Minister accused of ‘dodging’ CAL chairman

| 30/08/2022 | 224 Comments
Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan

(CNS): In his resignation letter from the position of board chairman of Cayman Airways, Jude Scott accused Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan of avoiding him, instructing other directors without his knowledge and ignoring a number of critical and pressing issues relating to the future of the flag carrier while pursuing other policies that could be devastating for Cayman’s tourism sector.

CNS has received a copy of Scott’s 22 August letter from trusted sources following the revelation last week that he had quit. Leaving no doubt about the rift between Bryan and Scott, who was appointed by Cabinet just a year ago, the four-page letter sets out in detail several concerns that the departing chairman has about the policy direction the minister is taking and the things he is ignoring.

“In spite of making myself available, whether it is due to your other duties or otherwise, I have found it increasingly difficult to get access to you,” Scott wrote. “You have sought to instruct other members of the board without my knowledge and you have announced policies such as ‘dual destination’ tourism without engaging myself and the full board to consider and advise on the possible implications.”

Scott raised significant concerns about this potential new policy for Cayman to partner with Jamaica with regard to tourism and described it as a policy that is likely to have “a devastating result for Cayman’s tourism while primarily benefiting other countries”, noting that Cayman Airways is underwritten by the Cayman taxpayer to support Cayman’s interests.

But as well as accusing Bryan of pursuing a policy that Scott advised would decrease the number of nights visitors stay in the Cayman Islands without any certainty of increasing numbers per head, he outlined various issues that need the minister’s “urgent” attention that he has failed to address while ignoring proposed policies, such as collaborating with other government entities like Invest Cayman to attract new business.

Scott accused Bryan of neglecting the approval of funds the airline needs under the Public Authorities Act to compensate staff that so far have not been given the cost of living allowance that has been given to civil servants and other public sector workers. He wrote that the government “may not be delivering on its responsibilities and legal obligation” to pay the staff.

Scott also set out a catalogue of concerns about the situation relating to the unlicensed aerodrome on Little Cayman, which he said is putting the route at risk. The Edward Bodden Airfield is partly on private land that government leases but that lease has expired.

In addition, he said, CAL has to repeatedly apply for temporary waivers to fly there. He noted the limited capacity of the Twin Otter aircraft and the need for a third plane, given that it is the only aircraft that can land on the airstrip, as well as the government’s failure to appoint a formal aerodrome operator, all of which add to the challenges for this important domestic services.

Scott wrote that, despite his efforts and the urgency of some of the issues that haven’t been addressed, he has not been able to engage with Bryan, so he has no choice but to resign.

CNS has contacted the minister for comment about Scott’s concerns and we are awaiting a response.

Following the revelation last week that Scott had resigned amid some serious policy concerns, Bryan’s first public comment was to thank him for his “leadership” and guidance as well as “his insights and dedication”, which the letter clearly implies were all ignored.

Since Scott’s resignation, Deputy Chairman John-Paul Clarke has been acting as chairman and the ministry is expected to appoint a new chairperson shortly.

See Scott’s full letter in the CNS Library.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge.

  2. Anon says:

    Kenneth reminds me of Frank McField.

    Hopefully they both have lots of time to hang out together after the next election.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Too bad Jude is not the minister for Tourism. Poor Kenneth is not up to the task and is too arrogant to realize it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t he just sell the rights to the Lobster Pot dock and cay for cents peppercorn!?

  5. Anonymous says:

    this guy is one of many poster child that ‘the majority’ don’t always get it right. voting should be a privilege that is given to those of a certain IQ.

    • Mk says:

      Who would determine who is privilege?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yup, once you turn 18 you take an IQ test. Pass with 110 or higher. you get your voters card.

      Fail and every 4 years you can try again. Once obtained, you never have to take the test again.

      No more politician pandering to the stupids.

      • Lee Kuan Yew says:

        That’s going to limit the voting pool.

        The 8-12 year old children who were the subject of this 1960 test had an average IQ of 74-75, are now in their 70’s and 80s, and their kids and grand kids are presumably a big chunk of the voting pool. Given Cayman’s obsession with multi generationalism as a pre qualification for political office, you have to wonder how many of our current crop of politics are direct descendants. Perhaps the IQ test needs to be extended to those running for office, as well as those voting.

        • Racist rebuff says:

          This is the most racist thing I have seen in my 40+ years in Cayman.

          This test which was clearly skewed towards a “white” narrative and done at a time when racism was the norm (6 decades ago) does not equate to todays standards and should not even be mentioned.

          The audacity! In 2022?! Please stop.

          • Anonymous says:

            Absolutely right – the motivation entirely racist; looking at whether IQ differed by colour. The findings – well, not so much. No differentiation in IQ on colour. irrespective of white or black – the IQ scores were shockingly low. So tell me, how is saying that both whites and blacks had shitty IQ scores racist? it isn’t, you just dont like the harsh truth that the scores were awful. Bit like the current public school results.

        • Anonymous says:

          You are distorting the truth. And by taking such a license do not show the clear comparisons that the study makes, nor why such a study was done in the first place. If you had taken the time to explain the first and in particular the last sentence and paragraph it would have debunked your theories.

          It was a limited study, and therefore does not explain why Caymanians have built the place you have come to enjoy, and have excelled locally and abroad in many fields including academia. IQ alone is now well known to not be the only factor for success. There are many other attributes required which explains why persons who had limited educational opportunities became successful.

      • Mk says:

        If you’re talking about a Meritocracy, I think it should simply be based on if you have a Degree. And anyone involved in politics must have a Degree. But for this to properlt work, Education must be free for all.

      • Anonymous says:

        What a stupid and arrogant posting. Do the mentally disabled people have no rights to vote?

    • Anonymous says:

      Let everyone vote, it’s their democratic right. Apply the IQ test to Parliamentarians! That should cut the numbers by more than half.

    • I ain’t ready yet Aha says:

      The bunch of you arses on this second page of stev just that a bunch of arses. Your comments show who you are don’t worry I’m not calling you driftwood or any other name dont have no time for that.

      The comments you all make obviously do not consider that in your own home country There is much more political scandal and otherwise disfunctionality with a lot more people suffering from age old political cronyism, corruption, crime and whatever else, all of which caused you to seek a job overseas and guess what you come to Cayman where “ you never had it sobgood”. Yet you have the gall to criticize our political system, our way
      of life, clutter up our roads and beaches yet have the gall to complain as of where you come from is so much better.

      Perhaps if you spent your time plucking the big old mote Oita ya countries politicians and systems that ran you away from home you might be able to make a difference there. Your ramblings about us serve nouseful purpose you know. We have our issues yes
      but we will work those out on our own , including ferretingbout all you nayvsayers and sending you back to where you come from that land of milk and honey so precious that you left it behind to come and live with people on these islands, natives I,e. Who you think are beneath you and whom you disrespect anonymously not having the guts to tell us what you think of us to our face , knowing if you do so that dolly house in which you are now settled will not be comfortable or quiet for long.

      I end by saying to all youse mind ya own damn business, live in harmony with everybody and your days on here May be long. Keep disrespecting us anonymously or otherwise and you will face the consequences of your foolish actions. Mark my words folks stop before it’s too late .

      • Anonymous says:

        Posting at 9.34pm? Drunk.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, you just keep spitting on all thos eopinions form people who are from “away” rather than dealing with the essence of what they are saying, and in the meantime the KBs of this world will stitch up their political support with those granted status in 2004 and thise whose votes can be bought for a few dollars and you my friend will not recognise your country in 10 years. Hell, not sure I recognise it now! Like it or not, the current political environment and government policies have no resemblance to the cayman first policies we saw 20 years ago.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Kenny was voted in for a damn good reason. He is just what they want and now Bobo gonna get just what they deserve. Even more disfunction in Government than there usually is.


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