Bush claims harassment allegations are false

| 22/09/2022 | 157 Comments
Cayman News Service
Speaker McKeeva Bush

(CNS): Posting on a social media forum Thursday morning, Speaker McKeeva Bush said the sexual harassment allegations against him are false and made comments likely to stir up further uncertainty over the future of the PACT Government. The West Bay veteran MP still hadn’t officially resigned from his post at the time, and despite reportedly telling Premier Wayne Panton that he would step aside in messages over the weekend, as of noon today he remained firmly in the speaker’s chair.

Commenting on the Facebook group Elections & Legislation Watch – Cayman Islands, where the administrator called for a snap election, Bush said that would “hurt the country”, but that he would allow a no-confidence motion filed by the opposition yesterday to be heard and. “What members choose to do to defend themselves will be left to be seen,” he stated in the social media post.

In his comment responding to the social media political commentary about the current situation, which speculated that the PPM opposition has the votes to win their no-confidence motion, Bush stated that the PPM’s motion had “nothing to do with the false allegations against the speaker”. He also said the author’s post was “full of misconceptions”, adding “a snap election is not called for” as it would “hurt the country”.

Bush’s situation and that of the government remained uncertain Thursday, even though it would require a significant implosion of the PACT alliance for the opposition motion to succeed. But the speaker also remained at the heart of the instability.

According to the letter Panton sent to Bush following the allegations that Bush had sexually harassed two female civil servants while intoxicated at an official cocktail party last week, he had until 5pm tomorrow (Friday 23 September) to submit his resignation. However, there is no indication as to what Panton plans to do if Bush chooses to remain in office.

Unless the speaker goes voluntarily, the only way he can be removed is through a vote of no-confidence in his tenure by the whole parliament, requiring at least 13 votes against him or the collapse of the government.

The opposition’s no-confidence motion, which Bush has said will go on the business paper, will take precedent over any potential no-confidence vote in the speaker, creating further uncertainty surrounding the future of this government. To succeed, the no-confidence vote in PACT requires a two-thirds majority, or thirteen members, to support it. And unless he does resign, Bush will not be able to debate or vote on that motion.

While the premier, the governor and the opposition leader have all agreed Bush should vacate the speaker’s chair as a result of his inappropriate behaviour last week, despite a police inquiry no official reports have been made by any of the women allegedly subjected to his drunken advances. And without any video evidence, Bush is claiming his innocence and apparently reconsidering his decision to step down.

CNS NOTE: Since this article was posted the original political commentary and the speaker’s response has been removed please see Bush’s original post below:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sad. If your not part of the solution, your part of the problem. Get this embarrassment out of here already. You all need to think of the global impact of this too. Laughable.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’d love to see this case come up before the new CJ. I have a feeling she’d wipe the floor with him! Thankfully.

  3. anonymous says:

    Sad thing is, Mac is the ultimate untouchable. He will go unpunished again. Wayne knew what he was getting into – you sleep with a dig and wake up with flees. All he cared about was power and it was Jay who was meant to keep Mac in line. Boy that didn’t work out to well. Jay and Mac are now running the show.
    I predict that Wayne will make his token comment that the police have investigates and there was no wrongdoing. I will put money on it! Marl Road Government is here to stay people – none of them have ever had this kind of money or power and there is no way they are about to give it up. Just sayin!

  4. Anonymous says:


    Before Parliament convenes at the next session in two weeks on 5th October 2022 to vote on a Motion of No Confidence filed by the Leader of the Opposition yesterday, Premier Panton needs to make a decision right now.

    Let’s look at the alternative.

    To understand how we got here, this matter escalated at a recent event last week which brought the entire Caribbean ministers of tourism and their country’s entourage to the Cayman Islands.

    There may or may not have been something that happened involving our Speaker of Parliament Hon. McKeeva Bush after he allegedly consumed alcoholic beverages.

    We have to say “may or may not have been something that happened” because despite widespread chatter within the community and even law enforcement taking the decision to look into the matter, there is reportedly neither no victim who has filed a police complaint about any criminal offence taken against them nor no video evidence in the absence of a victim complainant.

    Although no alleged victim has come forward and upon learning that law enforcement was looking into the matter, Cayman Islands Premier Hon. Wayne Panton officially requested the Speaker of the House of Parliament in a strongly worded letter to resign by tomorrow Friday, 23rd September 2022.

    In response, the Speaker appears to have gathered support from other Members of Parliament that, as of right now, there is no legal compulsion for the Speaker to resign.

    This conundrum has now prompted the Leader of the Opposition Hon. Roy McTaggart to file a Motion of No Confidence in Parliament yesterday that will be voted on in 2 weeks on 5th October 2022 which, if successful and a minimum of 12 MP’s vote in favour of the motion, would see PPM back in power with the Opposition Leader as the newest Premier of the Cayman Islands.

    So let’s consider the alternatives and who truly holds the power in the Cayman Islands and who will benefit the most.

    This option benefits the PEOPLE OF THE CAYMAN ISLANDS most because of the widespread disapproval of both the current PACT government and the previous PPM government regarding social challenges that people are facing right now and lack of legislation to correct people’s ability to work and live comfortably in Cayman.

    This would effectively be a do-over for those voters who enthusiastically voted for a change in 2021 and voted PPM out, which brought about vigorously protest to ensure the change they wanted in power was a PACT-led government after the 19 MP’s won the general election last year but PPM was able to initially secure some independent members to join PPM in order to meet the required number of MP’s to form a PPM-led government.

    For the voters to have a snap election, this would resolve all feelings of voter remorse in what is openly described in the community as a chaotic group of inexperienced MP’s that now many voters publicly admit on social media their regret that they voted for change, further explaining that they didn’t realise the PACT change they voted for would be this disastrous.

    A snap election would return the rightful power back into the hands of the voters and remind all 19 MP’s that THE MP’s WORK FOR THE VOTERS AND DON’T HAVE TO BEG THEM TO ANSWER THEIR PHONES OR EMAIL MESSAGES, something that politicians seem to forget after they win the election and then they ignore the voters until the 4 years are up.

    So for the voters, a snap election is the most democratic and decisive option of all 2 alternatives.

    The option benefits PPM the most and would undoubtedly see the Opposition Leader as the new Premier.

    Realistically speaking, the Motion of No Confidence will pass because of the fact that our current PACT Premier appears to not have congruent control of his PACT, one of the main issues that prompted this motion to be filed at this exact moment.

    So here’s the actual breakdown of the 19 MP’s, of which 12 MP’s voting in favour of this motion would mean that PACT’s Premier, Deputy Premier and all Ministers would effectively now just be lame ducks in a PPM-led government except for those PACT MP’s who crossed the aisle which would benefit that particular MP and their constituents to be on the government bench.

    Keep in mind that you only need 12 MP votes to carry the motion from all 19 current MP.

    MP’s who will definitely vote with PPM on PPM’s Motion of No Confidence:
    1. Roy McTaggart (will be our new Premier and take back Ministry of Finance like he had last year with PPM)

    2. Joey Hew (will be our new Deputy Premier)

    3. Alden McLaughlin (might be appointed back Immigration and NAU like he had last year with PPM if Andre doesn’t vote with PPM, or Alden can just continue to relax on the farm)

    4. Moses Kirkconnell (might need to not be minister in order for the greater PPM good)

    5. David Wight (appointed back as the Minister of Sports like he had last year with PPM)

    6. Barbara Connolly (appointed as the Minister of Education since she currently shadows this Ministry unless they need Miss Julie to cross the aisle, but Barbara might need to not be minister in order for the greater PPM good)

    MP’s who will definitely support PPM’s Motion of No Confidence:
    7. McKeeva Bush (if appointed just the same as Speaker)

    8. Jay Ebanks (if appointed just the same to keep on being Minister of Planning)

    MP Minister’s who will most likely support any government with the promise to retain their ministry
    9. Julianna O’Connor-Connolly (if she is allowed to keep Ministry of Education, District Administration and Lands like she has now and had last year with PPM)

    10. Kenneth Bryan (if he is allowed to keep Ministry of Tourism and Transport instead of giving it back to Moses like he had last year with PPM)

    MP’s who can be persuaded to support PPM’s Motion of No Confidence
    11. Andre Ebanks (if he will be retained as Minister for Financial Services and Social Development)

    12. Dwayne Seymour (if he will be given back Ministry of Health like he had last year with PPM)

    MP’s who will definitely remain with PACT
    13. Wayne Panton

    14. Heather Bodden

    Wild cards either way
    15. Chris Saunders (if the motion carries with 12 other MP’s supporting PPM and if Chris does not vote with PPM, then he will be a lame duck on the opposition bench again for the remainder of the 2 years until next election and lose the Deputy Premier position)

    16. Sabrina Turner (if the motion carries with 12 other MP’s supporting PPM and if Sabrina does not vote with PPM, then she will be a lame duck on the opposition bench for the remainder of the 2 years until next election and lose her Ministry of Health and Wellness position)

    17. Bernie Bush (he has indicated that he may retire from politics altogether making this his last term)

    18. Isaac Rankine (nothing to lose either way)

    19. Katherine Ebanks-Wilks (there will be nothing to gain from PPM)

    As you can clearly see, PACT does not have the votes to remain in government and Premier Panton will be out in 2 weeks if the Motion of No Confidence carries, which means that we will have a new PPM-led government with Hon. Roy McTaggart as our new Premier.

    Therefore, the BEST option would be for Premier Panton to call for a snap election and do the whole thing over if he is not so minded to test the no confidence vote and hand the keys to the vault back to PPM.


    CNS NOTE: To assist readers with context this is the post originally placed on the FB page as mentioned in the article to which Bush was responding before they were removed from social media.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is a wild card. The successful vote of no confidence merely requires the governor to remove the Premier – which then leads to the election of a new Premier and then nomination of a new Cabinet – IF he decides to do it. Governor has the option to dissolve Parliament instead and force a new election. Any suspicion that Mac has been guaranteed the Speaker seat or a ministerial post and the G may well prefer the election to being humiliated by being confronted with Mac still in power after his recent statement.

  5. Anonymously says:

    Politicians and Diapers should be changed Frequently and for all the same reasons!!

    My 2 cents

    Concerned Caymanian

  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s just staggering how this guy gets away with so much all the f*%^ing time and people are so petrified to do anything about it.
    This obnoxious stain on the country literally makes and breaks governments. Are we missing something here that Roy etc. know? Is he the devil himself? Unbelievable what he’s got away with.

  7. Anonymous says:

    His 2 year suspended sentence does not end until December this year. Surely since he is still drinking and carried out further assaults on women, his suspended sentence should be upheld? The courts need to explain why this is not the case. Or will our judicial system turn the other cheek as usual?

    • Anonymous says:

      Might that not in part depend on who may have received status grants from him?

    • Sm says:

      Being investigated and being charged are two very different things. While under investigation, it is in the realm of the Police to investigate/suggest the charge. The DPP then reviews / decides whether or not to bring the charges to Court. If he isn’t charged before the expiration of the suspended sentence…then there’s an argument that the suspended sentence was spent at the time he was charged.

      • Anonymous says:

        And if that happened we may be right to suggest the delays were intentional..

        Governor, grab hold of this now. Skylar Mack proved to us how effective and efficient our police, prosecutors and courts can be. How about West Bay Mack?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Why we always got to believe females though? No hard feelings but damn.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’ll bet he has a condition which prevents him from sweating as well.

  10. Anonymous says:

    MAC gotta go
    MAC gotta go
    MAC gotta go

    it’s time man

    • Anonymous says:

      It is far past time! This mis-fit should have been dumped years ago……… or maybe “flushed” would be a better word.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Only a sociopath (or royalty) refers to himself in the third person like this.

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Anonymous says:

    So Mac, if there is no video tape you didn’t do it?? Well, I think you better be careful because there maybe a little surprise coming in the form of just that…I don’t think Michael Alberga will be able to pull off the same trick twice…but let’s see..

    Staying where you are not wanted, harassing and beating women, being over intoxicated at public events is just mind boggling..What the hell is wrong with you?

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks to Wayne Panton, PACT, and Michael Alberga…this creep is still embarrassing the hell out of Cayman. Wayne gonna do anything to maintain his position as Premier, what a political legacy he’s making for himself.

  14. Anonymous says:

    One thing both PACT and PPM ,the opposition ,agree on is getting rid of Mac. Please let’s just start with that. Drop the egos and power struggles and think of what’s best for the Cayman Islands.

  15. S. Ebanks says:

    Sounds like we are repeating history again:

    July 5/2020 -Cayman Islands House Speaker McKeeva Bush denies assault charges

    December 3/2020 – Speaker Bush pleads guilty to assault

    December 21/2020 – Bush won’t serve jail time for assault




    • Stacey says:

      As part of the 21 Dec 2020 court ruling, https://cnslibrary.com/wp-content/uploads/William-McKeeva-Bush-Sentence-Ruling-21-Dec-2020.pdf

      – Para 9 – the defendants personal mitigation “The Defendant advises that he has ceased alcohol consumption”
      Note – this reduced his sentence, so should his sentence be re-visited?

      – para 24 – he was on a curfew – to be home by 6pm – did he break the court order?

      – para 24 – He is able to leave the house on curfew and not confined to house arrest as long as he does not have any “new offences”

    • Anonymous says:

      It is all set and Mr Speaker will get off as no one will ever testify. All the MP’s who want power will stick with Mr. Speaker. Nothing will ever change as Bush is the Teflon man!

      • Anonymous says:

        I still hold Kenny responsible for his role when he could have helped remove him before, so the message to ALL MPs is…we watching…

  16. Anonymous says:

    Has his comments on the Facebook page not been deleted? I don’t see it.

    CNS Note: It appears you are correct. The original post and comments seem to have been removed from the page. As a result we have posted a screen shot of the Speaker’s original post as posted this morning.

  17. Sunrise says:

    Mckeeva Bush will be the downfall of both the PPM and PACT governments, if they don’t vote correctly on the no confidence vote against him. we the people will call for a vote of no confidence against the elected members and we will win!! Enough said.

    • Anonymous says:

      This no confidence motion being brought is against the government, not Mr. Speaker. This isn’t about removing Mac, but PPM trying to seize power again.

    • Anonymous says:

      Since voters can’t file a motion of no confidence which can only be voted on by the 19 MP’s, that’s what a snap election is needed to be called by Wayne while he still can!

    • Anonymous says:

      He has already been the beginning of the downfall of the Cayman Islands and the Caymanian people.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The Cayman Christian in all its glory.

  19. Cheese Face says:

    Man he sumpting. Not a good ting, but supmting all the same. Here’s an idea Mac…. XXXX OFF…. and take toy boy Roy witch ya.

  20. Anonymous says:

    “Unless the Speaker goes voluntarily the only way he can be removed is through a vote of no confidence in his tenure by the whole parliament requiring at least 12 votes against him or the collapse of the government.”

    Or we could charge him for beating up that woman at coral beach, on video.

    Bush will deny that was him on the footage.

    Goes to show once theses fools get into office on a high chair they don’t give two donkeys about anyone.

  21. Anonymous says:

    This man should be in jail and instead he was re-elected. Now this… Cayman needs to do better, this is as much as the voters fault as it is his, you elect a pig.. don’t be surprised when you get a pig.

  22. Anonymous says:

    “no official reports have been made by any of the women allegedly subjected to his drunken advances”

    OMG!!! how can the police/ prosecution proceed, if the woman haven’t even filed a report? We need to find a way to get this guy out, but how can we move forward if the first step of filing an official report hasn’t been done?!

    We can not expect legal or any type of action, when there is no official documented trail or account by the females of what they went through. So, no report and no video evidence this will raise sincere doubt in the prosecution. The defense will easily dance around this. We need a rock solid case to prosecute this guy and oust him once a for all. A vote of no confidence is a weak cry for help.

    The rookie politicians who currently have ministries will not risk losing their roles and responsibilities to a PPM government. Though unethical they will continue to support PACT in an egotistical effort to remain in their seat. the harsh truth is that politicians are not for the people but for their benefits during their time served.

    • Anonymous says:


      They want us to think they do, but they do not. They just need evidence – and it may be everywhere, including on videotape.

      • Anonymous says:


        • Anonymous says:

          Now when are they going to do their job in relation to cabinet status grants and a wide myriad of other acts of potential serious corruption? Not so much as an investigation? Seriously?

    • Anonymous says:


  23. Anonymous says:

    speakers gone rogue

  24. Anonymous says:

    Oh Wayne, – you were so smart and yet so dumb weren’t you. What an absolute mess.🧹🚽

  25. Anonymous says:

    Does this idiot have a wife? If so, why is she still with him after so many discretions?

  26. N says:

    What a circus. This man is an utter embarrassment! And the two women assaulted, the witnesses present and all others failing now, and before, to hold this man to account…shameful!

  27. Anonymous says:

    The only way this could be any funnier is if Wayne said fine, I vote for Roy as Premiere, and leave it to him to ‘fire’ McKeeva. (Explain to the public why the Premiere can’t fire the speaker.)

  28. NoName says:

    The clowns are in charge of 3 ring circus 🎪 and they all wield tommy guns ! What could possibly go wrong??? I think it is high time to consider direct rule unless the crown is planning to flush the island down the toilet! The present system clearly isn’t working and only bound to hurt the country’s reputation on a much longer term than the tenance of the present representation.

    Flipping the switch on that gory show might cause a temporary discomfort but a benefit in the long run IMHO !

  29. Anonymous says:

    In addition, he noted that bears do not in fact shit in the woods.

  30. Anonymous says:

    If he doesn’t remember it then it never happened.

  31. Anonymous says:

    A world class D-Bag!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Bush should have been charged with “Treating” under section 99 of the Elections Law (2019 Revision) for the gift-giving event he held in the West Bay park. On conviction, he would have been fined $2000, and given a prison sentence of 12 months, therefore disqualifying him from political eligibility forever. Even if just a fine, “Treating” would have disqualified/nullified his victory under Elections Law, and handed it to Mario. We should recall that his bribery event was publicised with fliers, and the RCIPS knew about this and did nothing, despite the media attention at the time.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Governor. There is a third option. Verify the veracity of the allegation and if true, and in consultation with the Premier and leader of the opposition, suspend the constitution. Remove Mac. Call an election in his district (with him prohibited from running) and then lay the Islands move forward in the knowledge that all are and will be held accountable for their actions.

    • Anonymous says:

      my God, please tell me you didn’t learn that in law school??? Completely impossible from a constitutional law perspective. The Governor cant suspend the constitution, and the UK cant do it to get rid of a nuisance speaker.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Looks like the genius at PM Strategy HQ (!!) has managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory once again…to go and call a Vote of No Confidence now is such a ridiculous overreach with zero awareness of the public mood as regards Govt as a whole and the PPM as well as PACT. Woy should just have left it all alone and sit back and watch it all crumble, but no, he and J-Who and Farmer Alden just had to make a Donkey’s backside out of this opportunity too.

  35. Anonymous says:

    It looks like Mr. Bush will be there long after the PACT and PPM/Progressives groups are gone. What a joke.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Roy knew mac wouldn’t step down on his own. The petulant one is Wayne who supported Mac in order to gain power. Wayne and Andrewho sold out his own country for his ego.

    • Anonymous says:

      Roy was silent in 2017 after the Hard Rock incident.
      Roy was silent in 2020 after the incident, after he was charged and after he was convicted.

      Tell me again who wanted power?

      • Anonymous says:

        Wayne per our last election. The reason he was able to form a government. Where have you been? Are you paying attention.

  37. Anonymous says:

    This guy is such an epic piece of crap it boggles my mind. The only thing more troubling to me than his existence is that everyone keeps voting for him. What the actual F is wrong with everyone who does so. National embarrassment

  38. Anonymous says:

    This guy is a real work of art. A da Vinci one might say. Shame this didn’t happen back in April.

  39. Anonymous says:

    He just called two female Caymanian Civil Servants liars. And they won’t say anything.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Cant wait for one of his pawns to say “no comment” or “innocent till proven guilty”.

    Barbara and Ju Ju sitting there quietly as good Caymanian Women do.

  41. He Just Dont Know When says:

    Just the embarrassment of the allegation should have been enough for him too step down but he has nothing called shame; none whatsoever.
    I give it to him… the more he’s embarrassed by way of allegations and charges and even court appearances, the more he holds his head up and continues to press onward. A peacock isn’t as bad as he.

    I know it’s going to happen he’s going to be his own down far a worse than what he’s already portrayed. The people that realizes their time to bow out and doesn’t they always end up going out far more dramatic than they would have imagined.

  42. Who The Speaker Is & Why He Hasn't Resigned says:

    Here are ten signs of a narcissistic sociopath:

    1. They Live In a Deluded Reality
    Narcissistic sociopaths don’t see the world in the same way other people do. In their distorted version of reality, they are entitled to whatever they want, regardless of what it takes to get it or who is hurt in the process.They will justify their actions, even ones that are inexcusable, and show no remorse.
    Their narcissism may also lead them to develop delusions of grandeur about being important, special, or exceptional in some way, or paranoid delusions that others are out to get them.

    2. They Are Obsessed With Power & Control
    People with NPD and ADP are often power hungry, and put a lot of time and effort into acquiring positions that give them power or control over other people, bowling over anyone who gets in their way. Once they obtain power, they may demand to be addressed in a certain way or make others follow rules that don’t make sense. Their obsession with power and control also tends to show up as a refusal to acknowledge any other authority, including rules, laws, policies, or requests made of them by others.

    3. They Take Advantage of & Use Other People
    Narcissistic sociopaths have a habit of using, exploiting, and taking advantage of others. This tendency shows up in all of their relationships, including romantic relationships and any friendships or family relationships they’ve been able to maintain. They seek out codependent, nurturing types who are more easily manipulated and controlled through guilt, shame, or fear, and will hold onto these relationships only as long as the person is “useful.”4

    4. They Have No Moral Boundaries
    There are no lines a narcissistic sociopath won’t cross to get what they want. Their moral compass is non-existent, leaving them without the sense of “right and wrong” that most people have. After doing something harmful, illegal, or sadistic, they won’t feel remorse, regret, or guilt. In fact, they may even feel a sense of satisfaction knowing they were able to deceive, emotionally manipulate, or hurt someone.

    5. They Have a Limited Range of Emotions
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    Their stunted emotional range also keeps them from being able to have empathy for other people, and may also lead them to destructive behaviors that allow them to feel something.

    6. They Have a Huge Discard Pile
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    7. They Become Hostile When Threatened
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    10. They Are Empty Inside
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    This internal emptiness is what they’re trying to hide from others with their narcissism, and also what they’re trying to escape within themselves by using drugs or maintaining a level of entertainment, power, or destruction

  43. Anonymous says:

    as I said, will believe it when I see it. He is SUCH an embarrassment, if only he would g go away🤞🤞🤞

    • Anonymous says:

      He’s like herpes…keeps popping up again.

    • Anonymous says:

      He is a disease on the face of Cayman, creams and pills have failed, Surgery is the only remaining option…..
      Either Pact have to act now to save themselves, or the UK will have to take over until Pact and the opposition can put aside egos and put Cayman first.

  44. Unhappy Caymanian says:

    LOL and Cayman votes for this moron

    • Anonymous says:

      To be fair, he may be a disgrace, but he is far from stupid – cunning as a fox more like. Mind you we are also capable of electing complete morons as well as convicted criminals – plenty of examples on offer.

    • Jason says:

      No Jamaicas silly!!

    • Anonymous says:

      No. A group of persons in West Bay, a significant portion of whom he granted possibly illegal status to, vote for him.

    • Anonymous says:

      And watch them do it again in a couple years

    • Anonymous says:

      No. The easily…ahem…’won over’ vote for him.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not Cayman, just the West Bay West morons.

      • Anonymous says:

        RIGHT? From now on when I meet people. I’m going to ask which voting district they are from and if its WBW or GTC, I’m definitely going to give them a piece of my mind and call them out for their stupidity.

  45. Justice should not be denied. says:

    Video evidence is not necessary, there must be plenty of witness statements even if the victims are “persuaded” to remain silent.His denial follows the pattern of his previous assault, but the Police Commissioner needs to step up and ensure this “individual” is prosecuted in a Court of Law and the judge also needs to step up and sentence him to 15 months in jail for a second offence which will end his political career once and for all.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      15 months for what “second” offence exactly? His first offence was common assault, which gets a maximum of 12 months, which wouldn’t disbar him. Not even sure there is a criminal offence of sexual harassment. And you shouldn’t have to rely on RCIPS to do what is necessary. Getting rid of Mac is far more straightforward – remove him from office, and don’t reelect him. But I doubt very much either the current cabal of politicians or the electorate of WBW will have the cojones to do either.

    • Anonymous says:

      When are the authorities going to investigate the much older and much more serious allegations against him? Are they waiting for all the witnesses to die?

    • Anonymous says:

      I disagree. I want to see the Ritz video evidence of the altercation. Video has a lot more substance and truth to people’s speech cough cough Jussie Smollett

    • Anonymous says:

      Commissioner could have, and should have done that back in 2021 on news of McKeeva’s district flyering for his pre-election Treating event. Voters had 21 days to refute Mario’s loss pointing to the bicycle give-away. Even Mario didn’t file a proper complaint about it. It’s not that hard to read the Elections Law (2017), sections 96-102, pages 55-58. It was a quiet period where that activity was strictly prohibited by Law.

    • Anonymous says:

      Surely there where visitors present who can give an account without being forced to keep quiet?

    • Anonymous says:

      The Commissioner is out of here in about 6 months. Mac won’t be his problem then.

  46. Anonymous says:

    How dare he pull this stunt? There is not a decent bone in this man’s body. He appears to be a rogue Speaker, now only allowing matters to be heard which are to his advantage whilst disallowing others that could lead to his removal. I am sure that he can be removed from office either by the Governor or the Executive. Once removed he can no longer”go rogue”.

    How dare he?

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh but it shouldn’t be up to him to resign. If he has done this dispectable act he should be removed. I suppose dozens of persons were there,and some would have had to see it as well as the victims . I cannot believe that these ladies didn’t confirm at least to Wayne. Also the venue must have security cameras. I know one thing if I was there and he dared to come near me with his drunken foolishness every one whether near or far would know, because I would have pushed him flat his behind. If he was drunk that should not have been hard to do. It’s not ilike it was in a dark corner somewhere. I saw Wayne’s feeble statement telling Mac he should resign. We all know if it is left up to him to resign he will be there until he is as old as Methuselah and living on our dime.. I still have hopes that he will be gone soon.

  47. Anonymous says:

    LMAO…I can’t breathe, this is too much hilarity!

    • Anonymous says:

      Lol some people just know how to live their lives and get away with anything … wow seriously, then probably get woted in again.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Well done Roy you petulant man-child, our best chance to remove this embarrassment from office and you burn it away on a futile grasp for the reigns of power.

    But hey burning down the country is perfectly fine for you and cronies so long as you get to be king of the ashpile

  49. Anonymous says:

    Don’t Stop The Carnival!


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