Sunrise Centre to offer more places at new GT location

| 19/04/2022 | 9 Comments
Ribbon cutting at the opening of the new location of Sunrise Adult Training Centre, with Minister André Ebanks, Parliamentary Secretary Heather Bodden, Sunrise Adult Training Centre Director Kim Voaden and clients of Sunrise

(CNS): The Sunrise Adult Training Centre has been relocated to Eden House in George Town as an interim move ahead of plans to build a new bespoke facility. At the official opening on Wednesday evening, Social Development Minister André Ebanks said that the central location would enable the facility to offer places to more clients and more services.

Ebanks said the new location would “dramatically improve Sunrise’s offerings for current clientele while expanding its capacity to enroll more clients. I commend the ministry and all involved in this relocation, including the numerous donations that came from the community. I look forward to supporting the next initiative, which is to create a permanent and bespoke location for Sunrise.”

The Centre currently supports 35 clients in its day programme and 23 clients who work in paid employment in the community. There are 22 members of staff. This year, Sunrise is celebrating its 35th year in operation.

The facility caters to adults over age 18 who have a broad range of special needs. By providing vocational training, therapeutic services, case management services and a recreational day programme, the Centre aims to enable all of its clients to become empowered, productive and fully included members of the community. 

Sunrise Director Kim Voaden said the move to Eden House was an important step in the Centre’s development.

“In aid of achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients, this central location enables us better to serve them and for them to benefit from the numerous programmes and services that we offer. We look forward to working collaboratively with Minister Ebanks, the ministry and the community to create a permanent home for Sunrise.”

Watch the Sunrise clients sing and sign the Cayman National Song, “Beloved Isle Cayman”:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry for being so blunt, but The Cayman Islands looks lost in time having no idea that COVID is over and face masks are Optional everywhere else in the world.

    • Anonymous says:

      Quite possibly some of these persons are highly vulnerable so extra care is being taken. I guess you only care about number one.

    • Anonymous says:

      Since when is Covid over? The fact that people want to pretend that somehow things have magically changed because they are tired of dealing with it doesn’t mean that it has somehow ended.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope you are living safely in one of those places where Covid is over. If you were in touch with Cayman news you’d know how many new cases we have.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We should recall that Dart was gifted hundreds of acres of prime SMB leasehold land, stamp duty concessions, duty waivers, and room tax rebates and other things, as part of the series of NRA Agreements, in exchange for, among other things: promises for a new home for the Sunrise Learning Centre. Commitments which Dart subsequently withdrew.

    • Anonymous says:

      We should do our research and remember that the government of the day opted for the 3 million dollars instead of the new center. Perhaps an FOI to see what they subsequently did with the 3 million?

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes around $3mln in reneged social justice commitments, but not just Sunrise: there was a one year deadline on air parcel legislation (for the tunnels to nowhere) that Appleby knew the CIG would fail, and then a sneaky either/or clause with a USD$1.35mln “in lieu of” payment for Sunrise and another USD$1.85mln clawback for proposed Educational and Community Purposes Lands. Incidentally, those pledges were initially 20 acres in second amended agreement and then revised down to 15 in third amended version. It might be legal, but it’s bad faith to build those dirty gotcha clauses in, and Dart handshakes are full of these. Ask the CI Rugby Club how their experience went. By the way, if you are looking for the dedicated camp sites at Public Beach 11B-26 denoted in John Doak Architecture’s handy Public Bech Plan on page 17, you’ll find them under the foundations of the Dart-owned Indigo Hotel.


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