Conman ‘sells’ Honda Fit three times

| 31/05/2022 | 25 Comments
Black Honda Fit like the car in the con

(CNS): At least three people, thinking they were buying a car, handed over cash as a deposit or full payment to a man who said he was selling a black Honda Fit, registration #189-455. None of them has received delivery of the car because this is a scam and the person pretending to sell the car does not own it, police said.

The vehicle belongs to a local rental company and the attempted sale is a con.

The police want to hear from any witnesses or other potential victims who may have also been offered the car, which is a popular model in the subcompact car category.

They also urged anyone buying a vehicle to always request the logbook and registration details to ensure the person is the legitimate owner before handing over any cash.

Anyone who has information regarding this man or who has interacted with him over the Honda is asked to call 911, or the George Town Police Station at 949-4222. 

Anonymous tips can be provided directly to the RCIPS via the Confidential Tip Line at 949-7777
or via the RCIPS website.

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Comments (25)

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  1. Rick says:

    Jamaican esque style scamming

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anyone for these three people numbers cause I got a bridge to Cayman Brac I’d like to see if they are interested in purchasing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think we found our next DG or MP or …

  4. Anonymous says:

    Not Fit:
    Successive governments including the current one have been selling themselves to voters as being fit to run the country. Too bad their con jobs do not earn them jail time.

  5. Anonymous says:

    All you buying cars without reading the logbook?

  6. Anonymous says:

    People like this exist because there are other people stupid enough to fall for it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Now with the ease of electronic banking and funds transfer, one really has to be careful as to who they send their hard earned money to. I still prefer going to a seller in person and handing over the wad of cash and driving away with the car right there and then! At least that way you know you will receive what you paid for.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Got me some magic beans for sale

  9. Anonymous says:

    Obviously this is a Honda Unfit.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hey, Jim Bodden did this with land in the 1960s & 70s and McKeeva nominated him as a National Hero!! Fact!

    That was when Jim Bodden wasn’t ordering the destruction of Fort George or “dealing” (pun intended) with his criminal partners Claudio Scarbi and Hugo Zuuiderant!

    Read old Caymanian Weekly and Compass editions – the National Archives are open Mon – Fri!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sucks. I can empathise with “buyers”. I bid on and won an electric car on Ebay that I later found out still had an active lease lien with a finance company. “Seller” went on to offer the car 5 or 6 times on successive Ebay auctions and Craigslist before my initial report kicked in and banned him. He was just pocketing the “deposit” each time. Ebay initially tried to ban me for not honouring purchase, and threatened to hire a collections firm! In the end, no legal action was taken, but no apology either. I forfeited $500 deposit on car, another cash deposit on logistics truckers, and opportunity cost of the time wasted in auction, logistics, and clearing myself. Tough lessons for sure, buyer beware! This sort of petty con seems to be too small for selling platforms or law enforcement. Locally I’ve had many suspicious requested from ecay wanting my Paypal and bank info. Be careful!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, ecay buyers have recently been telling me DHL would transfer the money and collect the item I had for sale. Just click on the link and insert my card number …. in case you’re wondering, this is a SCAM

  12. Anonymous says:

    Where is the vehicle being advertised and why can’t the offender be traced using technology?

    • Anonymous says:

      Article suggests cash was physically handed to scammer. Why isn’t this person located in a few seconds in put in jail?

  13. Owl says:

    Fool and his money.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Nigerian princes selling fits now. Mad tings

  15. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t people pay attention to EcayTrade – this was advertised months ago and could have prevented people being scammed…

  16. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who gave this guy all this cash money so easily sort of, kind of, maybe, possibly deserves what they got just a bit.

    How foolish. Da wha yu get.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Ummmmm don’t believe it until you see it and hold the keys… And car.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s not even a guarantee. People have been scammed putting down payments for a car that belongs to someone else and can’t be registered.

      Seal the deal at the DVDL and make sure all the paperwork is good before you hand over anything.

  18. Elvis says:

    I have it on Saturday’s and Sunday’s it says in the small print

  19. watcher says:

    Is this man in jail? Oh right, I forgot; we don’t jail criminals, nope. We charge them, investigate, then kick the can down the road and years later, perhaps convict them of a crime, which will likely result in little or no prison time. After all, I’m sure he was just trying to feed his family. 🙁


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