged by the defence.

Justice Carter said that the testimony from the women, together with the supporting circumstantial evidence and Bush’s failure to take the stand had made her sure that Bush was guilty. While the defence does not have to prove anything, “in the face of compelling direct and circumstantial evidence”, the defendant was still unwilling or unable to give evidence on his own behalf, she explained. As she handed down the guilty verdict, she said the prosecution had provided the evidence that he had the motive, means and opportunity to kill his son.

The judge found Bush guilty of both the murder of his son and the possession of an unlicensed firearm. The crown contends that Bush killed the young man because of a misguided sexual jealousy as he had begun to obsess, incorrectly, that Shaquille and Nikkieta had had an affair. Bush had started to believe that it was his son, and not him, who was the biological father of Nikkieta’s young daughter.

While Bush is facing a mandatory life sentence, the law now requires the court to define that term with a minimum tariff that he must serve before he could ever be considered for parole. The law sets 30 years as the recommended time but the court has some discretion in all life sentences to either increase or decrease that term, depending on the circumstances.

Bush was remanded in custody following the verdict and the sentencing hearing has been set for November.

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Comments (20)

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  1. anons says:

    most people know this at risk behavior that existed in this guy from school days, very troublesome with demented.
    Should have dealt with him from dem days

    • Anonymous says:

      I got so excited when I first read the headline “Bush found guilty of…”
      Then I realized it was the wrong Bush.

  2. Jamaican Law enforcement association JLEA says:

    If all that is correct and factual what is this hold up in getting rid of this piece of garbage in the RCIPS because I tell you what had it been a born Caymanian there would be no hesitation ,there would be no delay and due process followed or horse shit we see going on here ! I guess the ACC unit is now under review so this will be shoved under the carpet and a big payout $$$$/issued so he and his fellow comrades can continue in the RCIPS running their criminal enterprise. Cayman if we do not get rid of this contingent of foreign criminals operating here now in our law enforcement branch their is going to be absolutely nothing left here for us. Those at the very Top are complicit !

  3. Anonymous says:

    Such a disturbing case. Thoroughly vile individual. His son was not his first victim. He should be one of those sent to UK to be imprisoned there. Take away his minions and support system.

  4. Leon C says:

    15 shots? That means he reloaded. Suggests son already incapacitated as he would have had time to get away if not?

    • Bernie Retta says:

      Well, I’ll heducate you,
      It’s rounds not shots.
      And the FN5.7 has a capacity of 17 rounds in the magazine.
      You should see my grouping, lethal with a Shooter, now I only aim for the grouper

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t need to reload at all! A clip can have 15 and one in the chamber

    • Anonymous says:

      The mags for my CCW weapon in the USA hold 15-rounds plus I carry one more in the chamber. I think the confusion is the reference to a ‘9mm Luger pistol’ when they mean a pistol chambered for 9mm Luger ammo.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Police cant be trusted. I know the street wolves when I see them, but not when they are wearing the white shirt sheeps clothing.

  6. Pinga BTH says:

    Justice bobo…he na get way so easy!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Smoked too much ganja and lost the plot. Don’t free the weed.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I wonder how he feels ? His own son? Wow

  9. Anonymous says:

    Almost 4 months to deliver a verdict ?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Prominent Absurdistani citizen faces something he never expected to contend with, consequences.

    • Anonymous says:

      That was how he was at school too. Didn’t they send him to approved school in Jamaica too?


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