Officials roll out Queen’s Jubilee whoop-de-doo

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Queen Elizabeth II

(CNS): The Cayman Islands Government has begun rolling out the agenda for the celebrations that will take place here to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Princess Elizabeth, then 25 years old, acceded to the throne 70 years ago, on 6 February 1952, becoming Queen Elizabeth II. Now 95 years old, she is the longest-reigning British monarch.

Queen Victoria, also from 1876 the Empress of India, inherited the throne at just 18 years old and was monarch of an expanding British Empire for 63 years and seven months, longer than any previous British monarch, until her death in 1901 at age 81. Her Diamond Jubilee was celebrated in 1897.

The third longest-reigning monarch was George III, known as ‘Mad King George’ due to the mental illness he suffered in his later years. He held the throne for 59 years until his death in 1820, during which time Britain defeated Napoleon but lost the American War of Independence, and banned the transatlantic slave trade from the Empire.

The year-long Platinum Jubilee celebrations start this month. The highlight of the year will be an extended long weekend, from 2 to 6 June, bringing forward the annual Queen’s Birthday celebration to the first week in June 2022

Cabinet Secretary Samuel Rose is the chair of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Steering Committee, which is responsible for planning the local celebrations. He said that activities are being planned all around the Commonwealth by communities, businesses and organisations.

“It is therefore important that we plan events that are culturally relevant to our context and bring our community together in a spirit of inter-connectivity with others around the world who are marking this historic occasion,” he said.

Celebrations begin with the opening of a commemorative exhibition by the Cayman Islands National Museum on Saturday, followed on Sunday by a special sitting at the House of Parliament, marking the day on which the Queen ascended to the throne after the death of her father King George VI.

The programme will include the inspection of an honour guard and royal salutes, a proclamation by the governor on the commencement of the Jubilee Celebrations and speeches by political leaders. Parliament’s foyer will feature a display of Commonwealth flags, photos of the Queen and other memorabilia.

On Sunday, 13 March, a Commonwealth Day church service will take place at St George’s Anglican Church in George Town. On Commonwealth Day on Monday, 14 March, the Commonwealth flag will be hoisted in a brief ceremony at the Government Administration Building in the morning to fly alongside the Union Jack and the CI National Flag.

This will be followed by the annual Youth Parliament that day, when young people in the Cayman Islands will “become Parliamentarians” for a day and take over the House to debate motions on two relevant local topics.

In April, the Cayman Islands will receive the Queen’s Jubilee Baton in preparation for the upcoming Birmingham Commonwealth Games in July 2022 in the UK. In May, a car show will be held featuring vintage cars.

“However, in early June events will build to a crescendo with a weekend of activities that move the celebrations into high gear,” officials said. This will begin with the official lighting of beacons on 2 June on the grounds of Pedro St James on Grand Cayman and at the Christopher Columbus Gardens on Cayman Brac.

An outdoor concert at the venue on Grand Cayman will showcase performances from the National Choir and the National Orchestra, while musical performances will also take place in the Brac. 

Activities on Friday, 3 June, will include two events: the return of an international air show to the Cayman Islands after an absence of many years, and a live music concert in downtown George Town. Throughout the weekend, trees will be planted across the islands as part of a special programme called “The Queen’s Green Canopy: Plant a Tree for the Jubilee”.

Sunday, 5 June, will showcase the Cayman Islands’ religious heritage with a Service of Thanksgiving for the Queen at Elmslie Memorial Church. This will be followed by a children’s tea party at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park on Sunday afternoon.

Finally, on Monday, 6 June, the Queen’s Birthday celebration will take place with the traditional parade and Garden Party at Government House and an evening fireworks display along Seven Mile Beach.  

Governor Martyn Roper said it was a remarkable moment in the Queen’s “extraordinary reign” and the Cayman Islands would pay a fitting tribute.

“I am always struck by the warm affection for Her Majesty in Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman,” he said. “By joining in events with the rest of the UK and indeed so many others in the world, we help signal our collective warm feelings of respect and regard for Her Majesty.

Encouraging everyone to get involved and participate in these events, Roper extended his thanks “to our excellent organising committee ably led by Cabinet Secretary Sam Rose for their dedicated work”.

Premier Wayne Panton said that Caymanians, especially older generations, have always held Her Majesty the Queen in the highest esteem. “Our collective affection for our monarch has been reinforced by her two visits to the Cayman Islands in 1983 and 1994,” he said.

“To prepare us for our local celebrations, a steering committee of dedicated individuals from across the public and private sectors, as well as civil society, has been working on creating a suitable programme to commemorate this historic milestone.”

Panton said all of the events and activities being planned aim to bring the community together in a shared spirit of celebration while raising awareness of the strong historical ties with the United Kingdom, “especially for the younger generation of Caymanians, many of whom have no memory of the Queen’s visits to the Cayman Islands”.

Events are expected to be added to the calendar throughout the year, while venues and times for events will be announced shortly, officials said.

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  1. anon says:

    I think we should have a Whoop-de-doo for the Speaker when he retires, at the Coral Beach Bar, free drinks for all and complimentary cans of mace for all the ladies.

  2. Beaumont Zodecloun says:

    I think it is a wonderful event to celebrate. We can eventually watch the passing of the crown, and know that we were witness to a moment in history. History should be laid bare to the truth. It shouldn’t be hidden or protected.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Will pensioners get a bonus payment for this historic holiday as employees get paid for extra holday, government appear to have enough money for all these new committees and extras.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Don’t be told about what you want
    Don’t be told about what you need
    No future, no future, no future for you
    God save the Queen
    We mean it, man
    We love our Queen
    God saves

  5. Orrie Merren says:

    Sound like it should be of interesting historic value.

  6. Unreal and unheard of, but this is the good ole CI says:

    A committee established?????? Is not this why the Protocol Office exist?? Guess some Ministers didn’t have enough seats on government boards to appease their clans so the committee has been established. Watch for the next set of committees to be district ones, where additional kool aid drinkers can be appointed to.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I don’t matter to them and they don’t matter to me. Is it too much to ask the government to exercise frugality during this episode?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yawn….super yawn….mega yawn…. Saor Alba…..Tiocfaidh ár lá for my Gaelic cousins.

  9. Anonymous says:

    There’s actually a designated steering committee – Cayman, the biggest job creation scheme on the planet.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Well whoop-de-doo.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Must be what Saunders needs to borrow all that cash for.

    • Anonymous says:

      well, other than the air show doesn’t sound like much whoop te do..

    • Anonymous says:

      yeah, right. If it was up to him, we would probably be joining Jamaica. Well, he will have us so broke, we will join them soon enough. That money is for our new welfare state.

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