Downtown road paving begins with Cardinall Ave

| 25/01/2022 | 149 Comments
Artist’s rendition of Cardinall Avenue after the work is done

(CNS): By 31 January, most of Cardinall Avenue will be closed to general traffic as government begins the long-awaited pedestrianisation of downtown George Town as part of the revitalisation of the capital. This first change will see the section of the road between Seafarers Way and Albert Panton Street paved with coloured concrete after the asphalt is removed to create a walking area.

Officials said that enhancements will be made to the eastern section of Cardinall Avenue, which will remain open to one-way vehicular traffic via Albert Panton Street. Additional street lighting, landscaping and mature vegetation and new street furniture will be added. Underneath the road, the underground infrastructure will be updated with new water mains and relined sanitary and storm sewers.

In a press release issued on Tuesday, officials said Robson Construction is leading the work with support from long-standing partners of the revitalisation project, the National Roads Authority, Caribbean Utilities Company and Apec Consulting Engineers Limited.

Colin Lumsden, the George Town project manager, said the main objectives of the work was to improve the aesthetic and character of the downtown area.

“The goal of the George Town Revitalisation Initiative is to create opportunities for increased activity by locals and tourists in our capital by developing public open spaces adjacent to businesses that enhance the experience for visitors,” he said.

Once the road is closed next Monday, traffic will be rerouted from Seafarers Way into town by way of Mary Street, Fort Street and Goring Avenue, as well as access to the eastern end of Cardinall Avenue, between Albert Panton Street and Edward Street, via Albert Panton Street. Cardinall Avenue will remain open to pedestrians for access to shops, cafes and businesses, which will continue operations as usual.

“This new pedestrian-friendly area in the centre of town marks a big milestone in the George Town Revitalisation Initiative master plan. We are confident the result will create a significantly enhanced experience for the public and local businesses,” Lumsden added.

The project is expected to take place over five months and members of the public can follow updates on the George Town Revitalisation Initiative on Facebook or Instagram.

A corrected map of the project is expected to be released to the public Wednesday.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Road still looks open?

  2. Anonymous says:

    CNS: Do you have in your archives or article history the “George Town Revitalisation Initiative master plan” referenced in the article? Does anyone have a link to the Master Plan? All I can find is that it is part of the now dead Cruise Port initiative.

    CNS: We don’t, but if anyone can send it to me ( I will put it in the Library.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Panton PACT-less Clown Car strikes moron pay dirt yet again. OR…?? Maybe this is the most deviously clever thing they have ever done. It will doubtless make already inconvenient access to “town” even more inconvenient and contribute to incoming/outgoing traffic snarls. Meaning that the businesses who depend on incoming vehicular traffic will take another hit. Howeverrrr…it will boost the ability of tourist pedestrians to leisurely browse the trinket shops. Soo…businesses not in the tourist realm will flee town. Trinket shops will come in. Which in time will motivate government to close off more streets to cars and open walkways…and the cycle continues until town is no longer town but a mega tourist mall. But, then again, I cannot in my wildest dream imagine the Clown Car to be that clever. So…yeah…the Panton PACT-less Clown Car strikes moron pay dirt yet again.

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