Prison boss to leave before year-end

| 12/11/2021 | 32 Comments
Cayman News Service
Prison Director Steven Barrett

(CNS): Prison Director Steve Barrett will be leaving the Cayman Islands and his job before the year end and is said to be returning to his native Scotland. In an official release on Friday confirming his departure, no specific reason for Barrett’s early departure was given but he and government officials said it was for personal reasons. Acting Chief Officer for the Ministry of Home Affairs Michael Ebanks said the ministry respected the personal decision he has made and asked the community to respect his privacy.

Ebanks added that the continuity procedures to ensure a smooth and successful transition were being implemented. “An announcement about prison management arrangements will be made in due course,” he said.

Barrett said his reasons for leaving were “personal in nature and require that I return to Scotland at this time”. He thanked the ministry and his “incredible colleagues at HMCIPS, the partner agencies, and the community, who have continued to show support over the years”.

Barrett said that the focus for the prison service remained fixed on managing the challenges presented by the COVID-19 infections while effectively delivering a critical public service. Around 30 inmates and around ten guards are currently infected with COVID at HMP Northward, which is also at full capacity.

Home Affairs Minister Bernie Bush, who is responsible for the prison, said that while the ministry was sorry to see him leave, it supported Barrett’s decision, and he thanked the director for his tremendous contribution.

“He has been integral to improving and developing the prison estate, strengthening relations between the prison service and the community, and has played a key role in ensuring that the prison system is prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic. As a valued leader in the Home Affairs Team, we wish Director Barrett continued success in the future,” the minister said.

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Comments (32)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “Not for rent…not for sale” blabbers on and on…. Why do we allow uneducated MPs to push qualified managers from their jobs?

    looking shaky for this government.

  2. YP Wing says:

    A decent man and a great director sad to see him go.The Criminals in the system now will run amuck.I hope the Governor will finally grow a pair and replace him with another great director and not leave it to Home fries crowd who will appoint their henchmen and priestess to the prison pulpit and soapbox ! The great fleecing $$$$$ has now begun !

  3. Ex inmate of HMP says:

    The great theft of materials and monies from the prison to build apartments and luxury houses will begin .Sad sad they for these islands for the best director we have ever had. I hope the minister does not plan to replace with him with the resident pirates and voodoo experts I see putting their disciples in place. The prison will be now put in a very dangerous situation now !

  4. Anonymous says:

    i worked iwth him…an intelligent man who ideas and goals were clearly stifled by the gross incompetence of cig civil service.

    • Anonymous says: says:

      I must say very much incompetence lack of vision just by years in the service sad sorry for those inmates who strive to do better am a ex-convict and can say prison need changes to leadership. Make sure not one of them.

      • Anonymous says: says:

        I must say need to move the one person think about it get rid of her.Holding on the power.

  5. Say it like it is. says:

    I am still waiting to hear why the Head of CINICO was dismissed, why should his sins be hidden from the public who paid his salary?.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I wish you all the best for the future as you move back to your homeland. I had actually forgotten that Bernie is still around.

    • Cayman bye bye says:

      He is tired of the BS

      • Anonymous says: says:

        Even if another person comes as Director she will still be running the prisons behind the scene so sad please governor do not let the other leaders Director this is a bad decision only one person is the call to order what they say has to be done or your out NO director will stand a chance without this leader ruling Its even worse if the person is within the staff there. Sad wake up Cayman call for a new Director outside prison this is the only way this prison will have a bright future for all inmates and repeat offenders. governor make the right call recruit from UK again best for these Islands. Very smart and good Director all the best to you and your family.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ye kin take the boy ootae Drylaw….

  8. Disgruntled outsider says:

    No doubt he has done a tremendous amount of work since his arrival and regrettable resignation due to some issues in him private live.
    Over the years i have seen a few good men take this position only to throw their hand in a few years later. Why?
    I believe bringing a director from England, uk, Scotland or wherever is a total waste of time now.
    One man is plainly unable to change the culture of that place.
    Why dont the government get a grip of it once and for all and bring a director with his own management team to work with him.
    They simply dont want anyone there from the outside as they all stick together and work against everything anyone ever brings. Im talking of the few so called managers in place. I know only a couple who i have to say give their all and support the directors but the majority actually believe they can do the directors job. That is frightening from what I’ve heard of the place from a very good source.
    Mr Baret the director has taken the prison so much forward now please dont break it now.
    Bring a new boss to run things with a support under him to give him at least a chance and push other position down or let some go.

    • Anonymous says: says:

      Please do not give any of the existing leaders the boss this is not good for the prison future this is what they wants, Let Mr. Barrett recommend a Director who is professional and have the skill set to manage staffs especially we need to take control of these prison and move locals up also promote the good young officers. roll out the ones over thirty plus years.

    • Anonymous says: says:

      let them go recruit more officers from other jurisdictions.burst the bubble. get rid of the old ones.

      • Anonymous says:

        I believe the government needs to focus more on educated, well trained, experience persons to take up these high level position. It does not make any sense and is non productive to put persons whose only qualification is that they have been working in the organization for many many years. Try to identify six form graduates who might be interested in improving the prison service, send them off to university to get the propert degrees, then send them to the appropriate prison service overseas to get valuable experience and then bring them back to take over the prison. The government need to always be mindful, that one smart, educated, well trained up person is not enough. They need to strive to have most of the staff meeting the requirements so when there is an unexpected resignation there Is at least two or three to choose from. We will always have need for a prison service, why not prepare for the unexpected.

    • Anon says:

      Well said and that is not the only organizations where this happens and local managers stick together therefore the person bought in who has lots of experience and knowledge cannot make any change and therefore gets frustrated and resigns !! There will be more of this to come especially at the front line organizations !!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says: says:

      Bring in a Director with his team then you will see the prison changes and the failures over the years do it now for the sake of the new officers and other staff who cares .hope all is well with Mr.Steve.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Will he be taking the high road or the low road home?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Good luck and thanks for the hard work

    • Anonymous says: says:

      Am a family member also who congratulate Mr. Barrett for his tremendous job My love one is in prison and so is my other friends family they speak highly of the Director he gets the job done but my issue is please allow the Cayman Independent monetary board in they are needs now as you speak.

  11. Steve says:

    By far the greatest director we ever had,
    So focused and driven every single day of his short time here. He pushed for what was right and believed in.
    Always approachable and with a smile on his face, his door always open.
    He guided us in everything we needed to do and his work during the covid pandemic planning was commendable also.
    He made the prison a better place to work. Invested in his staff and recruitment of local officers.
    He continues to drive forward after his announcement to staff that he must return to his beautiful home of Scotland.
    He will be missed at HMP every day for a ling time by staff and myself personally.
    A great man, a very great man.
    Please respect his decision at this time.
    Thank you Boss.

    • Anonymous says: says:

      Sad day in Cayman for his departure good man recruit from UK not within the prison this will not be good.

      • Anonymous says: says:

        What is the governor doing to insure no other staff is recruited at this time replacement is needed for all areas as far as am told person in charge is afraid and some gaining from kick backs.

    • Scotia says:

      Having worked for Mr Barrett I completely agree. A true professional who cares for everyone. A motivated motivator. His direction and wisdom will be greatly missed.

    • Anonymous says: says:

      Cayman Independent Monetary Board has not been allowed in prison they is the eyes and ears please Mr .Director am a family member can you allow the in before you leave we as other families are complaining the prison keeping them away.

  12. Anonymous says:

    No surprise, how many left in so few years. They put forward recomnendations and improvements and still nothing happens. What happened to the report of the prison is inhumane and… Nothing. This is not a third world country… Or so it is claimed. Do your time but appears too much going on here that is not known. Stop feeding the wealthy!

    • Anonymous says: says:

      They only wants there own to run the prison, look at the years this has gone with no attention also this was one of the best Directors allow him to choose his replacement the prison inmates will not be rehabilitated and repeat offenders will increase. the love of money help the prison.

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