Phase 5 of border reopening takes immediate effect

| 20/01/2022 | 223 Comments
Cayman News Service
Premier Wayne Panton at Thursday’s press briefing

(CNS): The quarantine and isolation misery will be over early for more than 500 people who are currently locked down because they travelled with unvaccinated children, as new regulations moving Cayman into Phase 5 of its border reopening plan come into effect. The new rules allow children travelling with adults to be assigned the COVID-19 vaccination status of their parents and enable them to move to a seven-day lateral flow testing regime.

While vaccinated parents can now travel to Cayman with unvaccinated kids and follow the three-test regime over the shortened period of seven days, locals wanting to travel to the Sister Islands will now need to get a negative certified LFT before they get on the plane, regardless of their vaccination status, including people travelling this holiday weekend.

Speaking at the first press briefing for 2022, Premier Wayne Panton revealed the requirement for people travelling to Cayman Brac or Little Cayman to take the tests as one of a number of measures being introduced to protect the elderly and more vulnerable population on the Brac, where there has been an increase in cases.

However, despite the premier’s concerns about the spread of the virus there, Public Health officials failed to reveal the number of active cases of COVID-19 currently on the Sister Islands or the number of people who have been hospitalised, in addition to the education minister who was airlifted from the Brac to the hospital in George Town on Thursday afternoon.

However, Interim Chief Medical Officer Dr Autilia Newton did confirm that over the last week or so there has been a significant increase in hospitalisations across all three islands. She also confirmed that there are currently 17 patients in hospital as a result of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the new regulations relating to travellers and visitors comes into effect immediately and Travel Cayman will be organising a drive-through lateral flow exit test service for all eligible families tomorrow.

All vaccinated travellers currently in isolation with their children will now be eligible to move to a seven-day testing regime, where kids five and over will also need to be tested. Families where parents are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated will now only be required to isolate for ten days and can also take a certified LFT rather than a PCR to exit quarantine.

The regulations outlining the changes for travellers are expected to be published on the government gazette this evening. Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan said that the new rules, coupled with the anticipated increase in airlift with the return of a number of US-based airlines, set the stage for an increase in visitors and hopes for a surge in bookings to the islands for Spring Break and Easter.

Panton said that government was doing its best to balance livelihoods and lives with the new rules. He said that the social distancing measures, mask-wearing and other protocols were working to curb the spread of the virus. This and the level of vaccination across the country allowed for the move to Phase 5.

But in the same breath he raised concerns about the significant level of transmission and infection and noted that only around 30% of the population has had a booster shot.

Asked about how government is measuring the success of the protocols being used to combat the virus, giving it the confidence to move to the next phase, Panton pointed to the low number of both hospitalisations and deaths, even though Cayman has seen a sharp increase in hospital numbers this week and is believed to have recorded unprecedented numbers of cases every day.

He said the government continues to balance health and the economy and it was continually learning new ways to live with the virus. Panton warned that COVID-19 would be with us for some time to come and the challenges of unlocking the country had to be managed.

While there was some reprieve for travellers, challenges remain for those who are positive as a result of the widespread community transmission. There was very little comfort on offer regarding the way that the testing regime for community positive cases and isolation is being managed.

Medical officer of Health Dr Samuel Williams-Rodriguez said that Public Health was considering some changes to improve the delays that people are suffering in getting PCR test results for both the start and finish of isolation.

Even though Omicron is now the dominant variant, there are no differences in the protocol regime for any of the SARS-CoV-2 strains and they still require a PCR test to confirm a home LFT positive result. He spoke of a need to retain the requisite PCR tests to compare those on exit from those on entering to make sure the person’s viral load is falling. He said the first PCR test gives the baseline number.

Dr Williams-Rodriguez accepted that there were some problems with the testing service and the large number of people attending. As a result, more drive-through testing was going to be introduced, starting tomorrow, he said.

And while the isolation period has been cut by three days, the turnaround time on results for exit testing could still be impacted by issues relating to unclear readings on samples, which means that even with the reduced quarantine times, people can still be in isolation for extended periods, he said.

Allowing people to be released from quarantine with a certified lateral flow test is being considered, but the regulations currently require a PCR test.

“We understand that it is frustrating to be in isolation or quarantine for a long period of time but… our priority is the safety of the population and we won’t release anyone who potentially can be a risk to the public,” he said.

Dr Williams-Rodriguez also confirmed that, going forward, the data will be between five and ten days behind and he was not able to tell the people the number of cases reported any day this week or the number of active cases, though it is estimated to be well in excess of 4,000 people.

He said this was in line with international standards, despite the fact that most countries still report timely daily figures within 24 to 48 hours.

See the full press briefing below on CIGTV below:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Reading these posts, I’ve realized that only the people who don’t care about others’ well-being, have no voting rights, or are PPM supporters (we see you) are commenting.

    PACT this, PACT that. The Government can’t read. I hate your COVID rules Cayman, but I’m dying to get there. Make it easier for us to spread Covid! Lateral flow tests, how unreasonable! If the unvacced don’t want to be vaccinated, that’s their problem! This island’s rules and that island’s rules. I can’t be stuck in a room with my spoiled child!

    Mam, your child is a byproduct of you! AND, If something doesn’t work for you, stop forcing it. That “it’s my money and I want it now” commercial mentality is going to make you old and grey quick!

    FYI you can bash PACT till 2025, but PPM will still need some new players if they ever want to get back in and influence the country, again! We’ve sold our souls long enough! Not to mention, the older and younger generations don’t see eye to eye. More change is coming, brace yourselves!

    Our culture is gone because we have people who have been hardened by the world or are paper chasers blinded by money, forcing their point of view on us, and changing our standards and pace of life! We are silent bombs! This can be seen by the devastating election results PPM received. Hold a seat on the bench SUPER SUBS!

    Here’s a suggestion, make your final travel arrangements, leave, and never come back! Or don’t plan to visit until travel protocols are reasonable (to you) and don’t fluctuate as much! Take your shallow, capitalist minds and lay your foundation somewhere else, or if visiting for pleasure, visit somewhere else. We’re not going anywhere and we promise you’ll be able to visit in the future!

    • Anonymous says:

      None of the covid spread is due to travel and incoming passengers/tourists tho. It’s all locals, mainly Caymanians not expats who caused the biggest spread.

    • Anonymous says:

      To be clear, both sides of the political fence are incompetent and I man born ya.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m so glad people like you are in the minority

    • Anonymous says:

      So what about Caymanians who thin the ability to travel is essential to our financial services business as well as tourism. Not everyone who has a different point of view to you is an expat you can tell to just leave.

    • Anonymous says:

      Read your first paragraph only and your realization is mistaken.

    • Anonymous says:

      Get off your silly high horse. The travel restrictions make no sense.

    • Anonymous says:

      Live the irony of you telling expats to leave when they run your economy because you are not capable

    • Anonymous says:

      Covid spread thru the community well before tourists came to the island. Place the blame where it belongs…on the local population.
      Also, if you had to pay for all the testing and do the amount of testing when traveling on holiday, you would be complaining too. You get the testing free upon your return, so you have no complaints. It added hundreds of dollars to an already expensive trip and took away a couple hours out of an already short visit. I did it, I did not complain, but, I it sure was time consuming and expensive.

    • Beaumont Zodecloun says:

      Not many will read, let alone comprehend. I hear ya.

    • Anonymous says:

      (we see you) LOLOLOL Calling Robert De Nero…

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just end this nonsense!
    – No more isolation
    – No more mandatory testing
    – Everyone take responsibility for themselves and stay home if paranoid!
    – Tourist welcome without restrictions imposed by Cayman.

    Geez this nuttiness is off the charts.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I want to book flights for me and my kids but I wonder how long Phase 5 will be in effect before it gets repealed again?

    We’ve learned the hard way that any rule can change on any given day.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Get out of our lives!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Cayman Islands Constitution Order(2009)


    13.—(1) No person shall be hindered by government in the enjoyment of his or her freedom of movement, that is to say, the right to move freely throughout the Cayman Islands, the right to reside in any part of the Cayman Islands, the right to enter the Cayman Islands, the right to leave the Cayman Islands and immunity from expulsion from the Cayman Islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t like what they announced yesterday either but in the interests of making sure people understand, you forgot to mention that 13(1) is a qualified right that is not breached when limitations are placed for a variety of reasons including the reasonable protection of public health – see 13(2)(b).

      • Anonymous says:

        That old argument has long since run it’s course.

      • Anonymous says:

        Done and dusted!

        • Anonymous says:

          Now, the testing is day 2,5, and 7. If a family travels down for a week does that mean they have to test 4 x as they will also need the test 24 hours in advance of their departure? Is the 7 day a money grab since most tourists do not stay 10 days? Or if one stays only a week, the day 7 is not necessary?

          • Anonymous says:

            Dunno why you asking me, have no idea, too busy reading, listening music, watching movies and relaxing in best weather to be bothered. Hope you get sorted.

          • Anonymous says:

            Sorry, maths was never my thing, far too complicated for me.

  6. Anonymous says:

    There is no plan. It’s been a total shambles since PACT got into office. Shameful. Blind leading the blind.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This country is being led by a clown PACT. Dat wha yuh get. Power-hungry Panton in his relentless pursuit to hold the reins of leadership cobbles together the most rag-tag bunch of wanna-be politicians to form a government. That media conference was an absolute joke and shit show. Who thought there could be an even more incompetent health minister than John John? Well guess what Cayman, you got it. Sabrina played the part of a shrill teachers speaking down to her unruly students, berating them for not following the government’s nonsensical regulations for managing Covid in our borders. Pathetic.

    What does Phase 5 even mean? Doesn’t look that much different from 4 if you ask me. And how many phases are there? Cause I thought there were only 5 but there seems to be more in the pipeline, because this country has not returned to normal by any stretch of the imagination.

    Panton, you should be ashamed at yourself for the position you have put this country in with this frontline of “leadership”. If you make it ta a full four-year term, I hope you have not broken the back of the economy and the people’s spirits.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Where can I get a certified test in Little Cayman? Hungry Iguana?

    • Anonymous says:

      You should be able to take an LFTs right there at the airport…how ridiculous is getting it certified

    • Anonymous says:

      Not sure, but you CAN get a certified beer there

    • Anonymous says:

      Might not be able to get an LFT, but bet you can get a shot there though.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t know … sounds like the Iggy could make money by offering a two for one special. The bartender certifies your LFT is negative while you’re having a beer!

  9. Anonymous says:

    So they are guaranteeing same day results for those choosing the PCR option to travel between islands? Even those in LYB? Good news.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Do persons traveling from George Town to East End(elderly vulnerable population) require a certified negative test? If not, why not?

    • Anonymous says:

      12:19 pm, from George Town to East End, you can go by private car , but to the sister Ivlands you have to travel by plane with lots of people enclosed with you, that’s the difference stupid, one can’t drive a car from Grand to the Brac or Little , that’s to inform you for being so foolish. Try to understand that’s the difference.

  11. Anonymous says:

    No tourists are coming here to be tested and risk being quarantined. Only PACT clowns think otherwise.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Persons on Little Cayman take note: you cannot under the current regulations, travel to the Brac without a certified negative test.

    The same is true for those wishing to travel in the opposite direction.

    Good luck.

    • Beaumont Zodecloun says:

      A minor correction — at least as I understand the fuzzy rules passed down: I believe that Certified LFT applies only to airplane travel; that is, you can still hop in a boat.

      If anyone knows otherwise, please correct me. We have to get this right.

  13. Anonymous says:

    My three kids, husband and myself were coming over to Grand this weekend so the kids could visit their aging grandparents, prior to which we would have self administered a lateral flow test. Now, on top of the $650 airfares, PACT expects that we fork out an additional $250 to have someone watch us put a stick in our nose. Something we have now each done successfully at least 100 times on our own.

    Unfortunately we can no longer swing it financially as a result. I do hope the kids get to see their grandparents one more time at least but that will depend on when this new regulation has been withdrawn.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The 2, 5, and 10 day testing regime will significantly limit tourists. Not only is it an interruption of vacation to have to do this three times (and maybe once more for exit flight to US), there is a risk of getting locked up in quarantine. I’d go bonkers sitting in a small Westin hotel room for a week.

    Children are in school now so allowing them in without quarantine isnt going to move the needle much. Especially with the LFT requirement remaining. What is worse than getting locked up by myself in a Westin hotel room for a week? Getting locked up with a whiney kid for a week!

    • LipService says:

      @11:43 and if you get locked up because you tested positive on the day 2, 5, 7 test you are not getting out of quarantine in a week. If a negative PCR is still required to exit quarantine you are not going to test negative on day 6 of quarantine. So you are correct no one is going to vacation here until the testing regimen is eliminated. Panton and his PACT crew are all fools to think simply allowing kids 11 and under to assume their adult traveling companions vaccination status will help the tourism industry. This is all lip service, nothing is really changing.

  15. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the last second announcement my dear lovely government. i had to postone my flight to the sister islands thanks to testing facilities being packed to the brim.

    You could literally ziptie 2 chimpanzees together and it would run this country better than what you morons could.

  16. Anonymous says:

    These people are idiots.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Last week, 4.5% of the Sister Islands population of 2200 tested positive for Covid-19.

    In the same time period, 3.1% of the 69,403 persons on Grand Cayman returned a positive test.

    Tell us again Wayne who we are pretending to protect with your ridiculous testing regime.

    • Anonymous says:

      They are trying to protect morons like you that but for genetic memory could never have survived this long!

  18. Anonymous says:

    this should be the only/final public advice on covid:

    if you test positive or are symptomatic ..isolate at home until asympotmatic.

    there is nothing more to be done or said.

  19. Anonymous says:

    CNS – may I suggest that you change the title to “Chaos Continues with minor variations”

  20. Anonymous says:

    It would be historic if the CIG finance and legal departments could realise they need to spend some intensive days with the RCIPS to train them up on what our laws are, what those mean vis-a-vis their daily expectations, ticket able offences lists, and what law enforcement targets are supposed to look like. Law and order can’t continue to be at the officer’s discretion, it’s government business, and their job. The assessment of tens of millions in annual CIG receivables in the form of ticketable offences aren’t being assigned by the only branch capable of doing so. With a full-time police force of over 400 officers, and a payroll the size of a small NATO-member country, the RCIPS is one of Cayman’s biggest value-for-money loss-makers. They’ve spent so many years wallowing in this self-appreciating state of paralysis that by now it seems deliberate.

  21. Hh says:

    Still waiting in quarantine with children… they are not applying the new regulations, no communication from travel cayman, completely uncompetent.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I certain ministers like being able to supposedly work remotely while actually being at the hairdresser’s in the middle of the day. They don’t want to get back to work. That is the problem.

  23. Anonymous says:

    With all this flooding of covid 19 I haven’t see one cruise ships on our shore so the question is who’s bringing in all this COVID-19.stop blaming the cruise ships for everything.

  24. Anonymous says:

    They need to End mask mandated immediately!

    • Anonymous says:

      Was stated in press briefing that cloth and the blue masks are not adequate and passed over to the Doc to say same thing and that people should use N# masks- like this is news going into 3rd year LOL My faithful cloth mask ain’t going anywhere now!

  25. Hadley Dane says:

    I sure hope a decision maker from the government reads these posts! They still have it wrong! There are so many other places that are open without these kinds of restrictions. No one wants to spend their hard earned money to go to a place that adds stress to your vacation because you have to test. It’s so outrageous! And what about the families that have children that are not vaccinated but are 12 to 18? Why are they more dangerous? It does not matter your vaccine status – you can still get Covid even if you are double vaxed and boosted. American Airlines canceled my flights for spring bring because no one wants to travel to the island under these guidelines. I am forced to travel somewhere else even though I own a property on the island because my son is 12 and unvaccinated and recovered from covid. Ridiculous!

    • Anonymous says:

      Big assumption that the decision makers in government can in fact read.

    • Anonymous says:

      So get your son vaccinated? The Vaccine for over 12 year olds has been around for months. And if you think he won’t get it again take it for a person that has had it twice….He will!

  26. Anonymous says:

    If you want to see what the tourists think, read the comments on their announcement:

  27. Anonymous says:

    How many phases are there? Does Wayne even know? Cant get excited that we are moving to “phase 5” when it looks like the difference between 4 and 5 is so small that material change is somewhere around phase 20. With government now actively withholding information on health statistics, no sense of whether things are getting better or worse. And in the meantime the general public has already lost all confidence in the restrictions and is just what they want anyway – only travellers and those who actually declare their LFT results are confined. No credibility left.

  28. Anonymous says:


  29. Anonymous says:

    That was an embarrassment to all Caymanians. Sadly, there is a record of it online for the whole world to see and have a good laugh at us.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Why do the Brac and Little Cayman merit a mysteriously different tier of public health protection than Grand Cayman? Why, since we are assured it’s just for observation, does their MP get a private litter to an RCIPS helicopter transport when there are national airline flights running? Are we allowed to ask these questions?!?

    CNS: If the doctors at Faith Hospital felt that there was a possibility that she might in the near future need the type of care that they cannot provide on the Brac, they would recommend transportation to GCM, just as they would for any patient. It is dangerous and often not possible to transport patients during a medical crisis and obviously the doctors there want to avoid this.

    People travel from the Brac to GCM via regular commercial flight for medical purposes all the time. If the doctors ordered a medivac, this would be because they decided she needed, or might need, medical attention on the way. No one other than the medical professionals who examined the minister is in a position to question this. Ditto any other patient.

    The RCIPS helicopter is regularly used for medivac transportation between islands. It is not a “private litter”.

    What “different tier of public health protection”? Patients are transported to GCM so that they can receive the same care as that afforded to people here.

    • Anonymous says:

      She has covid, so she wouldnt have been allowed to travel on a commercial airline in any event?

  31. ELVIS says:

    Are people allowed to bring their own LFT kits and test in front of people?

    I’m hearing of all kind of foolish charges for kits and to witness the test?

    maybe I’m mistaken?

    just asking for a friend.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Nothing about the certified lateral flow to travel between islands. Any details? Can I go to the Brac for a day, without requiring a new one before returning? Two days?

  33. Anonymous says:

    There “press conference” was a 2 hour display of incompetence.

    Here is a slogan for 3 years from now or whenever the next election comes – NOT-PACT – because this PACT is definitely

    not people driven
    not accountable
    not competent
    and definitely not transparent

  34. Anna says:

    Asking for clarification regarding travel to and from the Sister Islands: This article states that all travelers coming TO the Sister Islands need to test. However, Travel Cayman states that all travelers traveling TO and FROM the Sister Islands need to test. Which one is correct

  35. Anonymous says:

    Remember all of the declarations of, “We are ready.”? Obviously they were and are no where near ready! They have turned these islands into an infectious mess that not many want to visit, yet the ignorance continues.These people are a PACT of clowns!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile in the UK they have basically got rid of all testing and quarantine requirements.

    They have basically also just got rid of all restrictions.

    • Anonymous says:

      @2:24am..unfortunately, the UK has never been the gold standard as to how to fight covid so it is no surprise to me that Boris just threw his hands up and threw in the towel. Of course, it just might be because he was breaking every rule he put in place and needed a deflection to survive politically.

  37. Anonymous says:

    All restrictions and full reopening of the borders should be in effect from today. Unfortunately, everyone has a date with Omicron. Evidence is substantial so if you downvote, you are an ignorant idiot. Don’t even try to dare me to reply because I will.

  38. Juniper says:

    This country is doomed

    • Anonymous says:

      A COVID-19 Pandemic with high unemployment and restrictions still in place is causing much suffering. Now, the Feds recently announced that 2022 can expect 3 to 4 interest rate hikes; that is, increases between 0.25 and 0.50. Yikes😱
      All of this also happening in the midst of a construction boom.

  39. Anonymous says:

    That was one of the worst government media briefings I have had the misfortune of witnessing. The Health Minister Sabrina Turner was so condescending in her delivery, who did she think she was talking to? A classroom of squirmy children? Just awful.

    Constant ducking of questions that mattered – like the Cycle Threshold (CT) for PCR testing. Good luck to anyone vaccinated trying to exit isolation on Day 7, odds are you won’t.

    Waffling from Dr. Newton, rambling by Dr. Rodrigues. Jump and duck to avoid answering questions properly. “We are considering a series of antigen testing to exit isolation” – how much consideration do you really need? Is it that difficult to team up with Travel Cayman and use the portal already in existence for travellers? It just makes too much sense to ask the private health sector who are already assisting Travel Cayman with certified LFTs to aid an overloaded public health system, does it?

  40. Anonymous says:

    This is so stupid. You fly in, having not got Covid from traveling all over the us or Europe or wherever because those places aren’t full of uncareful idiots, get back to work after Xmas holidays, test negative in day 2 and day 5. Then they make you have a day 10 arrival lft, people test positive with no symptoms as they caught it here so nothing to do with travel or arrival, and people then are forced to be under house arrest for weeks until they are low enough viral load to get a negative exit pcr after queuing in the sun for hours with at some 3rd world hut of a test centre. All whilst they are boosted and no threat to hospital bed space. The system is a complete farce. Just follow the uk, a country who actually know what they’re doing and saved everyone’s life here by giving us free vaccines, and end all restrictions. This is a complete joke.

    • Caymanian says:

      No. You follow us. Not UK who has messed up time and time again.

      Listen numb n@ts. We value our people. Caymanians are dying, I don’t care if its 1 or 2 or 50 its HUMAN BEINGS DYING!!!

      It seems many of you do not value life because its not your own. Thats just f’d up.

      The statements made by PACT are idiotic at best. Lets see how so. Lives are being lost, 2 more in latest report, hospital is filled with Covid cases including now a PACT member. I am curious if it will take the loss of one of their own to make them realise we need to slow this TRAINWRECK of a PACT government down in their opening.

      Lets look at missteps.

      1. Lets the initial virus get out of control BEFORE EVEN REOPENING!!!
      2. Still proceeded with REOPENING despite a. Not containing community infections b. Realising US and UK are in FLU season and timing is off
      3. Stiffling info from public to not show their incompetence
      4. Forcing us into PHASE 5 because of pressure instead of commonsense. UK because of changes there now present an even higher risk. The Phase 5 also bears on their pursuit of loans/bonds so they need ramp up revenues they can spend like mad men.

      Let me tell you what PACT is up to if you cannot read the tea leaves.

      PACT over the next few years is going to spend like crazy on social programs which on its face is not bad but they will run us into debts for decades to come.

      Their plan is a shell game. You will be looking at the good they are doing and because its social there will be good, all the while playing the long game saying they won’t have to deal with the fall out later.


      Yes social programs are good. Yes we need them BUT PACT is going overboard. They are not physically prudent.

      Want to know the last time we spent like this??? PPM SCHOOLS DEBACLE. How did that work out for us? We still paying it off today. At least PPM learnt from their mistakes. PACT HAS LEARNT NOTHING!!!

      Social programs are not bad. This just needs to be done in moderation OUTSIDE of mortgaging our future. They need to do smaller shifts in focus towards these programs so as to keep our future intact.

      Question: What if we do this BOND now but Cayman falls on hard times?

      Now you would say but why expect that right?

      1. Global Tax initiative present being initiated will affect finance sector.
      2. Cruise Tourism might take 10 years to recover
      3. Stayover Tourism might take 3 to 5 years to recover.
      4. We don’t know long term prognosis of Covid. Will there be a new mutation that changes things again?

      Fact is there are many questions and very few answers but PACT is moving ahead like they know the future AND THEY DON’T but THEY DON’T CARE because they will pass it off to a FUTURE GOVERNMENT AND SAY ITS YOUR PROBLEM.

      • Anonymous says:

        Pathetic. You need to learn to live with Omicron. It is only the unvaccinated dying and that is their fault, no one else. And the Uk have handled it brilliantly. Much better than Cayman. We should watch and learn from them.

        • Caymanian says:

          You need to learn what it is to suffer with it. Your problem is words are cheap until someone you love is in critical care hanging on to life. My friend you are the pathetic one.

      • Anonymous says:

        Your fear over the virus with a 99% survival rate is weird. People in Cayman, caymanians and non caymanians alike have been dying every year. People die every year from various causes like preventable diseases all the time so why are you so livid about it now? I hope you had this same energy 10 years ago and 10 years from now.

        But apart from that, I feel you on the premise of your other points. CIG has stated they want to raise money at our expense. They refuse to cut spending in any meaningful way, instead they will write cheques for us to pay down the line while they collect their salaries despite other people suffering. There needs to be a complete shift in thinking from the population and what we want government to do, because if these bonds go through I can guarantee you as a Caymanian who spent his entire life here, I will be leaving the country before they come due. I’ve seen what austerity looks like in other countries and I’m not going to be here with my child when that happens. I’m sure they want to tax us but can’t openly state it, so a nice plan would be to say “well we have no choice, we have to pay our bills”, but that would be giving these morons who can’t organize a bake sale properly too much credit.

        I would have been open to some form of sales tax (not income because the government doesn’t own my labour or have a right to collect a reward for my labour) but never will I support it until government can show responsible spending, which has yet to happen with any government in the history of the world. But the writing is on the wall and I’m prepping to be able to migrate if/when the time comes. I’m tired of all these governments digging our graves. They have spent too much time kicking the can of consequences down the road because they have enough money and influence, but sooner or later all the money and the power in the world won’t fix the problems around the corner.. and I’m ready to go Villian mode when I hear from the very same people who claimed they knew better than us “we all have to come together now to solve the issues”

        It will be a dark knight style joker revolt.

        #blockchaintechnologyisthefuture #peacefulnoncompliance

  41. Anonymous says:

    A higher percentage of the sister islands population tested positive in the past week than in Grand. This requirement should be the other way around. Prove me wrong

    • Anonymous says:

      The new regs affect ALL travel between any of our 3 islands so people traveling to or from Grand, the Brac, or Little require testing each segment so that will eliminate staycations on Little and the Brac as well as frustrate people coming the Brac to GCM for medical or other appointments. PACT is totally incapable of governing.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Great first step to remove quarantine for children.

    Now we need to switch to exit LFT testing, no one should be in quarantine more then 7 days. Period.

    • Anonymous says:

      I can’t speak for everyone, but I have witnessed an lft done twice in the same day. First was positive, second was negative.

    • Anonymous says:

      PACT Government caused the spread of the virus in the Brac, by only unvaxed Had to get tested, it should been from day one all people travelling to the Brac had to have a negative test, they just changed that, but they should be ASHAMED of them selves and we hope they get sued for it. We hear The president of Brazil is being sued for the way he handle Covid situation.

      • Anonymous says:


        13.—(1) No person shall be hindered by government in the enjoyment of his or her freedom of movement, that is to say, the right to move freely throughout the Cayman Islands, the right to reside in any part of the Cayman Islands, the right to enter the Cayman Islands, the right to leave the Cayman Islands and immunity from expulsion from the Cayman Islands.

  43. Sheriff says:

    None of this matters as long as testing is required on days 2, 5, and 7.

    The reduced quarantine does not matter as long as a negative PCR is required in order to be released from quarantine. What part of testing positive for weeks after infection does CIG not understand?

    From NBC-Chicago, “Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady said some PCR tests can come back positive even if a person doesn’t remain infectious with the virus because it detects “dead COVID in your nose that you’re not spreading.”

    “This is something that’s not a change,” Arwady said. “That’s something we’ve seen forever. It’s why there is not a recommendation to get a negative PCR test before coming back to work…because lots and lots of studies have shown that the PCR tests can stay positive.”

    When will CIG figure it out? Will they ever?

    • Anonymous says:

      So if you go on a boat to the sister islands you won’t need to take LFT?

    • Anon says:

      I am currently stuck in quarantine. Apparently I had a high viral load on my exit PCR but 3 LFT’s I have done show up negative.
      Public health say that the PCR is the accurate test and I have to go by that. If that is the case why bother with lateral flow tests at all if we know they give false negative. All travelers that are returning with lateral flow test could actually be positive with a PCR like I am. But they are being left to roam free !! If I have a high viral load and staying home will protect my community then I am happy to do so. It is when I read the CDC says that there is a high I will be positive on a PCR for 90 days and that I would not be shedding the virus after 7 days I get annoyed. I have been home for 11 days now with no end in sight.

      • Anonymous says:

        Use saline nasal spray and gargle with salt water to wash away the remaining dead viral particles before your next test. Only those with weakened immune systems or taking immunosuppressive drugs may still be infectious after the standard quarantine period. Canada never used PCR at the end of quarantine to “prove” non infectious status as the risk of false positives from dead viral particles is high immediately after infection.

    • Anonymous says:

      Pro-open and paid for “bits and bots” for are out in force again this morning.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Better but not good enough. No reason to vaccinate healthy children of any age. Not with this vaccine. Test, fine. Stop coercing vaccines especially on children. There’s no logic or science supporting this coercion.

  45. Anonymous says:

    So minister O’Connor being transferred to HSA as an abundance of precaution. Really? If she isn’t that sick why the helicopter? The lies are so blatant now…..sad!

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s over and done folks let’s move on!!?

    • Anonymous says:

      Well for one, you can’t get on a commercial flight as a known positive for COVID-19. There’s your answer.

    • Anonymous says:

      All for show.

    • Anonymous says:

      @8:04am..You do realize that with covid, she couldn’t just hop on the SAAB and fly over. She has comorbidities which could escalate her illness quickly and Faith Hospital is not equipped for situations such as those that is why folks in her type of condition are moved to the GT Hopsital were they can be monitored. There was another gentleman transferred to Cayman yesterday with the same situation.

  46. Anonymous says:

    i didn’t even read this. was making toast and just burnt it. that’s how tired of all this shit i am. What does phase bloody 5 mean, things will just be the same whether your on phase 12. its not going away quite clearly so are we doing this phase thing to just make them appear to be doing a job. just bang the doors open and get on with it. please i beg you. im tired of reading these long ass winded posts to justify a minister’s salary. we get it, we really do.

    • Anonymous says:

      Totally agree, not watching press briefings either, making me more sick and depressed than covid – thank heavens for music!

      • Anonymous says:

        Agree with you7.55.
        Almost threw up when Kenny came on with his newly dyed hair, eyebrows and sleazy thin mustache and goatee.. After that anything he said was recycled garbage.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Needs clearing up as Travel Cayman have just told us we still have to stay in quarantine.

    • Anonymous says:

      So sorry, but the truth is, this would likely not have happened to you if not for the CITA push to reopen for tourism too soon. The damage it’s done to the families is cruel

      • Anonymous says:

        Apart from the small but inconvenient fact that the outbreak occurred before they opened the border. But what the hey – lets just blame CITA, rather than locals breaching quarantine or those coming in on canoes and hanging pout in the clubs.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Following science! What a joke

    Why children under 11? Why not 14? Or 8? I’ll tell you why – they have no idea

    Nobody should be quarantined period, if not sick. Take tests sure..but this is going to get very ugly very fast for CIG if they continue with this nonsense.

    Uk and mum to plenother places dropping vax passes, masks, the WHO advised this week to stop the travel restrictions etc

    This is utter nonsense.

    • Anonymous says:

      “utter nonsense”,,, Agreed, but this is Cayman. Cayman Officials. Cayman EXPERTS… LOL. This tiny, beautiful, rock in the middle of the sea is governed by totally incompetent elected officials. Yes these idiots were elected to do their duty. And they are delivering on their promises – “To act as idiots!”

      Cayman, you elect idiots, expect idiotic results. Sadly, you are ignoring the consequences……. But your children and grandchildren will be faced with what you have fostered. Sleep well, future generations will not for your your actions/inactions.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s cos 12 is the approved vaccine age pal, so assumed all 12 and over have been vaccinated.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, completely ignoring the fact kids don’t need vaccines as effectively zero risk to them and we all can accept now vaccines do not stop transmission either.

        It’s a travesty that gov continue to discriminate against anyone but especially children. Minimum should be u18 but frankly there should be no quarantine anymore for anyone and I’m vax’d and can see how truly awful a policy this double standard for vax or unvax’d is…we all get it and spread it and the virus is so weak now that unless you’re obese or old or frail you’re going to be fine and you can get a vaccine if you want

        End the foolishness now Panton

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re clearly unvaxxed. You don’t have a say.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes enough is enough.

    • Anonymous says:

      Phase 5??? Are we all still in kindergarten???

    • Anonymous says:

      Message for person under rock.

      Children 12 and over were until recently the only children allowed to get the vaccine.

      11 and under just got approval.

      Take rock and put in mouth.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Watching the press briefing today was like taking a trip to the twilight zone. It is clear that the decision makers in the Cayman Islands don’t have a clue what they are doing as they can’t even articulate exactly what data they are using to make potentially life changing decisions.

  50. Anonymous says:

    The misery of making no revenue for all tourism related businesses still continues due to PACT’s anti business ideology.

    • Anonymous says:

      We will be in this mess for decades to come as long as PACT are allowed to continue to borrow money to fund their welfare programs. Fully and freely opening borders equates to not being able to justify paying for people to sit on their bums doing absolutely nothing productive while continuing to collect stipends (handouts) so they can get reelected in 3 years.

    • Anonymous says:

      How about the misery of the non tourism based businesses, 90% of our economy, being extinguished by a tourism lobby that insisted we had to let Covid in. Most of our economy didn’t want to learn to live with Covid.

      • Anonymous says:

        Except the financial services business needs to be able to travel as well; to see and win clients, and to recruit and retain staff, as we cannot provide all the professional staff needed for the sector from cayman sources alone. Our competitors in BVI and other offshores simply don’t have these restrictions.

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